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Sept. 11,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/11 > World

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

11:58 PM Northern Alliance responsible for Kabul attack » LATEST
11:54 PM Bush arrives back at White House
11:36 PM Casualty figures available as soon as possible
11:26 PM Explosions in Kabul not US strike
11:01 PM All flights grounded until noon Wednesday
10:41 PM Explosions rock Kabul » NEWSFLASH
10:35 PM They will never kill democracy - Powell
10:29 PM World Trade Centre building number seven collapses
10:11 PM Sharon offers condolences
10:05 PM Hijack passenger rang husband from plane
10:00 PM Muslims worry about backlash
  9:52 PM US on coast-to-coast alert
  9:12 PM US forces on alert around the world
  8:59 PM World Trade Centre building ablaze » NEWSFLASH
  8:57 PM Spectre of 'World War Three' raised
  8:44 PM Team of rescue experts on standby in Britain
  8:23 PM Cowen cuts short Middle East trip
  8:20 PM Japan backs US anti-terrorist drive
  8:15 PM Taliban protests bin Laden’s innocence
  8:12 PM Terrorists ‘flew the planes themselves’
  7:44 PM Blood Centre issues plea for donations
  7:41 PM World Trade Disaster: Chronology of terror
  7:37 PM Trade Centre Victims Stream to Hospitals
  7:28 PM All planes now landed
  7:27 PM America reeling in horror and shock
  7:26 PM Russia puts troops on alert
  6:49 PM New Yorkers speak of horror and loss
  6:46 PM Taliban rulers condemn attacks on US
  6:42 PM Location of second United Airlines plane unknown
  6:41 PM Ireland reacts to US terrorist attack
  6:40 PM Fighter jets patrolling skies after Pentagon attack
  6:35 PM Pentagon security to be improved
  6:33 PM Markets lose £67bn in one day
  6:27 PM Third building on verge of collapse
  6:23 PM McAleese expresses horror at US attacks
  6:23 PM Shares plummet after US attacks
  6:07 PM Bush resolves to 'hunt down' terrorists
  5:59 PM Ahern calls for 'global solidarity' in face of terrorism
  5:49 PM Bin Laden warned three weeks ago of attacks
  5:45 PM 50 aircraft still in American skies
  5:42 PM Trimble: Terrorist attack "utterly appaling"
  5:35 PM Taliban ambassador sympathises
  5:27 PM 110 people on two United Airlines flights
  5:27 PM Appeal for calm as phone lines jam
  5:02 PM US closes border with Mexico
  4:59 PM United Airlines concerned about fourth plane
  4:55 PM Palestinians celebrate in the streets
  4:52 PM United Airlines confirms plane lost
  4:45 PM World watches in horror as terror unfolds in the United States
  4:43 PM Islamic Jihad may be responsible
  4:42 PM Taoiseach and Tanaiste condemn attacks on US
  4:35 PM Pennsylvania plane was headed for Camp David
  4:33 PM Second attack plane took off at Newark
  4:30 PM Airlines across the world cancel flights
  4:28 PM Pittsburgh plane may have been shot down
  4:24 PM Aircraft can carry up to 300
  4:20 PM Government issues helpline number
  4:19 PM Chicago buildings closed
  4:17 PM Pentagon in state of collapse
  4:15 PM Witnesses tell of horror at New York carnage
  4:11 PM Thousands feared dead in US terror strikes
  4:10 PM Palestinian Leader condemns US terrorist attacks
  4:07 PM US closes germ warfare defense laboratory
  4:05 PM Second aircraft hits Pentagon » NEWSFLASH
  4:03 PM Car bombing outside of State Department
  3:56 PM UK and Israel evacuate prominent buildings
  3:50 PM Hijacked plane had 168 passengers
  3:45 PM Speculation Osama Bin-Laden responsible for attack
  3:44 PM Hijacked plane heading for Washington » NEWSFLASH
  3:42 PM Car bomb explodes in Washington
  3:39 PM Pentagon collapses
  3:38 PM 747 down in Pennsylvania » NEWSFLASH
  3:35 PM Car bomb explodes at State Department » NEWSFLASH
  3:32 PM Both towers down after plane crashes » NEWSFLASH
  3:30 PM Second tower collapses
  3:27 PM Straw offers US help to catch terrorists
  3:11 PM Large airliner crashes into the Pentagon
  3:05 PM Conflicting reports over those responsible for plane crashes
  3:02 PM Part of second tower collapses
  2:59 PM Third explosion at World Trade Centre » NEWSFLASH
  2:52 PM Terrorist threats made against the White House
  2:47 PM Reports of helicopter crashing into Pentagon » NEWSFLASH
  2:41 PM Pentagon evacuated due to fire » NEWSFLASH
  2:36 PM Bush to meet with security chiefs
  2:29 PM Bush: Disaster is 'an apparent terrorist attack'
  2:27 PM Fears plane crashes were acts of terrorism
  2:14 PM Plane crashes may have been on purpose
  2:08 PM Second plane crashes into World Trade Centre » NEWSFLASH
  1:55 PM Explosion at World Trade Centre
  1:48 PM Plane crashes into World Trade Centre » NEWSFLASH

MAIN TOPIC: Middle East 

  9:34 AM Seven wounded as Israel seals off Jenin » LATEST 
  7:51 AM Israeli troops surround Jenin 

