Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Essential Video from Occupied Palestine

Painful as all heck to watch, but we all must.

Titled: Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See


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What good does it do? How will the madness stop?

I'm just a poor gentile boy, born in Iowa, raised in Tennessee, 30-plus years living in New York, around all the variety of Jewishness contained in the world. And I am so deeply radicalized and ashamed by what's happening. Jews seem clearly trying to bring about the end of the world---it is the only explanation I can think of---and in that, they must make an enemy of me. Let the spiritual warfare begin now. Arm the Vedic missile defense. Check Operation Samson. I'll take on that nasty old man with the white beard any day and I'll trounce him.

All the rest of my intemperate expressions below just got deleted into the recycle bin. I'm feeling better maybe? I'm rooting today for the ones holding the cards. Come on everybody! Play! Lets have some fun!

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  1. i feel your pain.

    it's a double tragedy-- the slaughter of the innocent people, and how disgusting the Israelis have become-- people who should really know better.

    Though I suppose the US treatment of Iraqis is pretty much the same-- and Americans should know better but on average have become disgusting, ignorant slaughterers.