Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Pantheon of the Gods: Max Konrardy & Simon Hytten

For the historical record--providing individuation and proving truth to the commenter who once suggested that Simon Shack and 'hoi poloi' were one and the same person.

I remember the moment depicted in the image as if it were yesterday. Hearing all the different languages and accents surrounding me induced a kind of hallucinatory vertigo that gave me the sensation I was spinning at the universal axis mundi as I turned around and around in that circular building. Surely this was just a precursor impression of similar vortexes imaginable for the temple mount in December, 2012?

Once, I implied that I found no evidence that Simon Shack actually created the September Clues series of videos. I wasn't knowledgeable at the time about the history of internet message board participation that preceded the release of his work in June of 2007. Someone who is knowledgeable, informed me that the fundamental insights into the principles of video fakery and no-plane theory were a public group effort. That primary record of an organic interpersonal rising awareness was part of the work "lost" when the 911movement.org message board disappeared, suddenly and without a trace, about the time "The Vicsim Report" was issued in October, 2009.

If there is a fault to "September Clues," it would be that the work fails to give credit to the half-dozen to a dozen pseudonymous men and women who participated in the unraveling of this basic cognitive knot in the perceptible tapestry of 9/11.

Recently, in a related board exchange, someone named 'Fred' expressed his revulsion at my work, saying he was not impressed by any legitimate research that came out from an 'insider' to the plot---the 'honey' in the 'pot' whose issuance entices the unwary into letting down their guard.

I know exactly how he feels. When I began researching the Pentagon attack in early 2006, the field was dominated by Aldo Marquis and Craig Ranke, the pair behind the badly named 'Citizen Investigation Team.' I can still recollect the mixture of gall and gratitude with which I greeted many of their contributions, still dripping with the exudate of some official file cabinet.

I don't worry that, upon reflection, 'Fred' will realize the difference between what I have contributed, and the work of people who came before me---say, Russell Pickering and Jim Hoffman. The 271 blogs I have published here since March 13, 2006 are, if nothing else, a record of a slow and painful awakening. If ever I was used as the conduit for an 'official' release, I was unwitting to the act. But to the Gods I owe everything.

And the question I once posed about Simon I must ask about his partner, Max Konrardy, the young man who posts under the name "hoi poloi.' Konrardy is the author of The Vicsim Report, the theoretical work that posits the victims of 9/11 were---for the most part, now---computer generated fictions. This finely edited 80-page thesis came upon the scene fully formed and sui genesis---or perhaps again, it is only I who lacks the knowledge of its beginnings. I think it fair to ask its author for a history of how he came to his understanding of the matter.

For me, my personal great awakening can be timestamped January 4, 2007, when I first published insights about the false nature of the narrative as it concerned a fake burn victim, in Brian Birdwell: How to Serve Man---although the actual insight was so shocking and uncomfortable that it came several months before I could begin to speak about it publicly. I would be curious for Max Konrardy to tell us the story of how he came to his analysis of the computer code underlying the CNN memorial web site.

For what goes up in this world, must come down, sooner or later.

The Twin Towers


  1. FYI, I consider the 'someone named Fred'(as you irreverently call him) to be the sole spark and inspiration to my September Clues research (which I developed in the blissful loneliness of my home studio). I have been in touch with Fred since day one and never failed to praise him and remind everyone of his pioneer work such as "911 Octopus". Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what other 'dozen pseudonymous men and women' you refer to. Please do not mention 'the Webfairy'...

    I notice with great sadness that you persist in breaching our 'gentlemen agreement' of not publishing the snapshots from your stay in my house in Rome. A man of his word you are not - and that shines poorly on someone who poses as a fair and honest individual - as opposed to the criminal a-holes we relentlessly strive to expose.

    What pleasure you take in acting like a pesky child is quite beyond my comprehension - and extremely disappointing given the good vibes and hospitality you were offered as a guest in my home.

    As for the Vicsim Report, I can't speak for Hoi, who authored it, but I think he'd agree that the concept started from skype conversations we had while he was still in the US - and it all developed from there.

    Keep doing what you do best, Mr Welch - dissecting the scum of this world - and leave us mild and friendly folks out of your otherwise caustic, sharp and informative blogs. Thanks and adieu.

    simon shack

  2. Simon---A gentleman's agreement is just that---it is neither an oath, a vow or inviolate promise. It is a common understanding based upon the information at hand at the time it is made. In my opinion, you changed that understanding when you abused your power by banning me from your board the first time. I no longer saw you as an independent researcher, but rather as someone aligned, as a pawn or a rook, in a larger game of power.

    My behavior this second go around on your board was a test to see where I stood in this context. I would have settled down, indeed I had already gotten on a track, until your punk friend Hoi inserted himself into the dialogue to tell me that as long as I didn't address him directly I was potentially safe from banishment---this as he was gratuitously and in an unnecessary fashion addressing me!

    You might not want to wipe the boards clean so quickly the next time you encounter examples of behavior judged to be bad. I am sentient enough, if not gentlemanly enough, to see where I have gone wrong upon reflection.