Sept. 12

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/12 > World

Wednesday, September 12, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

11:37 PM Nothing heard since son phoned from skyscraper » LATEST
11:35 PM Archbishop tells of attack horror
11:28 PM Rescue operation hampered by collapse fears
11:24 PM Building number five starts to fall
10:59 PM FBI detain two trainee pilots
10:52 PM Building number five unstable
10:51 PM American Airlines release names of crash victims
10:49 PM Websites open to track missing people
10:36 PM Cowen stands with US on attacks
10:24 PM 20 Irish people feared trapped
10:04 PM Co Sligo man is confirmed missing
10:03 PM US stock markets set to reopen on Friday
  9:58 PM US declares war - and begins hunt for killers
  9:34 PM Passengers voted to overpower hijackers
  9:02 PM Attack on US ‘is attack on all Nato’
  8:51 PM Thousands of agents deployed in WTC investigation
  8:46 PM Three-six people involved in each hijack
  8:35 PM Kosovo honours US dead
  8:34 PM NATO: Message of support passed to US » NEWSFLASH
  8:30 PM Police name two men wanted for US plane attacks
  8:24 PM Priest is among Irish dead
  8:21 PM Boston: Police question a number of people
  8:06 PM Harney signs order for day of mourning
  7:59 PM Hijackers 'may have trained at Florida school'
  7:49 PM Hussein says US deserved attacks
  7:06 PM Aer Lingus cancels transatlantic flights
  7:00 PM Conflicting reports on Boston arrests by police
  6:57 PM Taliban may consider extraditions based on valid evidence
  6:52 PM Arafat donates blood to American victims
  6:38 PM No arrests were made at the Boston hotel.
  6:18 PM Family of Irish victims plan to fly out for funeral
  6:16 PM Police make arrests in Boston
  6:14 PM US ban on flights to remain
  5:50 PM US police make arrest in Boston
  5:06 PM Irish tourists stranded as flights are turned back
  5:05 PM Ahern cancels Czech Republic trip
  5:01 PM Bin Laden still chief suspect
  4:54 PM Reports say the Pentagon has been evacuated
  4:48 PM UN building evacuated in New York
  4:43 PM Three to five hijackers per plane
  4:01 PM "Good will prevail" - Bush
  3:53 PM Irish reaction: former Tanaiste asks if air travel is to alter forever
  3:39 PM Europe declares day of mourning for Friday
  3:38 PM FBI contact gardai in hunt for terrorists
  3:36 PM WTC's largest tenant worries for staff
  3:17 PM Terrorists made bogus promise to pilots
  2:57 PM Six Irish may have died in attacks » NEWSFLASH
  2:54 PM Rescuers find survivors in WTC rubble
  2:47 PM Final calls made from ill-fated hijacked flights
  2:45 PM Decision on resumption of flights by Aer Lingus tonight
  2:44 PM Final calls from ill-fated hijacked flights
  2:40 PM EU Ministers express support for US
  2:05 PM Who is Osama Bin Laden?
  1:46 PM The Pope condemns yesterday's terrorist attacks
  1:33 PM First Irish victims of terrorist attack are named
  1:31 PM Blair says America is considering action against outrages
  1:26 PM New fire at World Financial Centre
  1:24 PM Powell: full scale assault needed
  1:20 PM US military tightens security after terrorist attacks
  1:06 PM Flood Tribunal adjourned as mark of respect
11:45 AM Wall Street remains closed
11:34 AM Bin Laden congratulates US bombers
11:32 AM Govt to declare national day of mourning
11:29 AM Book of condolences to be opened in US Embassy
11:13 AM UN pulls out of Afghanistan
10:45 AM All transatlantic flights cancelled
10:44 AM Fire chiefs and ‘Frasier’ TV producer among dead
10:43 AM Cabinet considers UK security
10:42 AM EU Governments consult on how to stand by America
10:37 AM Clinton anxious to return to New York
10:22 AM Pope condemns attacks on human dignity
10:04 AM Government postpones normal political work
  9:44 AM Germany calls for five minutes of silence
  9:43 AM Eyewitness describes Pentagon attack
  9:39 AM Air passengers face higher fares and security delays
  9:30 AM Humanity amid the chaos
  9:24 AM Messages of sympathy for firefighters
  9:05 AM Downing Street alert called off
  8:50 AM Downing St evacuated
  8:40 AM Hijackers killed stewardesses to access cockpits
  8:14 AM 'Every resource' to be used to trace attackers
  8:10 AM 800 feared dead in Pentagon attack
  7:42 AM World’s tallest building evacuated
  7:41 AM Irish entry ports on high alert
  7:35 AM Cowen in EU emergency meeting
  7:28 AM Explosions shake Afghanistan capital
  7:26 AM Black boxes may yield vital clues to attacks
  7:24 AM How could such devastation happen?
  7:23 AM Date a sign of things to come
  7:01 AM Irish mother-and-daughter aboard hijacked plane
  6:54 AM Air passengers stranded as flights are grounded
  6:13 AM New York City begins massive rescue effort
  5:35 AM 256 firefighters killed as towers collapse
  4:47 AM $5m bounty on Bin Laden
  4:37 AM Several buildings remain structurally unsound
  4:34 AM Police confirm arrests but deny explosives find
  4:27 AM Three arrested with van full of explosives
  4:18 AM Survivors making phone calls from World Trade Centre
  4:11 AM US embassies in Middle East close
  3:57 AM Passenger called home to report hijacking
  3:53 AM Afghan officials to conduct investigation
  3:51 AM FBI issue search warrants in bid to crack case
  3:16 AM Israel declare Wednesday 'day of mourning'
  3:11 AM Trapped people may still be alive
  2:55 AM NY fire department suffers heavy losses
  2:48 AM Nuclear, chemical plants put on 'high alert'
  2:41 AM Newspapers scramble to print historic editions
  2:14 AM Transport restored to NYC
  1:48 AM Early reports say 10,000 dead
  1:45 AM Al Quaida deny responsibility
  1:43 AM Bin Laden top of suspect list
  1:33 AM Bush calls attack "mass murder" in address to nation
  1:17 AM Fire still rages at the Pentagon
  1:09 AM Terrorist attacks: chronology of terror
  1:00 AM US senate will back Bush
12:51 AM US stock exchages to remain closed
12:41 AM 78 NYPD officers missing
12:35 AM 200 rescue workers reported dead
12:27 AM National Guard arrive in New York, Washington
12:22 AM Department of HHS asks citizens for blood
12:07 AM Attack was assault on every citizen - Attorney General

MAIN TOPIC: Middle East 

  8:32 AM Seven die in Israeli tanks and helicopter attack » LATEST 

Sept. 13,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/13 > World

Thursday, September 13, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

11:22 PM Justice Department make three arrests » LATEST
10:47 PM Security officials remove 'suspicious package' from US Senate
10:21 PM Police evacuate US Senate
10:17 PM Miraculous rescue did not happen
  9:50 PM NYC stock exchange to remain closed until Monday
  9:23 PM No evidence of 'military involvement' in Pittsburg crash
  9:07 PM Pentagon close in on 757's 'black box'
  7:44 PM FBI says 18 hijackers were on board planes
  7:25 PM Evacuation amid fears of new building collapse
  7:04 PM '190 dead' in Pentagon attack
  6:30 PM Body of hijacker 'found among cockpit wreckage'
  6:21 PM Fourth Irish person confirmed dead in attack aftermath
  6:11 PM US airspace re-opens
  5:50 PM Five firefighters found alive in wreckage of World Trade Centre » NEWSFLASH
  5:47 PM US Congress Nears Anti-Terrorism Bill
  5:43 PM Bush vows US will 'lead the world to victory'
  5:40 PM Sinn Fein President's friends killed in New York attack
  4:45 PM Irish firefighters may join US rescue operations
  4:29 PM Bush will visit New York tomorrow
  4:23 PM Increased asbestos and dioxin in New York air - but 'no risk'
  3:58 PM German police hold two over attacks
  3:36 PM Pilot tried to warn of Trade Centre crash
  3:11 PM U.S. talking to man in investigation of disasters
  3:06 PM Mayor of New York says 4,763 are missing
  2:51 PM Suspects `filmed New York atrocities'
  1:58 PM FBI question pilot » NEWSFLASH
  1:44 PM 50 Irish may be missing and toll expected to rise » NEWSFLASH
  1:34 PM Two Irishmen feared dead after New York attacks
  1:25 PM Only one trade centre tower insured
  1:08 PM US airspace to reopen this afternoon
12:53 PM Bin Laden's father 'uncontactable'
12:52 PM Irish books of condolence go online
12:32 PM FG offices to close tomorrow
12:29 PM More anti-Muslim attacks reported
12:20 PM Bin Laden is under house arrest: Taliban
12:17 PM 10 of 40 'infiltrators' still at large
12:11 PM Soccer: UEFA reschedules European ties
12:06 PM Co Tipperary man missing in NY » NEWSFLASH
12:03 PM Ahern backs US retaliation » NEWSFLASH
11:56 AM Stringent measures ordered at US airports
11:46 AM Afghanistan 'prepares for imminent attack'
11:27 AM German police aid hunt for hijack pilots
10:50 AM Three services planned for Pro-Cathedral
10:46 AM Five survivors pulled from wreckage
10:30 AM Transatlantic flights still grounded
10:14 AM World powers support US retaliation
10:00 AM Fears of huge Irish fatalities allayed
  9:53 AM Loyalists to halt school protest for one day
  9:41 AM Arab-Americans and Muslims assaulted
  9:38 AM US soldiers prepare for war
  8:48 AM Hundreds of British dead in Trade Centre
  8:41 AM F1: US Grand Prix may switch countries
  8:11 AM Suspected hijacker's photo unearthed
  8:07 AM Taliban denies bin Laden's house arrest
  8:00 AM 20,000 feared dead after New York attack
  7:40 AM Golf: Monty says Ryder Cup should go ahead
  7:27 AM Black box located in Pentagon
  7:26 AM Memorial mass to be held in Pro-Cathedral
  7:13 AM ‘Heroic effort' by passengers may have saved lived
  7:11 AM Govt still trying to trace Irish people
  6:37 AM Cowen vows to support Bush retaliation
  6:33 AM Golf: Parvenik 'feared for his life'
  6:32 AM Golf: Players back cancellation of World Golf Championships
  6:12 AM 20 Irish people feared trapped
  5:44 AM FBI ploughs all resources into investigation
  5:33 AM Trade Centre rescue effort continues
  5:31 AM Officials try to estimate death toll
  5:29 AM Tragedy inspires charity
  5:22 AM Washington 'warned of hijack risk to Pentagon'
  5:01 AM Bin Laden under house arrest - claim
  4:50 AM Flights expected to start landing
  4:36 AM Building five is structurally stable
  4:29 AM Resolution of resolve wording being debated
  2:35 AM US Senate debate 'resolution of resolve'
  1:50 AM Building number five still standing
  1:35 AM FBI retrace footsteps to WTC bombing
  1:15 AM Nine survivors pulled from WTC rubble
  1:12 AM Building number five collapses completely - unconfirmed report
12:48 AM NATO enact 'mutual defence clause'
12:38 AM Prayer vigil held in US capital
12:21 AM WTC fires set of NYPD officers ammunition
12:18 AM Rescue attempts in New York halted
12:13 AM Military crews hang US flag from Pentagon
12:01 AM Pentagon death toll may be up to 200

