Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Update on NYPD Officer Vincent Danz, and ESU Unit 3

On October 23, 2009, I posted a blog that asked the question: "Police Officer Vincent Danz: Vicsim or Mock Victim?" In it, I attempted to differentiate between two likely classes, or types of fraudulent casualties, which in my opinion make up the vast majority of the supposed fatalities said to have been the result of the false-flag attacks of September 11th, 2001, on New York City, Arlington, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Aftermath: Oct. 5 Matt Campbell - AFP, The Washington Post, At a memorial service in Farmingdale, N.Y., Winifred Danz, 8, carries the police cap of her late father, Vincent Danz. Winifred's mother Angela follows. Danz is among the hundreds of New York City rescue personnel entombed by the collapsed towers of the World Trade Center.

A mock death would consist of the disappearance from public view---or "going ghost"---of a verifiable person, in a fully established and documented identity, who exists legitimately and authentically in a job, community, and family relationship structure. The use of American citizens as collateral damage for the purposes of justifying a military retaliation was spelled out in a Joint Chiefs of Staff planning document from 1962 called Operation Northwoods, the facts of which became widely known with the publication of James Bamford's book, "Body of Secrets" in 2001. In this case, it is the death itself that is considered the "mock" element.

A mock life, on the other hand, can be referred to as a vicsim, for "simulated victim," which consists of a false identity, generally created within a computer data bank, which is then given the attributes of personhood through the agency of covert actors, agents, and assisting operatives, who play roles in support of this manufactured public persona. The resources expended in establishing these identities could be greater or lesser, over a period from several months to several years in advance of the triggering action, depending on the level of scrutiny they'd be likely to encounter in the aftermath of activation.

Mae Brussell, a chronicler of clandestine government who died in 1988, called this secret class of underworld occupants, "Migratory Birds," for the convertibility of their personas.

On March 28, 2010, an anonymous commenter to my blog expressed confusion as to what my ultimate finding had been concerning Police Officer Vincent Danz. I reiterated that I could verify that Danz's parents existed, which led me to believe he was a real person and legitimate police office, which according to my theory, meant he then must still be alive. I went on to add
"I might imagine that after a certain period of years Vincent Danz reentered his family's lives under a new identity and perhaps with new facial features."
Then recently, on January 6, 2011, another anonymous commenter to the blog, quoted this line, calling it
You claim to know or have known his parents! You are clearly a deranged liar, thus rendering all of your psudo-intellectual drivel null & void.
That same day I received an email from a Timothy D. Danz, with the subject line, "Joe & Ellen Danz," asking me,
"Tell me Steve specifically, how exactly did you know my parents? Thank you,"
I emailed him back directly with a three-word answer, which seemed to satisfy him, for he followed up a short time later, initiating a dialogue
Thank you.

I have to tell you that if my brother Vincent was returned to his family under a different name & with an altered appearance I sure wish he'd let me know, I miss my little brother immensely; he once told me that I was his best friend and he was mine. I suppose the jawbone and the 2 actual feet (inside a pair of his boots) that were uncovered in mid-October 2001 and that matched my Mother's DNA were somehow planted in the pile, if one were to believe your theory.

I was one of the very few people who got to listen to the message Vincent left from the North tower that dreadful morning, the tape was left in the answering machine and was taped over. You know it's never been quoted correctly in all the stories that have emerged but I will hold his exact words to myself. What I will tell you is his voice was quivering, shaky, and laced with obvious fear & trepidation but I am proud to say he never wavered from the mission. Do you suppose he was in on the mega-conspiracy and was acting impeccably, or just a pawn who 'was returned to his family…………………..'?

NYPD Chief of Police at the time, Joe Esposito, must have lied to me when he told me how he was with Vincent that morning on Vin's ESU truck and Vin gave him his helmet to wear. The story goes that seconds before Vin ran in he told Joe, 'Chief, I'm gonna need my helmet back now'.

You know I have had my own questions as to who and/or what might have been behind the events of that day and have given much thought to the 'false flag' theory. I will always have questions Steve but when I read your deluded 'Vicsim' blog naming Vincent as an example and citing photo quality and other minutiae I have to laugh at how far and deep people like you will go to validate your very far-fetched takes. It seems that you're unable to draw a definitive line as to wear it all starts or where the 'in on it' line is drawn.