    You do understand how easy it would be for me to cause harm to you or Max, by how I might choose to frame an issue, beyond the mere decision to post an "unflattering" image of you, don't you? It is also clear to you---isn't it?---that I have no desire to cause you any harm.

    That this has always been the great power of the press, a power which you only magnify by your continued insistence on maintaining your anonymity online.

    My decision to "out" you isn't a reaction to insert myself into affairs which really have nothing to do with me. You are so steeped in an esoteric culture where everybody is known to you that you can't see how ridiculous you sound when you say I "irreverently call" someone "Fred." Well what the hell else am I supposed to call him? Have you ever met someone like me before, someone who has never once had a "sock puppet?"

    Are you suggesting that it is humility which keeps "Fred" from claiming his share of credit in authoring one of the epochal achievements in understanding the seminal event of our lifetimes? Don't you think that both of you might have more credibility in the "truth movement" if you started by sharing the truth of your lives and backgrounds---like where exactly you are coming from?

    This dynamic is best expressed in the saga between the PTB behind "Killtown's Secret Archive," and Killtown and Ozzy bin Oswald. Ozzy's and KT's great crime has been to out players like Val McClatchey and Mark Humphrey as the real people they are who are playing the false roles they do in the 9/11 drama. But then even KSA won't out KT in return, the rules of this covert game are so strict!

    All of you denizens on the various boards and factions have only painted yourselves into your various corners, and there you'll sit until you realize that truth begins at home.

    I am playing the role I set out for myself on the first day I entered the 9/11 fray, and I provide some sort of contrast to the rest of you, whatever the heck that is.

    And please don't try and claim the high ground of dignity and honor when all you've done is played a second-rate Pearl Mesta of 9/11 in a family mansion you do little or nothing to support. So sorry to have left you feeling "sad" my dear friend, but work on authenticity next time Simon.

  3. "This dynamic is best expressed in the saga between the PTB behind "Killtown's Secret Archive," and Killtown and Ozzy bin Oswald. Ozzy's and KT's great crime has been to out players like Val McClatchey and Mark Humphrey as the real people they are who are playing the false roles they do in the 9/11 drama. But then even KSA won't out KT in return, the rules of this covert game are so strict! "

    Sorry, all garbage. Everyone knows "Killtown" is Craig Lazo; KSA probably released that info to Nico:


    9/11 Researcher Killtown apparently identified as former "Cyclist" Craig M. Lazo


    The Craig Lazo, Spineless and Illogical Fish show


    Every edition of the "Loose Change" movies has been completely debunked, and the brats that made all the films, and profited from them ( they spent the money on big TVs and xbox 360s, partying, etc) are in hiding because they can no longer milk it for money so all that is left is the shame of exploiting the dead and their families.

    The WTC towers were brought down by al quaeda hijacked planes, wtc 7 was destroyed by the collapse of the towers and fire, a al quaeda hijacked plane hit the pentagon and left tons of evidence, and an al quaeda hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

    The person who started most of these conspiracy theories was named Killtown AKA Craig Lazo, and he is also the founding member of a pacific northwest bestiality cult in oregon and washington state, which molested animals on film and rented animals out to people to be molested.

    You didn't point out any facts. And yes... your blaming the jews when there is no evidence they are involved (aliong with your support of Holocaust denier Craig "Killtown" Lazo) makes you an anti-semite.


    reply posted on 9-7-2012 @ 03:02PM by Six Sigma

    Craig Lazo aka Killtown has all but disappeared since his identity went public.

    This Killtown/Lazo guy is worse than anyone thought.


    1. If you are the author of 911 Dramatica, you are a filthy scumbag.

    2. If you are the author of 911 Dramatica, you are a filthy scumbag.

  4. i-c-u-AO

  5. "If you are the author of 911 Dramatica, you are a filthy scumbag."

    You think Steven Warran is the author of "911 Dramatica"? (I assume you meant the pdx911truthalliancedramatica blog) Don't see how you make that connection. Or come to the conclusion he's a "scumbag" for it. It's obvious the group Killtown/lazo was involved with pissed off some anarchists/antiracists and it's not hard to figure out why.

    One clue is the earliest posts are from February of 2012. About the same time Antifascists and a guy Rex were trolling the pdx group on indymedia after catching them in several lies:


    Lazo's group had a tinfoil meltdown over this:

    "rex and Antifas are gatekeepers for US Government and elitist Establishment 11.Mar.2013 10:23
    Antifas are Fascists link

    Question: Why do rex and the Antifas always vehemently ridicule 9/11 Truthers, critics of the bogus War on Terrorism, critics of Israel, and critics of the Global Warming hysteria?

    Answer: Because rex, low Fidelity, and the Antifas are gatekeepers for the US Government and the elitist Establishment. "

    But what pushed the anarchists over the edge was the 911 dramatics giving a party for a convicted right-wing bomber :


    After that it was open season on Nazis and their buddies.

    Schadenfreude at it's best.