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Art Insurance Fraud at the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001

May 7, 1967, New York Times, Art Notes: A Colossus With Class, by Grace Glueck,

May 13, 1968, New York Times, "Ex-Stadium Vendor Is Giving a Rodin to Museum," by Milton Esterow,

May 7, 1970, New York Times, "Trade Center to Get Huge Sculpture," by John Canady,

July 19, 1977, New York Times, "A 200-ton granite sculpture by a Japanese artist..."

April 29, 1979 New York Times, "70 Works of Art Have Vanished From Port Authority in a Decade," by Ralph Blumenthal,

June 16, 1979, New York Times, "A Calder Stabile Makes a Move,"

May 4, 1989, New York Times, "A 'Love Affair' With Rodin That's Worth Celebrating," by Georgia Dullea,

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2000, Gelitin, The B-Thing, World Trade Center, New York, USA

February 28, 2001 [] Sculpture Magazine, "Elyn Zimmerman discusses stone in public art, her fascination with stone as a material, and her working relationship with a Minnesota quarry," Cached,

August 18, 2001, New York Times, "Balcony Scene (Or Unseen) Atop the World; Episode at Trade Center Assumes Mythic Qualities," by Shaila K. Dewan,

September 15, 2001, Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), "The Victims; Trade Center bond firm is hit hard; 700 workers perished in Cantor's lofty headquarters," by Greg Gordon, Cached,

September 17, 2001, New York Times, "Arts Groups at a Tragedy's Center Try to Assess Where to Begin," by Peter Marks and Carol Vogel,

September 21, 2001, The Guardian, "Rodin treasures destroyed with 'museum in the sky," by Maev Kennedy,

September 23, 2001, The Mail on Sunday (London, England) "Legal nightmare over terror bills; Vital insurance deals on twin towers were incomplete," by Lisa Buckingham, Cached,

September 24, 2001, The Art Newspaper, "The smoke and the risk," by David A'rcy,

September 24, 2001, Telegraph - Herald (Dubuque) "Millions of dollars in art lost in rubble; History destroyed: It is not yet known if any of the works are salvageable," The Associated Press,

September 27, 2001,, "Fine Art Worth $100M Lies Under WTC Rubble," by Noelle Knox, Reposted at Rense, [Text of article missing online.]

The USAToday article above, by Noelle Knox, can be found only in a reposting at After cross-checking, I found it shared ten paragraphs of text with the following article by Katherine Roth in the Chicago-Sun Times, accessed at Highbeam research. For my analysis of the fascinating differences and similarities between the two articles, go to Google Docs

September 30, 2001, Chicago-Sun Times, "$100 million in fine art gone; Dozens of works by Calder, Rodin and others lost in World Trade Center destruction," by Katherine Roth, Cached,

October 4, 2001, Australasian Business Intelligence/ The Australian Financial Review, "Vast collection of art works destroyed in attacks," by Robert Bolton, Cached,

October 5, 2001, BBC News, "Up to $100m art lost in attacks,"

October 07, 2001, The (Irish) Post, "Museum in the dust," by Margaret E Ward,

October 13, 2001, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News / Financial Mail, London, "Collecting Column," by Lorne Spicer,

October 14, 2001, The Mail on Sunday (London, England) , "Lost for ever, works that art became symbols of success," by Lorne Spicer, Cached,

October 16, 2001, NPR, "Lost Art: Hundreds of Works Were Destroyed in the Trade Center Attack,"

October 16, 2001, NPR Morning Edition, "Profile: Important pieces of art lost at the World Trade Center," by Bob Edwards, Cached,

October 17, 2001, The (New Zealand) Press, "Payout after attacks," by Christopher Moore, Cached,

October 18, 2001, The Record (Bergen County, NJ) "Bronze Sphere is a Ray of Hope Amid the Ruins, by Mike Kelly,

October 21, 2001, NPR, "Found Art: Parts of Calder Sculpture Retrieved from Trade Center,"

October 21, 2001, New York Times, "At Landfill, Tons of Debris, Slivers of Solace," by Dan Barry and Amy Waldman,

November 2001, Art News, "Aftershocks: From death and displacement to questioning the role of artists and museums in the face of devastation to the loss of $100 million worth of art—the repercussions continue," by Kelly Devine Thomas,

November 1, 2001, Art Business News, "Twin Towers disaster affects NY art world," by Julie Mehta, Cached,

November 19, 2001, Business Insurance, "Loss picture bleak for WTC art," By Sara Martin, Cached,

November 19, 2001, Crain's New York Business, "WTC art losses $100 million; Insurers estimating worth of lost public, private works; await the filing of claims," by Sara Martin,

December 3, 2001, New York Times, Art Review; "The Studios Were Lost, But the Artists Get Their Day," by Holland Cotter,

December 10, 2001, New York Magazine, "Howard Lutnick's Second Life," by Meryl Gordon,

December 12, 2001, Los Angeles Times, "Art Bent but Not Broken: Should Alexander Calder's once-imposing sculpture, reduced to twisted metal on Sept. 11, be rebuilt or left as is? by Karen Kaplan,

[The same Kaplan article, with various edits, and slightly different emphases, reprinted by the LAT 21 days later.]

