Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Katyn Means:

With the exposure of a hidden historic event---like the 1941 genocide of 20,000 educated Polish officers and bourgeoisie at the hands of their Bolshevik Soviet jailers in Katyn, Russia---we are forced to confront an exact parallel within our contemporary field of awareness, the equally horrific false-flag terrorist attacks of September 11th. That so much could be known about facts that we remain willing to deny, is a flaw in the logic we must remedy, better late than never.

It doesn't matter if the plane crash on April 10 that killed the Polish president, Lech Kaczinski was an act of God or man; Christ or Allah; the Angels, Martians, or the Mormons. It serves a higher purpose then we can know, as it collectively awakens us to our ethical duty, which as human beings we can no longer choose to ignore. For we have been living in a lie of such vast proportion that we very nearly risk immediate annihilation as a consequence.

With a collective refusal to deal properly with what took place at Katyn in 1941, we opened the door to a progressive development in the human condition that led us directly to 9/11. We dare not imagine what might come next if we continue on this path of collective amnesia.

An enormous amount of fact and knowledge exists for both these traumatic episodes. The whole world perceives the truth about these acts of evil, if only to some degree, yet we stay blinded to their ultimate reality, ignore their meaning, run from their implications, and refuse to accept any responsibility to take action.

We have been dumbed down so far by a manipulatively controlling culture that the doors of our perception could close for good soon, leaving us as permanent slaves existing on a narcoleptic autopilot, in a totally purposeless world. Not me. I say no. From here on, I rebel.

My moral purpose couldn't be clearer. I acknowledge these facts as self-evident:

The holocaust at Hatyn was committed by one set of masters who then passed it off onto opposition Nazi scapegoats, while the British and American rulers pretended they weren't looking. This is evidence of collusion in the control room beyond any conspiracy theorist's paranoid fantasy. It is fact!

That Nazi Germany uncovered and exposed this Soviet secret in 1943, presenting documented proof of the crime to the world, only to see their effort dissolve within the propaganda matrix of a globally controlled corporate media, who can render results invisible to a group consciousness for 70 years, is evidence of an abusive collusion of power at the highest levels. That must be destroyed now.

We willingly accede to a default position of powerlessness and non-involvement, which we think excuses us from direct responsibility for the horror of the world. We no longer see it, let alone resist it.

The ability of mankind to perceive reality without management from higher powers in London, Langley or Rome, has essentially been lost. We have become victims to the narrow doorways of our source media. We are unable to share an individual truth or world view with another without the static of oversight penalizing our errant views. Just try to constructively criticize the Joooos, for instance. This extends even to the criminalization of an idea---lest we dare revise, revisit, or require a reinterpretation of the history of the Jewish holocaust.

But to clearly see the factual history of the Katyn massacre, which was a practical genocide that targeted the ideological leadership of a nationalist movement, then makes a mockery out of all the self-centered Jewish drama-queens who act out their paranoid "final solution" scenarios in the limelight of center stage. In the Katyn case, the Jewish intelligentsia running the secret police of the Bolshevik revolution couldn't even effectively dispose of 5000 bodies---can you imagine having to manage five million?

So this is one of the gifts that exposing a real holocaust returns. It provides some legitimate light of day to contrast all the faux workmanship on the manufactured jobs with.

Marshal Lavrentyij Beria, the Jewish engineer of the Katyn holocaust

Compare Katyn with "the infamous Kielce pogrom of July 4, 1946, during which forty-two Jews were killed and forty more were injured," in an extreme outburst of violence coming over two years after the blood spill of the second World War. It was supposedly started by the disappearance of a Christian boy. Naturally, a "traditional anti-Jewish motif" rumor started amongst the townsfolk, saying he had been kidnapped and taken downstairs into the basement of the local Jewish committee headquarters, where Jews were drinking his blood. I'll let you read the extreme details of violence yourself, but trust me: they're over the top. One odd tidbit though:
" The mob also killed a Jewish nurse of "Aryan" appearance (Estera Proszowska), whom the attackers apparently mistaken for a Polish woman trying to aid the dying Jews.[10]"
Huh? They aren't even trying any more! But you might ask, could there be a hidden motive or any self-serving agenda to this Jewish version of events? Yes, I'd answer back! According to Wikipedia
"The brutality of the Kielce pogrom put an end to the hopes of many Jews that they would be able to resettle in Poland after the end of the Nazi Germany occupation and precipitated a mass exodus of Polish Jewry.[14] In the words of Bożena Szaynok, a historian at Wrocław University:
"Until 4 July 1946, Polish Jews cited the past as their main reason for emigration. After the Kielce pogrom, the situation changed drastically. Both Jewish and Polish reports spoke of an atmosphere of panic among Jewish society in the summer of 1946. Jews no longer believed that they could be safe in Poland. Despite the large militia and army presence in the town of Kielce, Jews had been murdered there in cold blood, in public, and for a period of more than five hours. The news that the militia and the army had taken part in the pogrom spread as well. From July 1945 until June 1946, about fifty thousand Jews passed the Polish border illegally. In July 1946, almost twenty thousand decided to leave Poland. In August 1946 the number increased to thirty thousand. In September 1946, twelve thousand Jews left Poland."[9]
However this "pogrom" on the Jews of Kielce was stage-managed for the publicity, (nine of the attackers were supposedly executed the following day.) Or, perhaps like so much of 9/11, the actual events were never real---only an imaginary effect was transmitted. In any case, it was a manipulated, or constructed thing; a false-flag attack designed to serve the all-too-clear Zionist political agenda, of a nation built on a lie. But the desired outcome was achieved---or in other words, cui bono?

In contrast, the Katyn story of haughty regiments of Polish officers, belligerently singing their patriotic songs in proud defiance of a Communist jailer's efforts at political redoctrination; starved and beaten, but remaining strong and united; then manfully meeting a fate, a bullet to the back of the head---this is the stuff of magnificent legend, and epic beauty. My spirit soars responding to the honor, the legitimacy, and the truth of this story. The light has been turned on here now, and we can see by it.

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