Sept. 14,
TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/14 > World

Friday, September 14, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  9:54 PM Bush recieves rousing welcome at disaster site » LATEST
  9:31 PM Two detained in Chicago airport
  9:19 PM President Bush visits disaster scene
  9:18 PM Some Big Brother contestants in dark about outrage
  8:20 PM BA flights to US resume
  7:35 PM Bush sees shattered New York
  7:15 PM FBI has suspect list with 100 names
  7:07 PM President Bush bound for New York
  6:17 PM US remembrance service warned over revenge
  5:05 PM New York Mayor believes trapped people can still be found alive
  4:51 PM Russia sharing terrorist intelligence with US
  4:08 PM Use of force resolution is passed in US
  3:21 PM World's silent tribute to USA
  3:16 PM Hijackers names released
  3:00 PM New York Mayor warns of bogus telemarketeers
  2:58 PM 12 held at airport are innocent - US Senator
  2:42 PM Terrorist attacks, another man released
  2:27 PM Bush may call up 50,000 reserve troops
  2:15 PM Irish President speaks for country on day of mourning
  1:58 PM Attacks have changed the world - Ahern
  1:50 PM Best friend of Irish woman killed in New York feared dead
  1:03 PM $100m gold buried beneath New York rubble
  1:01 PM US intelligence was warned about 'spectacular' attack
12:37 PM NY Muslim cab drivers 'too scared to work'
12:18 PM Pentagon crash black boxes recovered
12:12 PM EU leaders pledge to crack down on terrorism
12:09 PM Millions observe three-minute silence
12:08 PM Aer Rianta says all transatlantic flights will stay grounded
11:26 AM Flight data equipment recovered from Pentagon site
11:16 AM German police confirm Iranian deportee phoned warnings
11:11 AM President McAleese makes special address
10:41 AM Final calls from a loved wife
10:39 AM Applause as first transatlantic jet takes off
10:24 AM Terrorists 'may have been planning more attacks'
10:13 AM Bush lays groundwork for retaliation
10:02 AM Omani citizen questioned in Manila
10:01 AM Airlines seek to cap compensation claims after US terror attacks
  9:58 AM Insurers face �bn ceiling on World Trade Centre losses
  9:35 AM 'No need to evacuate tower,' staff told
  9:29 AM Giuliani: New Yorkers must have patience
  9:01 AM Police make eight airport arrests
  8:38 AM Hopes dashed for 10 policemen surviving carnage
  8:30 AM Taliban leader defends bin Laden
  8:18 AM US airspace still closed to international flights
  8:16 AM Storm hampers New York rescue operation
  8:03 AM Families of the missing clutch photos -- and hope
  7:16 AM 10 policemen found alive under rubble
  7:02 AM Senior US officials name Osama bin Laden
  6:52 AM $40bn OK'd to fight terrorism
  6:42 AM European Union to observe three-minute silence
  6:30 AM Man arrested at JFK airport posing as pilot
  5:34 AM Black box found in Pennsylvania
  5:12 AM US ask Pakistan for 'use of air-space'
  5:03 AM US carried out raid on hotel in the Philippines
  4:55 AM Pataki suspends statue of limitations in New York
  4:03 AM 'The US is preparing for war' - US Defence Secretary
  3:39 AM 6,000 tonnes of debris removed from WTC
  3:12 AM Robotic vehicle, bomb squad brought into White House
  3:08 AM No survivors found yesterday - rescue workers
  3:04 AM Storm heads towards New York City
  2:59 AM Four-year-old girl reunited with parents
  2:54 AM Fire rages at the Pentagon
  2:49 AM New York - 4,700 may still be missing
  2:46 AM US stock markets closed until Monday
  2:44 AM 'It may not be prudent to fly today' - Northwest Airlines
  2:34 AM US Congress close to passing '$40bn Emergency Funding Bill'
  2:01 AM Bush asks Americans to visit 'places of worship'
  1:54 AM 'Bin Laden better say his prayers' US Senate house speaker
  1:31 AM US ask Pakistan to 'provide information'
  1:16 AM US Government urge Pakistan to close it's border with Afghanistan
12:38 AM FBI clear Adnan Bukari of 'any involvement'
12:34 AM Pentagon consider reserves 'call up' » NEWSFLASH
12:16 AM Man arrested at JFK airport with 'fake pilot credentials'
12:02 AM Secret Service separate Bush and Cheney
12:02 AM Bush to visit New York today

Sept. 15

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/15 > World

Saturday, September 15, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  6:34 PM Mayor comments on bravery of firefighters » LATEST
  6:16 PM Fire hampers rescue operation
  5:51 PM Bush promises justice for America
  3:38 PM Developments After Terrorist Attacks
  3:19 PM Bush says US attack will be broad and sustained
  3:11 PM 'We are at war' - President George W Bush » NEWSFLASH
  3:07 PM Pentagon repairs will take years and cost 'well over $100m'
  2:55 PM America Mourns With Flags, Candles
  1:16 PM German police seize plane documents
  1:01 PM Bin Laden Family denounce Osama
12:52 PM Taliban calls all Muslims to prepare for holy war
12:41 PM Tension outside New York mosque
12:23 PM Hope of finding survivors fade
12:21 PM Trade Centre owner vows to rebuild
12:18 PM Saddam urges US to show 'wisdom not power'
11:54 AM US special forces 'land in Pakistan'
11:26 AM No retaliation, pleads bereaved Cork family
11:00 AM Northern Ireland man tells of narrow escape
10:52 AM No Russian support for US invasion of Afghanistan
10:16 AM Madonna gives gig proceeds to help terror victims
  9:26 AM Severe weather hampers desperate rescue bid
  9:18 AM Attack 'could come this weekend'
  9:14 AM Afghanistan threatens reprisal against countries assisting US
  9:12 AM Pakistan yields airspace to American troops
  8:54 AM Three arrested in US terror attacks
  8:48 AM Three Irish Missing in New York Attack
  2:58 AM Suicide attacks were self-defence - outspoken cleric
  2:45 AM Rain dampens trade centre rescue efforts
  1:26 AM Arrest individual has important information
  1:20 AM American public want retribution
12:52 AM US make one arrest in connection with attack » NEWSFLASH
12:42 AM Arrest warrant issued by US Justice Department » NEWSFLASH
12:38 AM EU countries unify airport security
12:20 AM Former pianist missing since twin towers attack
12:19 AM Pakistan confirms it will cooperate
12:13 AM BA returning to normal schedule