I’d love to hear your response to this Steven, it will determine whether or not I embark on a mission to discredit your blog as a whole.

Tim Danz, 7th of 9 children to Joe & Ellen.
I emailed him back straightaway,
Hey Tim---

Could you tell me the years that you and Vincent graduated from Southampton High School? I'd like to look up your pictures in the H.S. annuals located in the local library.

You know, the criticism of the substandard images of Vincent (as well as all the other "victims,") found online, by which we are meant to remember them, is valid. If you really want to take me on, I'd start there. Surely amongst eight surviving siblings you could find materials and expand the public collection of his images. Or are you going to claim "family privacy?"

I don't believe any of the narrative details from any of the stories of that day. Vincent's last phone message home has never been accurately quoted in the media? Whose fault is that? You are the custodian of his memory. Are you content with the bare bones outline of his hero myth?

Why did he go up in the towers that day? What was his mission? The PA has its own police force. Was Vincent familiar with the offices in the North Tower? Read the transcripts of the FDNY and the EMS. There were no rescues that day. None. This whole story line is bogus from start to finish.

Before you set out on a mission to discredit my blog "as a whole," you might want to read it first. I have uncovered 100,000 lies. But you want me to believe that Vincent Danz is the truth, right?

It is not criticism of me to say that I am "unable to draw a definitive line as to wear it all starts or where the 'in on it' line is drawn." My blog intends to set out the limited facts as they can be known. I say I know that Vincent Danz's parents actually existed. Clearly, I believe that Vincent was "in on it." I have no idea about you---except, since you are the first real person to contact me in the over five years I have been at work, that vouchsafes something about you.

I seem to have passed your first test. Apparently, I am not a liar. So am I insincere, or a kook, or what? Do you think I enjoy this? That I somehow derive pleasure by taking these positions? The "big lie" was successful because even contemplating thoughts such as these was verboten. Please excuse my poor taste. My fight is much bigger than Vincent, and I don't intend to get sidetracked by personalities. Other than that, I beg your forgiveness.

Steven Welch
What I got back next from Tim, however, was an unintentional forwarding of a series of private email exchanges between himself and a group of his associates, (Oops!) that began this way:
From: Tim Danz;
Subject: Vincent Danz
To: "'James'"; "'Jim Nelson'"; "'Brian Schnabel'"; "'Dan Bull'"; "'Sean Flood'";
Date: Monday, January 10, 2011, 9:17 AM

Speaking of conspiracy theories, the below article was found and sent to my by my sister Bernadette. It supposes Vin was a 'mock victim' or 'vicsim' on 9/11 and actually goes on to say 'I might imagine that after a certain period of years Vincent Danz reentered his family's lives under a new identity and perhaps with new facial features.'

This guy is truly a whack-job who has gone off the deep end of conspiracy theorists. I have initiated an email with this tool and I'll share it with you if you’re interested. I have to think long & hard about whether I'll continue or not.

James Murphy, what year did Vin graduate from Southampton HS? This idiot wants to compare record photo’s to others.

From: James Nelson []
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 10:53 AM
To: 'James'; 'Brian Schnabel'; 'Dan Bull'; 'Sean Flood'; Tim Danz
Subject: Re: Vincent Danz

I will get on a plane with you and make sure this A-hole gets some new facial features if you like!!!!! gots my back????

On Jan 10, 2011, at 11:01 AM,
From: Tim Danz
Subject: Vincent Danz
To: "'James'"; "'Jim Nelson'"; "'Brian Schnabel'"; "'Dan Bull'"; "'Sean Flood'" ;

Thanks Jim, I’ll let you know. I sent the below to him in response:

From: []
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 11:09 AM
To: Tim Danz
Cc: James Nelson; Brian Schnabel; Dan Bull; Sean Flood
Subject: Re: Vincent Danz

I'm with Mr Nelson. I'm happy to do some facial rearranging.

I think Vin graduated in '81.

Do you have this idiots tel number?

From: Tim Danz
Subject: Vincent Danz
To: "'James'"; "'Jim Nelson'"; "'Brian Schnabel'"; "'Dan Bull'"; "'Sean Flood'";
Date: Monday, January 10, 2011, 9:17 AM

No, but his email address is

You can get to his blog site from this link:
Police Officer Vincent Danz: Vicsim or Mock Victim?

