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March 30, 1911 Trenton Evening Times,

March 30, 1911 Trenton Evening Times, Page 1, Column 2, GUARDING CAPITOL WELL FROM FIRE,

New Jersey Carries Insurance on All of the State Institutions

The New Jersey State Capitol is kept constantly insured $450,000 and if it should be attacked by flames, as was the New York State House, the State would not have to stand a total loss. All buildings of the state institutions are similarly kept insured.

The Jersey State House is also completely equipped with an auxiliary fire alarm system, with fire boxes in all sections of the big building so that if a fire should break out, no matter in what part, it would only take a few steps to a box, and the pulling of a lever would instantly summon the city fire department.

There Is also a full equipment of fire extinguishers, and under the direction of State House Custodian J. W. Weseman, fire drills are held to instruct the laborers in the building in the use of the extinguishers and fighting fire in other ways.

Recently, upon the recommendation of Mr. Weseman, the Suite House Commission had fire doors placed in the huge basement, dividing it into three compartments. Now, if a fire broke out in the basement the doors could be quickly closed, confining the smoke and flames, at least for long time, to the one compartment.

During the past four or five years the old electric wiring has been overhauled and modernized, most of the wires having been placed in iron conduits, so that fire from defective wiring, it is believed, has been made practically impossible. Mr. Weseman has held several conferences during the past two or three years with Fire Chief Allen asking him for suggestions as to the better safeguarding of the State House.

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