Sept. 16,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/16 > World

Sunday, September 16, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

10:45 PM Bush was ready to 'shoot down' commercial flights » LATEST
  9:40 PM Bush says 'no question' bin Laden is behind attacks
  5:49 PM Mayor puts New York missing at more than 5,000
  5:46 PM Cheney says US will target bin Laden
  5:29 PM Golf: Ryder Cup postponed for 12 months
  3:36 PM Poll shows Americans want military action
  3:30 PM New York looks like war zone, says Mayor
  3:19 PM Taoiseach supports US actions
  2:22 PM Cardinal urges caution in reaction to WTC attacks
  1:05 PM Pakistan freezes Taliban bank accounts
12:53 PM Britain rejects bin Laden's denial
12:11 PM Blair backs US military response
11:54 AM Bin Laden denies responsibility for US attacks
11:26 AM Pakistan to 'tell Afghans to hand over bin Laden'
11:07 AM London fashion falls victim to US atrocity
11:00 AM Pakistan facing internal backlash over US alliance
10:57 AM Continental Airlines lays off 20,000 workers
10:52 AM Latest developments
10:40 AM Afghans flee in terror
10:16 AM New York remembers firefighters in first funerals
10:12 AM Trading will resume as planned on Monday
10:01 AM Mayor: Don't expect to recover all bodies
  9:52 AM FBI arrests second man
  9:50 AM America on war footing
  9:39 AM 'SAS trained bin Laden' claim
  9:35 AM 'Scrambled fighters arrived too late'
  8:50 AM Irish relatives arrive at US crash site
  8:42 AM FBI tipped off about hijackers before attack
  8:38 AM Suspected hijacker's passport found

Sept. 17

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/17 > Islamic clerics will decide on bin Laden extradition

Monday, September 17, 2001 :



11:00 PM - Islamic clerics will decide on bin Laden extradition
  6:59 PM - Wall Street reopens to a wave of selling
  5:45 PM - Aer Lingus to cut transatlantic service
  5:40 PM - New York bids to return to normal life
  5:28 PM - America wants bin Laden 'dead or alive'
  5:00 PM - Afghan soldiers gather at Pakistan border
  4:25 PM - US airlines cut schedules by 20%
  4:22 PM - Virgin sheds 1,200 jobs
  3:23 PM - Talks between Pakistan and the Taliban have failed
  3:04 PM - Tearful scenes as workers return to terrorist hit district
  2:49 PM - Mayor attends reopening of New York Stock Exchange
  2:42 PM - Blair speaks with Pakistan president
  2:40 PM - New York Stock Exchange opens
  2:27 PM - Did bin Laden also make a stock market killing?
  1:34 PM - Federal Reserve cuts interest rates in bid to stop recession
12:49 PM - Britain and US build up firepower in Gulf
12:44 PM - EU leaders called to emergency summit
12:23 PM - Pakistan 'moves troops to Afghan border'
12:03 PM - US naval ships leave Japan
11:53 AM - Taliban shuts down air space
11:44 AM - London stock market waits to see mood on Wall Street
11:04 AM - Smoke clears for latest satellite view of New York
10:33 AM - New Yorkers return to work
  7:48 AM - Search continuing at World Trade Centre
  7:34 AM - Airline officials in Dublin to discuss crisis
  7:12 AM - Mayor strikes grim note as NY struggles back
  7:02 AM - Man arrested after spate of attacks on Muslims
  6:57 AM - Pakistan to seek bin Laden handover
  6:44 AM - 'Air force was ordered to shoot down stray jets'
  6:42 AM - Wall Street to reopen after US attacks
  6:39 AM - Clinton 'okayed action against bin Laden’
  2:36 AM - Russian troops put on high alert
  1:55 AM - Iran closes it's border with Afghanistan
12:21 AM - 10,000 Afghans flee to Iran
12:09 AM - US 'Green Seals' arrive in Pakistan - claim
12:05 AM - Afghanistan opposition group ready to back US


» Federal Bureau of Investigation

Sept. 18

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/18 > World

Tuesday, September 18, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  7:53 PM Irish stock markets down » LATEST
  5:38 PM Taliban may hand over bin Laden, reports claim
  4:00 PM Hopes fade for Irish victims
  2:25 PM Ireland stands behind US, Ahern tells Dail
  2:21 PM Afghans delay decision on releasing bin Laden til tomorrow
  1:53 PM 3 minute silence marking terrorist attack in New York
  1:28 PM Developers ponder whether World Trade Centre should be rebuilt
11:06 AM US to evacuate embassy in Pakistan
10:38 AM Taliban hints at bin Laden extradition
  9:28 AM Taliban deny 'Holy War' claim
  9:01 AM 'Conditions 'set ' for bin Laden handover
  8:40 AM More US airlines announce job cuts
  7:35 AM Afghans 'prepare for holy war' as bin Laden decision looms
  7:21 AM Man charged with anti-Muslim murder
  7:08 AM 49 detained over US attacks
  7:07 AM Pakistan leaves Afghan refugees stranded
  6:58 AM Blair visits America to build anti-terror coalition
  6:49 AM Five plane hijackers 'trained in Britain'
  6:47 AM Microsoft delays launch of attack game
  6:45 AM Evangelist apologisies for terror attack speech
12:19 AM 8,100 tonnes of debris removed from WTC
12:16 AM Turkey backs US action

MAIN TOPIC: Middle East 

  5:13 PM Arafat calls ceasefire » LATEST 
12:32 PM Arafat says he will do utmost to implement ceasefire 

Sept. 19,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/19 > World

Wednesday, September 19, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  9:47 PM Pentagon orders combat aircraft to Gulf » LATEST
  8:03 PM Blair flies in for diplomatic mission
  7:41 PM EU justice plan to declare war on terror
  6:01 PM Hollywood stars in US charity gig
  4:52 PM Pakistan President appeals for unity
  4:02 PM EU asked to relax airline funds ban
  4:00 PM US warship heads for Middle East
  2:38 PM Afghans facing starvation
  2:19 PM Fighter jets: minutes away at hijack impact
  1:09 PM Taliban prepared to meet US over bin Laden
12:55 PM Irish families still in agony over missing relatives
12:21 PM Tentative Mid-East ceasefire holds
12:20 PM Iraq denies involvement in US attacks
10:15 AM Congress considers airline aid package
10:04 AM Malaysia: Banks on look-out for bin Laden transactions
  9:28 AM At least six killed in Pakistan explosion
  9:25 AM EU to unveil anti-terror laws
  9:11 AM Hope fades in twin tower rescue operation
  8:23 AM Clerics meet to discuss future of bin Laden
  8:10 AM US and Russia start anti-terrorist talks
  7:06 AM Three charged with identity fraud after US attacks
  6:56 AM Boeing to lay off 30,000 workers
  6:26 AM Blunkett wants to fast-track extraditions

Sept. 20,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/20 > World

Thursday, September 20, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  7:09 PM Hijack suspects caught on surveillance camera » LATEST
  6:57 PM Bin Laden 'may have already fled Afghanistan'
  5:14 PM Bush rejects terror leader's 'voluntary' departure
  3:42 PM Fighter bombers leave US base
  2:51 PM Anti-terrorism measures to be introduced in Europe
  2:03 PM British air carrier serving Dublin and Belfast loses finances
11:31 AM O'Rourke to consider financial package for Aer Lingus
11:18 AM Seven-month pregnant WTC worker walked down 77 floors
11:17 AM Analysts predict air strikes and special forces raids
11:14 AM 'Win Cash - Kill an American' - Pakistani paper tells readers
10:52 AM Blair meets Chirac before jetting off to New York
10:07 AM Irishman's body pulled from World Trade Centre rubble
  9:58 AM Clerics ask bin Laden to leave Afghanistan
  9:32 AM BA to shed 7,000 jobs
  9:04 AM Bin Laden asked to leave Afghanistan voluntarily
  8:29 AM Actors urge world leaders to call off war
  7:56 AM 'Anti-terrorism' plans breach US constitution
  7:13 AM EU justice ministers meet in Brussels
  7:12 AM American Airlines to shed 20,000 jobs
  6:18 AM Charges filed over terrorism 'revenge' attacks
  6:11 AM Islamic leaders resume talks on bin Laden
  6:07 AM Pentagon orders combat aircraft to Gulf