Apparently, all of these men are in the habit of discussing conspiracy theories during office hours while engaging in one themselves---a conspiracy that plans violence against someone with whom they find themselves in disagreement. At least, Mr. James Nelson and Mr. James Murphy went on record with their violent intentions, while Mr. Danz defers with a possibility: "Thanks Jim, I’ll let you know."

Police Memorial Service Held In New York
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 9: Ellen Danz, mother of NYPD officer Vincent Danz, who was killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks, bows her head during a memorial service honoring police officers killed in the line of duty September 9, 2002 in New York City. Twenty-five names were added to the police memorial wall this year, including the 23 NYPD officers killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images, Sep 09, 2002

Since Timothy Danz had emailed me from his professional email account, which contained copious business contact information, I decided it best at this point to call him directly and clear the air. When he answered the phone, I caught him off guard, since he thought I was responding to the last email that he'd intentionally sent only moments before:
You have passed nothing Steve and when it comes to my brother’s legacy I will gladly 'take you on'.

Your criticism relative to Vincent specifically is nowhere near valid. I can provide you with a list of Southampton and/or east end residents that will vouch for Vin's existence but I imagine you would question their integrity too. Or perhaps you should have a cup of tea with my Mother who can show you album upon album of photo history about her youngest child. I can bury you in photo’s Steve (all of which are substandard by today's standards) but it seems you will never be satisfied nor will you admit you’ve made an egregious and painful mistake. You have crossed a line in bringing my brother's name into your search for the truth and should be ashamed of yourself. You will owe us all an apology and a retraction if you're man enough to admit your misjudgments.

For now I will tell you that Vincent was a member of the Southampton HS' Class of 1981.
In our phone conversation, Tim Danz first denied that the errant emails erroneously forwarded to me constituted real threats, while at the same time arguing that my rhetoric justified these sorts of extreme reactions. He described all the men in his group as being "first-responders," who knew Vincent Danz in advance of 9/11, and who remained active in his memorialization process afterward. Two were California State Policemen, two were municipal firemen, and one was a county sheriff.

(I could verify online that there was a Sgt. James Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, while lists a California Highway Patrol Police Department employee Sean E. Flood; elsewhere we can find a 42-year-old by that name with the same email address, of, and a phone number of 916-685-6143. It is unusual for police officers to have any personal information available to the general public, even within their local communities, let alone online.)

I was willing to concede that my positing of a hypothetical about Vincent Danz returning to his nuclear family with an altered appearance and under a new identity, was unlikely to be true, and in poor taste to boot. Additionally, I was forced to acknowledge that these six men had only indulged in adolescent macho posturing, since their brio folded like a cheap pup tent when the veil of anonymity was yanked away, and they passed on my invitation to discuss things man-to-man.

Of course, I also promised to continue to reevaluate my positions, and to retract and apologize for any errors I found that I had made. But after considering the matter thoroughly for several days, I've found more questions have been raised, than issues settled.

First off, what are we to make of the very strange response to my question to Timothy D. Danz, "Could you tell me the years that you and Vincent graduated from Southampton High School?" Why does Tim, who was three years older than his brother Vincent, have to ask an associate, James Murphy, for help with this question? Why would Murphy be the custodian of this memory? What is his relationship to Vincent Danz?

Reporting on the funeral of Vincent Danz, the New York Daily News said that a "Deacon Jim Murphy," had delivered a homily; while a lesser known article in Newsday, 1st of the Finest - Thousands mourn in first service for a lost NYPD officer, described the deliverer of the homiletic as "Danz's first cousin Jim Murphy, a former FBI agent and lay deacon," Newsday's, Vincent Danz Obit, the following day, said that his cousin, was "Deacon James Murphy, of Syosset."

Could the Californian James [G?] Murphy at be the same man as the Long Island lay deacon, do you think? (There are too many Irish James Murphys at the FBI---beyond the "former FBI" "Deacon James F. Murphy, ordained in 1999, serving at St. Edward Confessor Church, Syosset, NY; Special Agent James  K. Murphy, supervisor of polygraph examiners unit; and Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc., Past Presidents, James M. Murphy, 1998-99.)

