Monday, November 28, 2011

Roasting Dix, April 27, 1911

Sung to the tune of "A Big Night To-night."

The Big Fire That Night.

Young Goldberg said to Levy: I have a fond desire.
Things are very quiet here, why don't we pull a fire.
We must have some excitement, what is it that we can do?
Why don't we send a lot of bills a-blazing up the flue?
Then Levy smiled with joy--a match is Aaron's toy.


O! it was grand how the fire burned that night.
Big light that night, big night that night;
O! but it was such an elegant sight.
Yes, it sure was a grand fire that night.

McCabe rolled out of slumber and gazed up at the flames,
Then he got his little notebook out and started writing names.
Of forty-seven hundred Albanians who would get
Some needed places on the works before the fire was wet.
As flames ate up the place, there was joy in Packy's face.


It looked to Pack, like a big night that night.
Big night that night, any thing that night;
He sat and sang: "There'll be work for the gang.
They'll be grateful for this fire to-night."

A million books were burning and they made lively fuel,
Including Draper's essays on "Why children go to school;"
The firemen worked like heroes, and smoke and flame endured,
Then when the stuff was all burned up they had it all insured;
And Levy said: "We guess--the fire's a big success."


O! it was grand how the fire burned that night.
Beautiful sight, O! what a sight.
And since, Packy's crew has had plenty to do,
It sure was a big night that night.

April 28, 1911, Albany Evening Journal, Page 9, Column 1, GOV. DIX GOOD ON TAKING JOKES,

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