Sept. 21,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/21 > Suicide attacks cost under �0,000 to carry out

Friday, September 21, 2001 :



  8:00 PM - EU to crack down on terrorist funding
  7:50 PM - Penknife-carrying Briton sparks airport alert
  7:49 PM - Irish victims of terrorist attacks stands at five so far
  6:09 PM - Restraint called for from aid agencies
  5:49 PM - Suicide attacks cost under �0,000 to carry out
  5:45 PM - McCartney to play NY benefit for 'hero firefighters'
  5:07 PM - Thousands protest ahead of EU economic fallout meeting
  2:55 PM - US special forces on capture or kill mission
  1:28 PM - Taxpayer may have to cover Aer Lingus
12:51 PM - World Trade Centre shops looted
10:49 AM - French arrests over 'plans to attack US embassy'
10:47 AM - Firefighters donate part of lottery win to American counterparts
10:42 AM - Seismographs picked up Trade Centre's collapse
  9:41 AM - Taliban insist bin Laden will not be forced out
  9:26 AM - India suspends peace talks with Pakistan
  9:14 AM - Bin Laden has left Afghanistan - report
  8:57 AM - Friends episode re-shot after US terror attacks
  8:35 AM - Free holidays for US rescue workers
  7:26 AM - EU leaders to meet in Brussels
  7:22 AM - 慤S planning to overthrow Taliban�/a>
  7:12 AM - 
6,333 now missing in World Trade Centre rubble
  7:09 AM - Muslim hardliners call for strike in Pakistan
  7:08 AM - Call from stewardess reveals final moments of Flight 17
  7:06 AM - Blair pledges solidarity with America
  6:14 AM - Bush braces America for action 

Sept. 22,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/22 > Osama bin Laden reported to be in Uruzgan

Saturday, September 22, 2001 :



  9:08 PM - Star studded telethon expected to raise millions
  8:30 PM - EU finance ministers agree to help airlines with insurance
  7:56 PM - Protestors stand 'shoulder to shoulder' down Whitehall
  7:33 PM - Osama bin Laden reported to be in Uruzgan
  6:36 PM - $5m reward for information on US terrorist attacks
  3:09 PM - UAE cuts Afghan ties
  2:44 PM - President Bush calls war council
  2:07 PM - Turkey agrees to open its airspace
  1:50 PM - Irish rescue services stage special Mass
  1:43 PM - Star telethon to raise millions
11:37 AM - US air industry 'teetering on edge of collapse'
10:32 AM - Bin Laden 'contacted Iraq before attacks'
  9:38 AM - WTC probe: FBI arrest 25
  9:17 AM - No hope of finding US survivors
  8:53 AM - Afghan soldiers shoot down helicopter
  8:51 AM - Thousands take part in US anti-war demo
  8:47 AM - Four arrested in UK over terror attacks 

Sept 23,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/23 > US ' does not believe' that bin Laden is missing

Sunday, September 23, 2001 :



  9:42 PM - Yankee Stadium stages prayer service
  7:31 PM - Tynon opens New York memorial service
  7:12 PM - US says a spy plane is lost - reports
  7:09 PM - US ' does not believe' that bin Laden is missing
  7:08 PM - Pakistani ambassador welcomes end of sanctions
  6:07 PM - Bin Laden 'missing'
  3:29 PM - Saudi Arabia rejects US request to use its air bases
12:21 PM - Use of Shannon to be offered to US
11:56 AM - Iraq expects attack from US
11:12 AM - Pilot urges passengers to take on hijackers
  8:32 AM - Manhattan residents return home
  8:24 AM - Man held in connection with terrorist attacks


» Federal Bureau of Investigation

Sept. 24,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/24 > World

Monday, September 24, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  5:26 PM Taoiseach says Ireland's offer to US is more wide-ranging » LATEST
  4:58 PM Bin Laden urges Pakistanis to join jihad
  4:26 PM Afghanistan 'will become US troops graveyard'
  4:25 PM FBI 'struggling' with terrorist attacks inquiry
  4:22 PM Israel holds 'bin Laden terror protege'
  2:56 PM US Army already using Shannon Airport
  2:40 PM President Bush orders assets of terrorist groups to be frozen
  2:17 PM US up bin Laden reward to $30m
  1:37 PM Waterford Crystal cuts working hours
  1:32 PM Taliban says war will not eliminate terrorism
  1:03 PM Taliban says 300,000 Afghans mobilised for Holy War
12:48 PM Stinger missiles 'no great danger' to allies
12:44 PM New York Mayor to seek a third term
12:40 PM Bargain hunters rally market
12:35 PM Heavy fighting inside Afghanistan
11:53 AM Minister warns of 'potential damage' to the Irish tourism
11:45 AM Evidence shows bin Laden's guilt, says US
10:19 AM Decision to allow US fighters jets into Irish airspace defended
  9:32 AM Anti-terrorist diplomacy moves up a gear
  9:21 AM Ryanair slashes seat prices in wake of US attacks
  8:49 AM Cropdusters grounded amid chemical weapons fear
  8:23 AM WTC: Up to 50 Irish still unaccounted for
  6:49 AM FBI held dozens of Indian trainee pilots
  6:43 AM Missing total rises as plane parts found

Sept. 25,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/25 > World

Tuesday, September 25, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  6:58 PM US changes name of anti-terrorism operation » LATEST
  5:36 PM More evidence of chemical attack plans
  5:15 PM New York crime rate hits new low - Mayor Giuliani
  5:13 PM Death certificates speed-up over missing victims
  5:12 PM Three detained under terrorism act
  4:10 PM Blair's warning to Taliban
  4:06 PM Short crisis 'will prevent hotel job losses'
  3:05 PM Ryanair rejects Gregory criticism
  3:03 PM UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
  2:00 PM 'No evidence yet' of terror bid to profit on shares
  1:50 PM Two weeks to the minute that terror attacks hit New York
  1:39 PM Bin Laden was shy and polite, says teacher
  1:10 PM Pakistani charity among Bush's list of terror groups
  1:00 PM French anti-terrorist police make arrests
12:29 PM Sinn Fein to discuss effects of terrorism attacks
11:14 AM Syria tells Arafat to stay away
11:00 AM Embassy bombings case reveals evidence against bin Laden
10:58 AM EU promises refugee aid to Pakistan
  9:53 AM Putin briefs leaders on terrorism fight plans
  9:36 AM Ryanair launches 'Lets fight back' campaign
  8:32 AM Man 'helped hijackers to get false ID'
  8:31 AM Saudi Arabia severs ties with Taliban
  8:22 AM Taliban threaten to murder UN workers
  8:06 AM Governments warned on germ warfare attack
  8:00 AM WTC: Focus now on retribution
  6:38 AM Backing for UN role in anti-terror fight
  6:35 AM E-mail virus exploits terrorist outrage
  6:34 AM Cowen to hold talks with Powell

Sept. 26,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/26 > World

Wednesday, September 26, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

11:42 PM Saddam turns down request to condole White House » LATEST
10:38 PM Taliban leader urges people to return to Kabul
  8:31 PM Irishmen feared dead after terror attack found alive in hospital
  7:51 PM Powell thanks Ireland for use of airspace
  6:36 PM Taliban recaptures land from Northern Alliance
  5:29 PM EC freezes assets linked to Taliban
  5:00 PM British tourism set to lose �5bn
  4:58 PM British charity slams EU crackdown plans
  4:49 PM Delta Airlines to lay off 13,000 employees
  3:55 PM US sends ground troops to former Soviet republics
  3:52 PM Iran 'will not support attacks on Afghanistan'
  3:07 PM EC to increase aid for Afghan refugees
  3:06 PM O'Rourke to travel to Brussels on Monday
  2:33 PM Terrorists will not be lined up and attacked - UK Defence Secretary
  2:27 PM Orders 憁ushroom' for aerospace group
  2:25 PM Bin Laden a monster, says Saudi envoy
  2:21 PM Afghans head home seeking martyrdom
  2:17 PM Nato reassesses role after terror attacks
  2:12 PM Green Party slams Taoiseach over help for US
12:09 PM US fears more attacks - counter terrorism funds boosted
11:32 AM Starbucks apologises after charging rescue workers for water
10:43 AM US terror attacks cost Lloyd's of London �3bn
10:32 AM World Trade Centre's last standing section torn down
  8:12 AM We'll never give up bin Laden - Taliban leader
  8:06 AM Taliban denounces Saudi Arabia
  8:04 AM Police release woman questioned over terror attacks
  7:44 AM Refugee exodus expected
  7:37 AM Third of world's nations expected to condemn terrorism
  7:28 AM Tycoon wins republican support in mayoral race
  7:22 AM Pilots demand right to carry guns
  7:19 AM Arafat and Peres to hold peace talks
  7:05 AM Cowen to outline Irish anti-terrorism approach
  6:24 AM No D-day strategy - just a long and bloody fight: Rumsfeld