In Tim Danz's first email to me he said:
"I suppose the jawbone and the 2 actual feet (inside a pair of his boots) that were uncovered in mid-October 2001 and that matched my Mother's DNA were somehow planted in the pile, if one were to believe your theory."
And during our telephone conversation, Tim added an additional macabre detail---saying that another one of their several brothers had made a gift to Vincent of these same boots, and they were returned to this brother as mementos.

In a scarce October 21, 2001, article in the Jewish World Review, "Hero Husband Found at Last," by the famous columnist Jimmy Breslin, is an absolutely ridiculous yarn about the discovery of Vincent's body parts. In order to gather the full flavor of the Breslin tabloid style of delivery, the article should be read in its entirety. But here are a few excerpts:
"The line of men they were passing down five-gallon buckets.
"At 1:30 yesterday afternoon they were digging in the smoke at the top, and somebody came up with a credit card for Officer Vincent Danz. He was in the wreckage right under them, they all agreed. The hands reached into the gray rubble.
"By 3 o'clock, a truck from emergency service unit three in the Bronx pulled into the lot and parked at the foot of the hill. If it was Danz's body, it was theirs to carry...
"That's the widow," a sergeant, Ricky Kemmler, said...
"[W]ith her hand being held by Joseph Dunne, who is the deputy police commissioner..
"On the hill in front of her, twin lines of men went up the hill, that is several stories high...
"Now a police commander in white uniform shirt climbed to the turn in the line...
"He is Joseph Esposito, the chief of the department...
"[A]t the top they formed a little circle around something...
"At the top; Esposito's white shirt appeared. He was in front of a gurney that was cloaked with an American flag....
"It looks like they got him,"
"Now Esposito walked first down the slope. Walked slowly, for they could not slip with the gurney. Men in the lines on either side saluted...."The patrol car roof light went on and the big emergency truck followed through the mud...
"Then they went out onto the streets and headed for the morgue on First Avenue with the body the widow and his emergency outfit had wanted so much...
So, amidst all the carnage, they recognized the jaw bone and the two boot-shod feet by an intact MasterCard found nearby? And they gather Joseph Esposito, the chief of the department, Joseph Dunne, the deputy police commissioner, and Angela Mary Reilly Danz, the grieving widow, as witnesses? Who writes this shit?

Too bad such a dramatic moment of recovery couldn't even be remembered a year later, on the first anniversary, when the United States Coast Guard honored Vincent Danz with his half-share of a Memorial Classroom and Lounge at the Coast Guard Recruit Training Center in Cape May, as the United States Coast Guard News reported,
"Machinery Technician First Class Jeffrey Palazzo and Port Securityman Second Class Vincent Danz of Coast Guard Reserve Unit Activities New York, NY were helping evacuate one of the towers when it collapsed. The bodies of Palazzo with Rescue Unit 5 of the New York Fire Department and Danz of the New York Police Department Emergency Service Unit were not found."
What was Vincent Danz doing in the vicinity of downtown Manhattan that morning? His unit was based in the South Bronx. How could Vincent make it into the North Tower in the first 17 minutes between the first plane strike and the second plane strike? As Tim Danz asked me in his email:
NYPD Chief of Police at the time, Joe Esposito, must have lied to me when he told me how he was with Vincent that morning on Vin's ESU truck and Vin gave him his helmet to wear. The story goes that seconds before Vin ran in he told Joe, 'Chief, I'm gonna need my helmet back now'.
What possible purpose would explain this, as "the story goes..?" Wikipedia tells us that
"They [the ESU units] are always on patrol (all three tours, 365 days a year) with 10 Heavy Rescue trucks, each manned by a police officer and a sergeant, and often more than twice as many smaller Radio Emergency Patrol vehicles containing two ESU police officers. There are also two or more patrol Sergeants or Lieutenants in unmarked vehicles on duty at all times to supervise ESU operations where needed."
If Vincent Danz was on duty, why wasn't he in the Bronx were he belonged? What radio frequency was Danz and ESU-3 using? What commander and command center directed them to enter into the North Tower? Did the Chief of Police, Joe Esposito, become their defacto supervisor?

