Monday, October 18, 2010

WPIX September 11th Video

Supposedly, N.I.S.T. publicly released 86GB worth of research materials it used as basis for its written report on the collapses of the World Trade Center towers, including a plenitude of never-before-seen videos.

A YouTube user, 911crastings, recently uploaded 528 of these short clips to his YouTube channel.

There is no rhyme or reason to the way N.I.S.T. cataloged the material. For instance, the local New York news station WPIX shot video from several discrete locations downtown, each of which could have been presented as a straightforward, uninterrupted sequence. Instead, we get clips as short as eight seconds, which are then further disorganized by their random placement within several series.

There are about 74 clips of WPIX footage, many of which consist of steady closeups of the two burning tower facades. I was struck by what seemed to be a complete absence of any shots of jumpers in WPIX's work. In several cases, we can clearly make out debris being expelled and falling, but we never see people collected in the windows, gasping for breath and the attention of rescuers, let alone their horrific plunging demises. I wondered if the people operating the WPIX cameras weren't somehow outside the central command and control of the authorities managing the psy-op.

But then I viewed WPIX Dub 3, #47, and I became sure some aberration to the plan was indicated. The clip is only 18-seconds long, and in it we see the fatal fall of what clearly is intended to be a human jumper, but which is also clearly not a human being falling. I consider it to be a smoking gun, which provides verification of a technique I've long suspected was utilized.

Namely, if the sight of falling bodies was such a widely distributed "fact," which could have been viewed from vantage points far away, then some effort must have been expended to mimic the sight of suicides and jumpers---at least from their starting points high up in the air. (And with apologies to Todd Maisel, I've never seen any photographic evidence of bodies, or body parts, lying anywhere on the ground.)

Since I believe that elevators were still working all the way to the top in both towers until they collapsed, I wondered if crews weren't tasked with throwing mannequins or dummies out of windows from within the smoke zone to simulate these jumpers. They could then have retreated to safety before the planned and scheduled demolitions preceded.

That is exactly what I think is shown in this video. (For the best view, double click on this video and go to YouTube and click on the full-screen version.)  See what you think:

The first startling fact is that the clip begins with the camera in a steady and fixed position, and "body" already airborne. This indicates to me there was some problem with its launching, and the clip needed to be edited down. There is no logical explanation for excluding the beginning of this dramatic moment. No other clips leads in, or fills us in.

Secondly, the form does not appear to behave as a human body would as it fell. Although apparently weighted and articulated with a waist joint to simulate a tumbling body, the arms and legs never leave a fixed position relative to each other or the torso.

Thirdly, why does it take "the body" seven seconds to fall only approximately thirty stories? Didn't the entire building crumble in under twelve? The film rate can't have been slowed down, because the smoke, flame and soundtrack are all depicted in real time.

And lastly, the image looks like nothing more than a dress-maker's muslin-covered dummy--or even a mummy from a 1930's horror film, with no contrast between the skin on the hands and face and any clothing worn. In fact, I wonder if this doesn't represent a goof, with a failure to properly prepare and dress the mummy-dummy.

Compare this clip with one cataloged as "Trottenberg 10." There we see what looks like foreknowledged camera panning toward two quick jumpers, accompanied by a soundtrack of horrified eyewitnesses. 26 seconds into the 40-second video, note what appears to be a human body flung a vast distance out from the building. If this was a human being, he or she would have had to get a running start like a pole vaulter to make it that distance. If it is only debris, nothing explains its ejection short of a slingshot.


  1. I have a suggestion for you - in order to determine how an actual person would appear if they fell from a very tall building why don't you try it yourself. You could get someone else to film it and then they could analyse the results. It's the least you could do to further research into the 911 conspiracy...

  2. It must be awful being you, Sallins, Kildare, Ireland; I.P. Address

    Such sarcasm as yours betrays a deep and abiding bitterness. I'm sorry if I mirrored your shadow-self so effectively---AND so quickly.

    (By the you have any insider information about who went to work that day in the North Tower dressed up as The Mummy? If so, I'll be quick to apologize to you.)

  3. Re the object 26 seconds in, I think it's a bird crossing through the shot. If you look closely (helps to repeat the video over and over), you can see the black speck actually fly in front of the corner of the building (moving left to right) before shooting out against the blue sky.