Sept. 27,

Sept. 28,

Sept. 29,

TCM Archives > TCM Breaking News > 2001/09/29 > World

Saturday, September 29, 2001 :


MAIN TOPIC: War on Terrorism 

  8:53 PM Anti-capitalist group opposes war » LATEST
  5:18 PM Taliban ‘losing grip on power’ - Minister
  3:30 PM UNICEF supplies heading for Afghanistan
  1:01 PM Pentagon denies arrest reports
12:31 PM Opportunists 'have exploited terror attacks'
12:17 PM Taliban reject arrests claim
10:47 AM Iranian 'threatened to kill all Americans' in jet incident
10:45 AM Bush approves £33m aid package for Pakistan
10:41 AM Special forces move in
10:38 AM US makes shootdown warning to pilots
10:36 AM Net closing on terror plotters
10:41 AM Bush orders tax-cutting economic plan
  9:39 AM Afghanistan: Trial of foreign workers resumes
  9:06 AM Evidence links hijackers
  9:05 AM Fears grow for British journalist
  9:03 AM Bush visit has mixed success
  9:01 AM Taliban claim to have made five arrests
  8:53 AM 20 Irish may have perished in disaster
12:31 AM WTC missing list drops under 6,000

Sept. 30,

A Stunning 48 Hours of News.

NEW YORK (AP) – Mounting an audacious attack against the United States, terrorists crashed two hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center and brought down the twin 110-story towers Tuesday morning. A jetliner also slammed into the Pentagon as the seat of government itself came under attack.

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and their immediate aftermath were one of the biggest breaking stories AP has ever covered. As one stunning event succeeded the next, AP broke developments to its members in two flashes, 25 APNewsAlerts and 18 bulletins in the first day.

Tuesday, Sept. 11
8:53 New York Plane crashes into World Trade Center, according to television reports
8:56 New York Smoke poured out of a gaping hole in the upper floors of the World Trade Center on Tuesday and there were broadcast reports a plane had struck it.
9:01 New York An aircraft crashed into the upper floors of one of the World Trade Center towers Tuesday morning, and black smoke poured out of two gaping holes.
9:04 New York Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower
9:05 New York An aircraft crashed into the upper floors of one of the World Trade Center towers Tuesday morning. Shortly afterward a second explosion rocked the other tower.
9:09 New York Plane crashes into second World Trade Center tower
9:11 New York An aircraft crashed into the upper floors of one of the WTC towers Tuesday morning. Shortly afterward a second plane hit the other tower.
9:12 Washington FBI investigating reports of plane hijacking before World Trade Center crashes
9:15 Washington The FBI is investigating reports that two plane crashes at the WTC are the result of foul play, The AP has learned.
9:18 New York Planes crashed into the upper floors of both WTC towers minutes apart Tuesday in a horrific scene of explosions and fire that left gaping holes in the 110 story buildings.
9:31 Sarasota, FL Bush calls World Trade Center crashes apparent terrorist attack
9:34 Washington President Bush said Tuesday that two plane crashes into the WTC were "an apparent terrorist attack on our country."
9:40 Washington First plane to hit World Trade Center was hijacked after takeoff from Boston, U.S. official says
9:42 Washington One of two planes that crashed into the WTC was hijacked after takeoff from Boston, a U.S. official said, citing a transmission from the plane.
9:43:07 Washington An aircraft has crashed into the Pentagon, witnesses say
9:43:59 Washington West Wing of White House evacuated amid terrorist threats
9:44 Washington An aircraft crashed near the Pentagon and the West Wing of the White House was evacuated amid threats of terrorism.
9:47 Washington White House threatened with terrorist attack, source says
9:49 Washington The Federal Aviation Administration has shut down all aircraft takeoffs nationwide
9:50 The White House was evacuated after the Secret Service received credible threat of a terrorist act against the presidential mansion and residence.
9:53 Washington Aircraft crashed near Pentagon. White House evacuated after bomb threats. FAA shuts down all air traffic.
10:00 New York Explosion hits another building near World Trade Center
10:07 New York One World Trade Center tower collapses
10:11 New York Two planes crashed into WTC. Bush says "apparent terrorist attack."Witness saw people falling and jumping from towers.
10:19 Washington State Department evacuated due to a possible explosion.
10:23 Washington Car bomb explodes outside State Department, senior law enforcement officials say
[Note: Officials’ version later proved unfounded]
10:29 New York Second World Trade Center tower collapses
10:30 New York In a horrific sequence of events, terrorists crashed planes into the WTC, and explosions
rocked the Pentagon and the State Department, spreading fear through the country.
10:37 Pittsburgh Large plane crashes in western Pennsylvania, officials at Somerset County airport confirm
10:39 New York Fourth explosion at World Trade Center
10:46 Pittsburgh A large plane, believed to be a 767, crashed north of Somerset County Airport, near Pittsburgh.
11:15 New York Mayor Giuliani says: "I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost."
11:16 New York Terrorists crashed planes into the WTC. Explosions also rocked the Pentagon. Mayor Giuliani: "I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost."
11:17 New York Authorities had been trying to evacuate WTC. Expert: "I would name at the top of the list Osama Bin Laden." Aircraft crashed into Pentagon.
11:19 New York In Pennsylvania, a large plane believed to be a 747 crashed. Nation’s air traffic halted. New York "like a war zone."
11:23 Fort Worth, TX American Airlines says it "lost" two aircraft carrying 156 people
11:33 Pittsburgh United Airlines confirms flight from Newark, NJ, to San Francisco crashed near Pittsburgh
11:41 Pittsburgh, San Francisco witness account of Pennsylvania crash.
11:52 Washington Federal Reserve reports it is prepared to provide additional money to nation's banking
system as needed following terrorist attacks
12:03 Chicago United Airlines confirms second plane crashing, location not given
12:23 New York High-ranking city police official says the number of people killed or injured could be in the thousands
12:53 Barksdale AFB Bush says military on high-alert status
16:31 Washington President Bush is returning to the White House, spokesman says
16:54 Washington United States suspects Osama bin Laden in terrorist attacks, two U.S. officials say
20:33 Washington Bush says "thousands of lives were suddenly ended" in terrorist attacks
22:27 New York Mayor says some people alive in Trade Center

Wednesday, Sept. 12

7:19 Washington Powell says U.S. will go after terrorists responsible for assault
9:54 Washington Pentagon says no more survivors expected; 80 bodies retrieved so far
10:00 Washington Offficials say no more survivors expected to be found in Pentagon wreckage
10:52 Washington Bush says terrorist attacks were "acts of war"
10:57 Washington Bush calls attacks, "acts of war." Says he will ask Congress for money for recovery.
12:07 Washington Pentagon evacuating building due to threat of spreading fire
12:16 Washington Pentagon recalls evacuation order
12:18 Washington World's richest countries vow that terrorist attack in United States "will not be compounded by disruption of global economy."
12:33 Raleigh,NC Midway Airlines suspends all flight operations; 1,700 employees lose jobs immediately
12:49 New York Osama Bin Laden information. More details of the Pentagon damage.
14:23 Washington FAA allows flights diverted Tuesday to resume; others grounded
14:59 Washington White House spokesman says Air Force One and White House were intended targets in Tuesday attacks
15:16 Brussels, Belgium NATO says terror attacks in U.S. can be considered an attack on the whole alliance
15:52 Washington Attorney General John Ashcroft says government has several leads in terrorist attacks
16:47 New York New York Stock Exchange does not expect to open before Friday, official says
17:02 Washington Government not ready to resume normal air traffic operations
17:31 New York The remaining portion of south World Trade Center tower collapses

Three hours that shook America: A chronology of chaos

By Mark K. Miller -- Broadcasting & Cable, 8/25/2002 8:00:00 PM

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 provided the news media with one of the biggest challenges in the history of journalism. Events happened with such speed and surprise, especially in the early hours, that news organizations were literally running to cover all the stories that seemed to be breaking minute by minute.