Vincent Danz is reported to have made a phone call to his wife while on his way up the stairs of the North Tower.
"In a last-minute cell phone call to his wife, Angela, on Sept. 11, Danz left the following message: "Hon, it's 9:50 and I'm at the World Trade Center. I'm up in the building. Say a prayer that we get some of these people out. I'm OK but say a prayer for me. I love you."
Or, its variant:
"I am in this awful place helping people," Dunne quoted Danz as saying. "Pray for them, pray for me." 4, 6
In Timothy Danz's email to me, he put it like this:
I was one of the very few people who got to listen to the message Vincent left from the North tower that dreadful morning, the tape was left in the answering machine and was taped over. You know it's never been quoted correctly in all the stories that have emerged but I will hold his exact words to myself. What I will tell you is his voice was quivering, shaky, and laced with obvious fear & trepidation but I am proud to say he never wavered from the mission.
Vincent Danz should have sounded like he was panting after a five-mile run by 9:50 A.M. His voice should have little capacity to quiver. If he were feeling trepidatious he could have picked up his radio and listened to the evacuation warnings. What did he think to mean by saying, "Say a prayer that we get some of these people out?" By that point, the towers should have begun emptying and he should have known it. The line should have read, "Say a prayer that we get all of these people out."

And it is unclear what the final disposition of the phone tape is. In our call, Tim said the message had been overwritten, but that he had had a chance to hear it first. However, in an article, Above Hallowed Ground, by Craig W. Floyd, chairman of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in Washington, D.C. he describes an invitation to visit ground zero one week after the attack. He has this to say:
"We left the PBA office for a short ride over to One Police Plaza, headquarters of the New York City Police Department. The auditorium there had been turned into a temporary home for the families of the 23 missing NYPD officers. An abundance of food and drink was present, along with cots that had been brought in for the families to sleep on. It was quiet when we entered, with a combination of officers and family members scattered about the room.

"Greg Danz, the brother of Officer Vinnie Danz, told me he worked in a building just a few blocks from the World Trade Center. He could see the towers crumble and he knew that his brother was probably on the scene. His worst fears were soon realized when he was told later in the day that Vinnie was missing.

"On the way out, Lynn and I were given a very special assignment. While Vinnie Danz was inside one of the towers, helping move people to safety, he picked up an office phone and dialed his wife, Angela. He wanted her to know that he was okay and that he loved her—just in case. His wife wasn't home, so he left a voice mail message on their answering machine. Unfortunately, later in the day, the message was accidentally taped over. Our job was to get the tape to an expert at the FBI who had offered to do whatever he could to retrieve the lost message. With Vinnie missing for a week, that taped message to his wife had grown immeasurably in importance. When we returned to Washington, the FBI technician's wife came by to personally pick up the tape for her husband. She said that, like everyone else, they wanted to do something to help. Retrieving Vinnie's message had become almost as important to them as it was to Angela."
So Greg Danz of Newburgh seems like he's a big man within police circles, which is entirely different than the victim's family advocacy groups. Tim Danz told me that he and two other brothers received a tour of ground zero on the 17th of September. Craig Floyd sounds like a square shooter. If he was enthusiastic about the FBI's chance's for recovery of the tape message, there's a good chance it happened.

Now that we're on the subject, just what's up with Greg Danz? Check out his posting:
September 15, 2004
Hey Vinny
Just want to say hi, Norma & I stopped by 3 TRUCK this past Sat.9/11/04 on our way home from the WTC,those guys are the best they had Jeromes,Wally's and your lockers open and they had the rooks pull your gear bags off the shelve for morning roll call.Vin I stop by the truck on a regular basis, they even gave me my own locker, Ha.Anyway just want to let you know how much I & all the E MEN miss you.Tell Dad,Winny, & Mary I miss them and I can't wait to the day we will all be together again, GOD willing.

Love you guys.