Jan. 3, 2002, Los Angeles Times, "Sculpture crushed on Sept. 11 takes on new symbolism," by Karen Kaplan

January 15, 2002, New York Times, "At Landfill, Buckets Full Of Memories," by Tina Kelly,

January 15, 2002, The Boston Globe, "They Sift Tons to ID the Lost of Sept. 11 Those on Site See This, Too, as Sacred," by Fred Kaplan, Globe Staff, Cached,

January 25, 2002, Photos of the Fresh Kills Landfill taken by Cryptome, Cached,

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February 28, 2002,, "The Art Lost by Citigroup on 9/11," by Suzanne F. W. Lemakis, Cached,

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May 11, 2002, New York Post, "WTC Art Plunder Eyed," by Philip Messing, Reposted at, Cached,

May 20, 2002, Associated Press, "Missing from World Trade Center rubble: a Rodin masterpiece, 'The Thinker,'" by Tom Hays, Cached,

May 20, 2002, New York Times, "Born of Hell, Lost After Inferno; Rodin Work From Trade Center Survived, and Vanished,"

May 21, 2002, ABC News, "Rodin sculpture recovered from World Trade Centre disappears,"

May 21, 2002, The Guardian, "Ashcroft drawn into row over September 11,"

May 24, 2002, The Vigilance Voice Blog, "The Thinker... Symbol of Vigilance," by Cliff McKenzie,

June 3, 2002, Heritage Preservation, "Heritage Preservation Publishes First Comprehensive Study of Loss to Nation's Cultural Heritage as a Result of 9/11," Report of Losses to Artistic, Historic and Archival Heritage in Lower Manhattan and at the Pentagon, Includes Results of Survey of Affected Institutions Regarding Emergency Response Procedures,

June 4, 2002, Associated Press / The (Bergen County, NJ) Record, "Sept. 11 cultural losses tallied," by Alpert I. Lukas, Cached,

June 4, 2002, AP Online, "Report Details Artifacts Lost 9-11," by Alpert I. Lukas, Associated Press Writer,

September 2002, Art in America, "WTC sculpture: lost or destroyed?" by Janet Koplos,

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September 7, 2002, National Post, "Out of this has come a community," by Theresa Tedesco, (Financial Post), Cached,

September 8, 2002, Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland), "Witness: September 11 tribute Remains of a day of devastation; The world's fifth and sixth tallest buildings were crushed into 1.6 million tons of smoking concrete and steel, a tomb for 2801 innocent victims. The statistics compiled during the painstaking recovery operation tell their own horrific story," Cached,

September 8, 2002, New York Post, Cantor Fitzgerald Regains Its Grip," Cached,

September 10, 2002, New York Times, "From Devastation to Determination," by Diana B. Henriques,

November 2002, Library of Congress Information Bulletin, "Lives and Treasures Taken: 9/11 Attacks Destroy Cultural and Historical Artifacts," by Donna Urschel,

January 1, 2003, NFPA Journal [National Fire Protection Association,] "Lost art," by Bill Flynn, Cached,

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February 16, 2003, Scotland on Sunday, "When great works of art become casualties of war," by Gale Iain, Cached,

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August 2, 2003, The Washington Times, "Works lost, not forgotten; 'Missing Masterpieces' tells stories of 24 of them," by Kevin Chaffee, Cached,

September 5, 2003, Cleveland Jewish News, "Haunting display details recovery at Ground Zero," by Marilyn H. Karfeld, Cached,

September 11, 2003, Asbury Park Press/ Knight Ridder/ Tribune, "New York Financial Firm Cantor Fitzgerald Rebuilds from Sept. 11, 2001, Loss," by Michael L. Diamond, Cached,

October 31, 2003, "Aanslagen Amerika 11 september: Foto's van het puin," Cache

January 27, 2004, AP Worldstream, "Traveling exhibit takes one man's love to the people," by Kurt Kelly, Associated Press Writer, Cached,

February 27, 2004, Wired Thread, "Lost World Trade Center Art,"

March 16, 2004, Buffalo News, "Rendezvous with Rodin: After Laying the Groundwork 15 Years Ago, a Curator Helps Turn 'A Magnificent Obsession' Into a Reality." by Tom Buckham, Cached,

March 22, 2004, National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management, "WTC fine art losses undervalued," by Caroline McDonald,

January 29, 2006, Hartford Courant, "Rodin Chaser Has His Say, Critic Claims Works Cast After Death Are Not Originals," by Matthew Erikson,

August 24, 2006, Bloomberg, "Hirst Shark, Katrina Claims, Klimt: Axa Art Insurance's Guntram," Interview by Linda Sandler,

March 24, 2007, New York Times, "Landfill Has 9/11 Remains, Medical Examiner Wrote," by Anemona Hartocollis,

September 12, 2007, Associated Content, "Art and History Lost in the 9/11 Attacks," by Elliot Feldman,

February 24, 2008,, "Rodin: In His Own Words FRAUD, the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation's touring road show of 29 non-disclosed FAKES,"

June 24, 2009, New York State Museum Press Release, "NYS Museum Announces Second World Trade Center Exhibit in France," by Joanne Guilmette,

April 25, 2010, Sunday Gazette-Mail, "A place open to beauty: Rodin sculpture trove anchors North Carolina Museum of Arts new building," by Andrea Weigl, Cached,

November 25, 2010, Dayton in Manhattan.blogspot, "The World Trade Center Survivor -- Fritz Koenig's "The Sphere,"

January 20, 2011, Comparison of the Katherine Roth and Noelle Knox articles, in USAToday and Chicago-Sun Times, dated Sept. 30 and Sept. 27, concerning art losses on 9/11 at the WTC, by StevenWarRan,

(No Date,) Recovery: The World Trade Center Recovery Operation at Fresh Kills, NY State Museum, S.U.N.Y. Education Department, File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

MOMA Collection of Rodins,

History of the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Collection

No Date, Wikipedia,Lost Artworks, Works destroyed in the September 11, 2001 attacks,

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