To get a sense of just how frenetic the pace was, we chose seven news operations and tracked their coverage between 8:45 and 11:33 that morning. The selections are not meant to be a complete record of each group's work or to show which got the story. But they do offer a compelling illustration of how news organizations struggled to separate fact from fiction on the morning of Sept. 11.

The seven: CNN; New York's WABC-TV, WCBS-TV and WNBC(TV); and Fox's WTTG(TV) Washington and WTOP(AM)/-FM Washington. The morning's six benchmark events (the four plane crashes and the two World Trade Center tower collapses) are highlighted. The times reflect station videotape time codes and our estimates.
8:45 a.m.

A plane crashes into the north tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York.

8:49 CNN: 'Obviously, a very disturbing live shot of the WTC, and we have unconfirmed reports that a plane has crashed into one of the towers.'

8:52 WTTG: 'We'll go to a live picture from New York City. A plane has crashed into the WTC. We don't know whether this was an accident or some sort of planned incident.'

9:01 WABC (eyewitness via phone): 'It looked like a normal plane going over the city, and then, all of a sudden, a turn to the left, and it slammed right into the WTC.'
9:03 a.m.

A second plane crashes into the WTC's south tower.

9:03 CNN: 'We've got an explosion inside. This would support the probability . that the fuselage was still in the building. That could cause a second explosion such as that. We're getting word that perhaps a second plane was involved, but let's not even speculate on that point, but perhaps that may have happened.'

9:06 CNN: 'Eyewitness says a small plane-it looked like a propeller plane-came in from the west about 20-25 stories from the top and appeared to crash.'

9:07 WABC: 'I don't know if perhaps some type of navigation system or some type of electronics would have put two planes into the WTC within-it looks like-18 minutes of each other.'

9:08 CNN (airing feed from WNYW[TV] New York): 'Some people said they thought they saw a missile, so we might keep open the possibility that this was a missile attack.'

9:10 CNN (Ira Furman, former National Transportation Safety Board spokesman, on phone): 'Absolutely inexplicable. There shouldn't be any aircraft in that area. It's just not possible for a pilot during the daytime to have taken a course that would put it right into the WTC. A second occurrence within a few minutes is beyond belief.'

9:12 WCBS: 'Thousands of pieces of what appeared to be office paper came drifting over Brooklyn, about three miles from Tower 1, according to a witness.'

9:14 WTOP: 'Clearly, this has been a morning of extremes for us here. This is the most serious of circumstances that we're monitoring in New York. Earlier today, it was euphoria in this town as we all celebrated what appears to be word from Michael Jordan that he is going to be returning to the National Basketball Association and playing his next season with the Wizards. Obviously, our coverage of that will continue at its appropriate time.'

9:15 AP: 'The FBI is investigating reports that the two crashes are the result of foul play.'

9:15 CNN: 'President Bush is informed in Florida and cancels the rest of his schedule.'

9:17 WABC: 'LaGuardia and Kennedy airports are now closed.'

9:18 WCBS: 'The UN has been evacuated as a precautionary measure.'

9:26 WABC: 'Many people see those twin towers as an example of American capitalism and as an example of American might and power. They are a very strong and very vulnerable symbol to the rest of the world-and the U.S.-and that may be why they were targeted this time. Osama bin Laden is the former Afghan freedom fighter-a billionaire by all accounts-who is maybe No. 1 on America's list of terrorism exporters. He springs immediately to mind.'

9:30 CNN (President Bush makes a statement in Florida): 'Today, we've had a national tragedy. Two planes have crashed into the WTC in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. Terror against our nation will not stand.'


9:32 WNBC (eyewitness via phone): 'The second plane was a larger plane because the explosion from the second plane was tenfold larger than from the first plane. May God be with all those people because this is going to be a tough day for all of New York.'

9:33 WABC (phone call from man in the WTC): 'I'm stuck on the 86th floor of Tower No. 1 on the east side. I heard a noise, felt the whole building shake, and the glass on my floor was blown from the inside out, and the interior core of part of the building collapsed.'

9:34 WCBS: 'A no-fly zone has been established over Manhattan.'

9:36 CNN (on-screen graphic): ALL NY AREA AIRPORTS CLOSED. 'Information we now have is that there are at least 1,000 injuries.'

9:36 WNBC: 'To New Yorkers, try to get out of that area to let the emergency crews do what they need to do, because there clearly are still people trapped up there and fire fighters and emergency crews still need to do a lot of work.'
9:40 a.m.

A plane crashes into the Pentagon.

9:43 AP: 'An aircraft has crashed into the Pentagon, witnesses say. The West Wing of the White House is being evacuated amid terrorist threats.'

9:43 WTOP: 'We're going to interrupt the [CBS Radio News] coverage and bring it closer to home. We have some indication of fire and smoke at the Pentagon right now. We've gotten calls from people who live and work around the Pentagon who have told us that they have seen something that they have described as an explosion.'

9:43 WTTG: 'There are reports of a fire at the Pentagon. You can see the thick, black smoke. This is no trash fire, folks, so obviously something has happened.' [To producer]: 'Do we have any indication that a plane was involved here?'

9:43 CNN: 'There's a huge plume of smoke from the west side near the helicopter landing zone. The plume of smoke is enormous; it's a couple hundred yards across.'

9:45 CNN: 'We're also getting reports that there's a fire on the Mall in Washington.'

9:46 WTOP: 'We're hearing from a caller who says she is eyewitness to another hit here in town; the USA Today building may also be on fire in addition to the Pentagon.'

9:48 WTTG (terrorism expert from American University): 'It is a well-planned, concerted attack on the U.S. as the world's superpower, particularly, I would assume, because of the role it plays in the Middle East, in its hostility toward Iraq, Iran and other Arab countries, and its support, obviously, of Israel.'

9:49 AP: 'The Federal Aviation Administration has shut down all aircraft takeoffs nationwide.'

9:50 CNN: 'Bridges and tunnels into New York are closed.'

9:51 WTTG: 'Metro is shutting down its trains, possibly concerned that Metro might somehow be used in this.'

9:54 WCBS: 'A number of people were apparently jumping from windows. We saw at least five or six. The people who were standing there were absolutely horrified to watch this. Many people started screaming, many people started crying. There were people hugging each other, and, every time they saw a person jump to his death, there were people who were just grabbing hold of each other and sobbing and wiping their tears.'

9:56 CNN (on-screen graphic): CAPITOL, TREASURY, WH EVACUATED. 'This has all the appearances of an extremely well coordinated and devastating terrorist attack.'

9:56 WNBC (terrorism expert): 'This has all the worst-case scenarios put together into one. When you think of the psychological trauma that this is going to cause New Yorkers and to Americans, it's monumental, it's off the map.'
9:59 a.m.