Greg Danz,
Frankly, I'm not comfortable with civilians having open access to armored police facilities under any circumstances. Especially when they act like complete nincompoops. What can he possibly mean when he says, "Tell Dad, Winny, & Mary I miss them and I can't wait to the day we will all be together again, GOD willing?" Dad, Winny and Mary are in heaven, right, Greg? You're being a good boy too, aren't you? And this just doesn't make sense: "He could see the towers crumble and he knew that his brother was probably on the scene." BUT HIS BROTHER WORKED IN THE FUCKING BRONX! Is this just more mindless public relations pablum, like Angela, who still writes every year too:
September 12, 2010
Hello Vincent,

Well here we are agin my love, another year passing without you in this world. We all went down to ground zero yesterday. Winnie decided she wanted to read some names this year. Well my love she was fantastic. If you could see her I know you would have been beaming with pride. She misses you so very much. It was very difficult to be there because it is such a sad place for me. I looked up at the huge cranes and was filled with such pain and saddness for a life cut short. We had so much to do love and you had plans to work one of those cranes some day. I know you are in a better place and I know you watch over us each day but I miss your laugh, your smile your strength. The girls are doing great. Kevin and I are hard at work trying to do our best. Winnie is a senior in highschool and an amazing kid. Emily, a freshman, cannot take that in just yet, she seems too young, the sweetest thing on the planet. Abigail, is in 4th grade and still a powerhouse of personality, the happiest child and such a joy to be with every day. We all miss you and ask that you continue to be our guardian through the days. I love you with all my heart and always will. xxxAngela

angela danz,
blauvelt, New York
This year she slips in the name of her new husband Kevin for the first time. How does Kev really feel about your old love affair Angela? Don't you think it's time to move on? Really---we don't care about the money, you've earned it. We're even. It's been nine years. Move on dear.

3 [10-6] Today, for the first time, the New York Police Department symbolically laid to rest one of its own.
Police officials could not explain why their first memorial service took place only today. "I think they waited the two weeks hoping against hope that there would be a miracle, and I think they're coming to terms with things," a top police official said. "It's just the choice of the family."

St. Kilian's, a parish that memorialized eight parishioners last week alone
Msgr. James P. Swiader, the pastor at St. Kilian's, sodomy
In the Catholic Church, they are calling these services "memorial Masses" instead of funeral Masses, he said. When there is no body, they cannot call it a funeral.
Danz was an emergency services officer. His unit entered the towers after the first and before the second of the hijacked planes struck.
...the homily by a cousin, Deacon James Murphy of Syosset,
"Outside, most of the officers, including the Emerald Society drum corps, stood and talked; some smoking cigarettes, some making calls on their cell phones. Some smiled and talked as if nothing unusual was happening on this warm October morning in 2001."

6 [10-10] ."
...who grew up in Jackson Heights,
has not been heard from since those two brief messages
...four other wives of missing police officers were in attendance. Ann Driscoll, Pat Coughlin, Kathy Vigiano and Carol Dallara have been meeting with Angela Danz as a sort of grief and support group.

8 [10-24] I waited tables. He was a carpenter by trade,
He spent 14 years in the Police Dept. He was retiring in five years
"I came here when I was 20. I was an au pair in the Hamptons. I waited tables for a couple of years, and then I got a job at Neuberger & Berman. [After that] I was hired at Smith Barney in human resources. I worked at that one year, then [I moved to] the corporate-bond trading floor. I was at Smith Barney from 1991 until 1999, when I quit to stay home with the girls. I waited tables part-time. I hope not to have to go back to work. I'll try to find a way to be home with my children. "
We just refinanced so we could reduce [our mortgage payments].
The money has definitely been coming in. We've started to receive funds from the American Red Cross, the Riot Relief Fund, and the New York City Police Dept. Foundation.
it's a misconception that you get $1 million when an officer dies in the line of duty.

9 [10-27] Felix Danz said of his brother, who at 38 was the youngest of nine children.

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Names of the Irish who died on 9/11
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  1. you're disgusting. how dare you say this about someone who gave his own life trying to protect the innocent lives of others. r.i.p. police officer danz <3

  2. I came across this piece of garbage and lies by accident due to a school reunion held recently. How dare you bring more suffering to this family? I am from Jackson Heights originally and knew the Danz family from parents to Winnie who was brutally mudered before her wedding by another piece of garbage. The Danz family were well respected by many and even after all these years - it must be over 30 - they are remembered. How dare you? Do something worthwhile with your life but don't bring innocent ones into your den.

  3. Dear Piece of Shit ... I'm a distant cousin of Vin and attended his funeral. I live in New York state and would cherish the opportunity to meet with you, "man to man." Please let me know if you're willing. I won't be posting personal info here because you're a fucking stalker. However, post your home address and home telephone number here and I'll be in touch.

