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Blind Sean Boger's Parking Privileges

A caption in a little known Pentagram article from November 16, 2001, found only at, tells us that in this photograph, Spc. Jacqueline Kidd, an air-traffic controller and training supervisor, along with Sean Boger, air-traffic controller and Pentagon "tower chief," are watching a helicopter land at the Pentagon heliport. However, if you're the least bit familiar with the layout of the flight tower, you'd know that the helipad is behind them and to the left of their shoulders. Why have they been depicted staring at a blank wall, with the eyewitness Boger wearing dark eyeglasses?

In hierarchical organizations like the one in the Pentagon, a parking space is the supreme perk. So who would get to park their cars just steps away from their workstations, and right under the nose of the soon-to-arrive President Bush? The answer was two very low-level employees: an air traffic controller and his training supervisor (was this yet another first-day-on-the-job employee?)

In "The Story of Ebony & Ivory in the Tower, the Kidd says she, "knew that the Pentagon would immediately heighten security after the attack in New York, so she decided to get her lunch out of her car while she still could," so I guess she used her car as her locker.

This paragraph takes the cake:
Kidd was on her way out to her car when the plane hit. Luckily, Kidd stopped by the restroom before going to her car. "They got us," Kidd said her first thought was. "The lights went out and the ceiling fell in on me," she said. Kidd returned to the bottom of the tower and tried to get to Boger. The stairs were covered with debris and the ceiling had fallen in around him. "I don't know how I got out, but I got out," Boger said. Boger got to the bottom of the tower and was still not sure what was going on. "I grabbed [Kidd] and we both fell to the ground," he said. "We looked back." "What happened?" Kidd asked. "A plane just flew into the Pentagon," Boger responded.
(Isn't that a wonderful James Cagney moment? Kidd is sitting on the can and the lights go out and the ceiling tiles fall and she goes, "You got me copper!")

I suspect the cars were parked there to serve as an exhibition of the destructive power of exotic new weaponry, an inference I glean from anomalies in the record. For instance, the article states, "The first thing the two noticed was that both of their cars were on fire," which we can know is an untruth--the cars are never seen burning at the same time. The well-known Will Morris image centers on the burning 3000GT, (interestingly, Russell Pickering calls the car a Nissan 300SX, although his pages are one of the sole sources for the Pentagram article with an alternate identification for the automobile. Russell doesn't explain the discrepancy.) with the pristine green Jeep alongside.
When the Jeep goes up, it does so in a flash, and for urban-myth-type anomaly, the article references the Jeep seems to change shape into a station wagon!) This odd destruction pattern, plus the otherwise inexplicable damage consisting of circularly shaped holes in the window glass, are similar to what was seen in NYC that morning.

After recreating Russell Pickering's Car Fire Chronology page here--sans his proprietary technology--I've decided to move most of it over to a holding pen at Progressive Independent. I'm going to hire someone over there to do my dirty work for me.

Russell's caption for the following image reads,
"This is the jeep free-burning during the evacuation from a different angle."

If you stare at this photograph for a full nine minutes while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Burn at a very loud volume, and if you build slowly, being careful not to get too excited before you're at least four-and-a-half minutes into it, but eventually, you'll start bouncing up and down in your chair, and then, if you begin to wildly wave your arms in circles all about your head during the good parts--you will, and I guarantee you this--you will, if you really stress the word "BURN" hard enough every time it comes up--you will begin to understand what I know about the word "truth." I double dare ya.

Is "Free Burning"anything like "Free Basing" Russell? Or is more like Burninating? Where is the male jogger in the red shirt with the giant arms and the goody bag, Russell? Where is he, huh?

Russell says, "I talked to the MWAA Captain on the phone about this. He had the trucks pulled back to the guardrail and his crews stood by on Washington Blvd."

Well why did the Captain take the trouble to turn the equipment 90 degrees? Why didn't he just back them up to the guardrail? Are firetrucks like sailboats? Is the Captain tacking into the wind? Or is he blocking the view?

Hey Russell, why are the firemen playing with crime scene tape here when there is a fire to put out? It's not a big one, surely five men could tackle it. Don't they want too? Why is that Russell?
"The evacuation is over now. The MWAA apparatus have repositioned themselves in different locations. Compare this to the photo above to see how much further the jeep fire has progressed between the two photos." Who cares Russell? Who the fuck cares? It's one big joke Russell--one big joke.

I like this picture. There has never been anything else like it in the record. I'd like to hit up that pharmacy that DiLorenzo Tri-Care has got going on in the center lanes. And hey, you got only one firetruck working there man. You should get some guys up on that roof--you've got a chance! Use it or lose it!

"The time stamp on this photo is reported to be accurate. It makes sense because the fires near the tower are out. DCFD Truck 10 was brought in around 11:30 to fight those with the aerial. You can see the tire tracks from all the moving around. Go back up 6 photos and it is obvious that the trucks are now in different positions than they were originally."

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