The south tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

9:59 WTOP: 'After the WTC was hit, the Pentagon's anti-terrorism unit went into action. The first thing it did was dispatch military aircraft to what is now a no-fly zone over Manhattan. These fighter aircraft, armed with guns and missiles, have direct orders to divert and, in a worst-case scenario, to shoot down any plane that seems bent on crashing into something else.'

10:00 AP: 'An explosion hits another building near the WTC.'

10:01 WABC: 'The attack on the WTC in February of 1993 was designed to bring down the towers. It appears that, this time, one of the towers is down.'

10:01 WCBS: 'Generally speaking, for a building to collapse in on itself like that, it would seem to indicate-obviously, this is just early speculation-that there could have been an explosion, a bomb planted on the ground, that would make the building collapse in on itself.'

10:02 WTTG: 'The 14th Street and Memorial bridges are shut down.'

10:06 CNN (on-screen graphic): WITNESSES SEE PEOPLE JUMPING FROM WTC TOWER. 'Some of the Secret Service patrolling the perimeter of Lafayette Park directly across the street from the White House have automatic rifles drawn.'
10:07 a.m.

A plane crashes in Somerset County, Pa.; a portion of the Pentagon collapses.

10:09 WTOP (reporter near the White House): 'Another explosion has just occurred. We don't know where it happened, but it sounded like a cannon going off, and now we're seeing big billows of black smoke in the direction of the Pentagon. It's sort of organized chaos. A lot of people have had the presence of mind to whip out the old video camera and take pictures of whatever is going on here.'

10:12 CNN: 'There's a report of an explosion on Capitol Hill.' (Five minutes later, congressional correspondent says there was no explosion, but that 'the speaker and other leaders have been evacuated to a secure location.'

10:15 WNBC: 'St. Vincent's Hospital is preparing for the possibility of many more people arriving. They have what looks like a trauma center set up on the street, on the sidewalk of 7th Ave.'

10:16 WTOP: 'We've just been told that all government offices are closed and people are advised to go home. They obviously want to get people out of the downtown area and away from federal buildings, which presumably are still targets.'

10:17 WTTG (U.S. Capitol Police spokesperson): 'Ten minutes ago, we ordered a mandatory evacuation of the Capitol and all the House and Senate office buildings. We are taking extraordinary precautions to protect the leadership of the Congress.'

10:19 AP: 'The State Department is evacuated due to a possible explosion.'

10:21 WABC: 'People [near City Hall] were running out of the smoke. The street now is just littered with shoes as people literally ran out of their shoes to escape the smoke and debris. There are pieces of the plane on Church St. . what look to be large pieces of the fuselage and this, amazingly, was about three blocks away from the scene.'

10:22 WCBS: 'Doctors . expect thousands of people to be affected by smoke inhalation in and around the WTC because of that building falling in.'

10:22 WTOP: 'A plane went overhead . some sort of jet, maybe it was a military plane. But everywhere you looked, people were looking up into the sky with concern and fear on their faces that this might be another incoming terrorist attack. Just mind-boggling.'

10:23 AP: 'A car bomb explodes outside the State Department, senior law-enforcement officials say.'

10:26 WTTG: 'We're told there is another aircraft that has been hijacked and is 20 minutes outside Washington, D.C.'

10:26 WNBC: 'Looking up at the top of the building, at a rate of about one every five minutes, you see people that are jumping from the top of the building. It is an absolutely harrowing scene.'
10:28 a.m.

The north tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

10:28 CNN: 'Good Lord. There are no words. This is just a horrific scene and a horrific moment.'

10:28 WCBS: 'You're looking at what there is of the Manhattan skyline. The two most prominent landmarks-the WTC-now reduced to a pile of ash and rubble, smoke billowing above the city.'

10:29 WNBC: 'They're gone. The WTC is no more.'

10:29 CNN: 'There were several people that were hanging out of windows right below where the plane crashed when suddenly you saw the top of the building start to shake and people began leaping from the windows.'

10:34 WABC: 'If you are a child watching and you do not have a parent there, I don't know what to advise you, if you can understand this. This is just so tragic that it's ridiculous to try to talk through this.'

10:37 AP: 'A large plane crashes in western Pennsylvania, officials at Somerset County airport confirm.'

10:43 CNN: 'All federal office buildings in Washington are being evacuated.'

10:43 WTTG: 'There are now fighter jets in the air as the situation continues to unfold here at the Pentagon. There are unconfirmed reports that they are concerned about Camp David as well.'

10:48 CNN: 'Military officials anticipate a second aircraft arriving at the Pentagon.' (At 11:04, it reports, 'No second plane ever materialized.')

10:49 WTTG: 'All museums and public attraction in the District of Columbia have been shut down.'

10:51 WTOP: 'A senior law-enforcement official gave information that is now being contradicted. We are now being told that the Federal Protective Services says there was no car bomb at the State Department.'

10:52 WCBS: 'We're hearing from intelligence sources that there were actually eight planes hijacked and that five are still in the air. The Air Force and military intelligence are scrambling to try to take these planes out of the air before they can do any damage.'

10:58 WCBS: 'At Newark International Airport, there are officers with shotguns blocking the road leading to Port Authority offices and the air-traffic-control tower.'

10:59 WTOP (reporter): 'I just drove in, and people are not paying attention to things like stop signs and red lights today. You have to be very careful ... it's a very dangerous situation out there.' Reporter at Washington Monument: 'There's a big crowd of people around the pay phone. Nobody can get a cell signal out, nobody can get a cell phone call in.'

11:00 CNN: 'Mayor Giuliani urges people to remain calm and at home unless they're in lower Manhattan, in which case they should 'get out and walk slowly and carefully . directly north.''

11:03 WTOP (traffic reporter): 'It's pandemonium everywhere on the highways right now.'

11:04 WNBC (NYU Downtown Hospital spokesperson): 'We've seen hundreds of people. Our entire cafeteria has been transformed into a triage area, and it is wall-to-wall people.'

11:06 WTOP: 'There are hordes of people [walking] south across the 14th St. Bridge. Some of them said they weren't comfortable using the Metro system.'

11:09 WCBS: 'There are now reports from CBS News that a plane apparently has crashed at or near Camp David, the weekend White House, if you will.'

11:11 WTOP: 'We had a report that there was an explosion here at the Capitol. That report has been discounted by both police and staffers that I have spoken to. It is a stark and unusual scene.'

11:12 CNN: 'U.S. officials' working thesis is that this is overseas terrorism, not domestic, and they can't rule out additional attacks yet to come. Despite the denial, attention will quickly turn to the bin Laden group. There are very few others that could have pulled this off.'

11:13 WCBS: 'Today is the anniversary of the Camp David peace accords, and there is speculation that perhaps, perhaps, this may be in retaliation for those accords.'

11:15 AP: 'Mayor Giuliani says, 'I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost.''

11:19 WCBS: 'We have reports of major loss of life at the Pentagon. That's a development that could cripple our ability to respond to this terrorist attack in a quick fashion.'

11:23 AP: 'American Airlines says it 'lost' two aircraft carrying 156 people.'

11:23 CNN: 'The Centers for Disease Control is preparing bioterrorism teams to respond to the incidents. This, we are told, is simply precautionary.'

11:24 WCBS: 'CBS reports that, just three weeks ago, Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in the world, had promised an unprecedented attack on U.S. interests because of this country's support of the nation of Israel.'

11:27 WNBC: 'The United States Navy is dispatching a couple of aircraft carriers from Norfolk, the JFK and the General Washington. One will be stationed off of New York, and the other will be stationed in the Atlantic as close to Washington as it can get. They will be there to provide any possible military support that may be needed.'

11:31 WNBC (Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf on NBC): 'It's a very, very sad day for this country. It's really a sad day for the world as far as I'm concerned. Deterrence against terrorists is almost impossible because there are people who could care less about their own survival. The fact is that the world is getting smaller and terrorism has come to our shores.'

11:33 WTOP: 'September 11, 2001: a day that has turned into a nightmare.'

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