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'Real People' Contribute $1 Million To Hearst Fund, by John M. Leighty,

If you have to use the words---real people---in order to describe something, they shouldn't be starred in a title in what looks like irony-quotation marks. Otherwise, you're just planting seeds in people's minds that some other category of being exists out there. Plus it's rude---I've never called anyone a "real reptilian" before, even if I've thought it.

It's all starting to come full circle now, as the connections are made---since as it turns out, everything is connected. It's like a modern-day Kardashian hitting an iceberg, and going down with all those souls aboard.

I don't have to be right about Rep. Leo Ryan---who's a schmuck anyway---just as long as the 1.3 million Americans with Top Security clearances think I'm being fair. But I'm right about Randolph A. Hearst, and the ludicrous Mrs. Catherine the Chaza, as she breathlessly intones her thanks to "...the...two...wonderful people on welfare..who...sent us...$70...apiece...from...each..of...them...actual money...and not pledges." Her Emma Willard dumb-girl shit went out a long time ago---now we can see, she's not ready for reality T.V.

If there is a single soul to be held responsible for death in Jonestown, it's the man who cancelled the Rev. Kinsolving series back in 1972.

February 14, 1974, The Dubois County Daily Herald [Indiana] UPI, page 12, 'Real People' Contribute $1 Million To Hearst Fund, by John M. Leighty,

"Two men and one woman traveled 150 miles from Redwood Valley in the Mendocino County to present the Hearsts with a check for $2,000,

"Michael Prokes of the People's Temple Christian Church said, "we believe this country is a very rich nation and it would be a strong indictment against us if we could not come together at this time and cooperate to save your daughter"
But then the Temple people loaded the food onto trucks and busses and carted it off to their human warehouse installations, going through the line so many multiple times it was just like they were voting.

But the pure altruism of those S.L.A., folks---who sought no personal gain for themselves from the hard physical exertions of robbing banks---just as long as the hungry poor were going to be well-fed for, isn't it?

Wouldn't they be satisfied with one of Patricia's ears? How about both?

These are some very clever operators, I'll give them that. Look how the Peoples Temple made grants of $4,400 "in the defense of a free press," but gave the money to 12 churches:

June 7, 1973, Anderson Daily Bulletin [Indiana] AP, Page 4, Freedom of the Press,

The sentiment:
"We believe the American way of life is being threatened by the recent jailings of news reporters for refusal to reveal their sources."
is no longer productive, since the entangling roots of Judith Miller spoiled that game.

What do you think the recompense for the ruling class should be for revealing their poor sportsmanship? I was thinking of the Picower clawback, but moving the decimal point over three or four places. Even so, I'd imagine more people will be going to the bottom of their pools. Apres moi it's eat or be eaten.

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Page 14,

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