  4. How dare you, you ought to be ashamed since you apparently have spent every waking hour of the past ten years looking things up about my family, why don't you look up the definition of respect and try to have a little. I don't care to know why you are such a bitter, cynical, and hurting person but keep it to yourself and think about doing some good with your writing instead of further paining those who were close with Vincent and recognize him for the hero he was and always will be.

  5. Congratulations you've won the award for most thoughtless and distasteful moron of the century. Stop trying to spread the hate from your miserable little world into the lives of people with their heads actually screwed on straight. If you spent even a tiny fraction of the time you've spent on this god forsaken blog maintaining relationships with your own family and friends then you wouldn't need to resort to this bs for entertainment and vile fulfillment of your life. It's evident that it's not so much the families of those lost that day who need our prayers, but people like you. So be thankful that I at least am kind enough to send one your way, and then be thankful for heroes like Officer Danz who are the reason for the free country you don't deserve to live in and post garbage about.

  6. I don't feel any duty to prove anything to you, and I think Tim and the rest of us should ignore your ranting. All I know is that we are missing a good man, a good family member, and your theories don't tarnish Vinnie's memory at all. Despite your silly blog, which has been forwarded to me by other people who loved and still love him now that he's gone (has anyone read this who agrees with you?), we are proud of him and of Angela and their daughters. You're hurting people who have suffered enough grief, in the name of exercising your right to be wrong. You can have your foolish conspiracy theory. We had Vinnie.

  7. Ok you piece of crap, ANYTIME you want to come meet those of us who went through the NYPD academy with him, patroled the housing projects with him, and saw him many times both on duty and off, let meet.

    How about next Saturday (9/24)at the gates to the WTC memorial, i will be wearing a yellow shirt and jeans. Just you and I, mano to mano.

    You are either sick or were turned down by Ang and now want to strike insult and injury to vinnie and his family.

    let me know if you are free to meet next Saturday, adn we can talk.

    you are sick person, and am looking forward to meeting you.

  8. I am a member of Vincent's family, and found this crap when I tried to simply share a memory of Vincent on the tenth anniversary of his death. Free speech is one thing, defamation is another. Do you really think this is journalism? You have taken a hero from 9/11 who GAVE HIS LIFE for this country, and attempted to disprove his existance? Well this is so sad an attempt at investigative journalism I am reduced to uproarious laughter. Everyone who knew and loved Vincent clearly knows you're deranged and truly a sick, sick person. We who had and enjoyed Vincent are so much stronger from having known him, and you will always be a weak sorry excuse for an American who sits at his computer stalking 9/11 victims' families. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you think your horrifically poor attempt at defaming a heroes existance doesn't hurt his family. This is defamation, and it is completely unacceptable, and illegal. I would remove this blog immediately if I were you if you have any shred of common sense.

  9. Police Officer's Prayer to St. Michael

    Saint Michael, heaven's glorious commissioner of police,
    who once so neatly and successfully cleared God's premises
    of all its undesirables, look with kindly and professional
    eyes on your earthly force.

    Give us cool heads, stout hearts, and uncanny flair for
    investigation and wise judgement.

    Make us the terror of burglars, the friend of children and
    law-abiding citizens, kind to strangers, polite to bores,
    strict with law-breakers and impervious to temptations.

    You know, Saint Michael, from your own experiences
    with the devil that the police officer's lot on earth is not
    always a happy one; but your sense of duty that so
    pleased God, your hard knocks that so surprised the
    devil, and your angelic self-control give us inspiration.

    And when we lay down our night sticks, enroll us in your
    heavenly force, where we will be as proud to guard the
    throne of God as we have been to guard the city of all
    the people. Amen.


    Lord I ask for courage

    Courage to face and
    Conquer my own fears...

    Courage to take me
    Where others will not go...

    I ask for strength

    Strength of body to protect others
    And strength of spirit to lead others...

    I ask for dedication

    Dedication to my job, to do it well
    Dedication to my community
    To keep it safe...

    Give me Lord, concern
    For others who trust me
    And compassion for those who need me...

    And please Lord

    Through it all
    Be at my side...

    --Author Unknown


  10. You are a disgusting piece of filth. Shame on you. May nothing like this ever happen to you or anyone you care about.