Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Shifting the Evidence

If the image above is representative of the positions of two burned cars as they related to each other and to the position of the burned firetruck midday of the attack on the Pentagon, September 11th, 2001, then why were the cars relocated later that same day? Were the cars pushed aside, out of the way of rescue activity, and only just happened to accidentally wind up resting in exactly the same relationship to one another, or does this represent a deliberate placement?

Whatever the rationale was, it would be contradicted by moving the fire truck in the opposite direction while keeping it relative to its original orientation, especially to a position blocking the strategic entrance to the damaged section of the building. How a fire truck is shifted sideways is one question--why is another. How everything is meant to relate is unfathomable.


  1. Truly freaky. God knows what this all means.

    What are those little green sacks or blocks in the second picture? ANy idea?

  2. Powdered oxygen! Awesome.

    Btw, I noticed you had some run-ins with my old pal PINCH. He used to troll regularly on my blog but seems to have turned his duties over to others for the past year. Oh well... he is still quite the shill, in his own special wingnutty way.

  3. Ha, ha.

    What is with this fellow Pinch? He seems to be everywhere. Is he a franchise? Can I get day-old Pinch at special outlets? Ersatz Pinch under the Hobo Punch brand?

    He once said he was thinking about inviting me to the Pentagon, but was worried about my behavior. I assured him I could control my behavior, but so far, no dice.

    I'm thinking about inviting him to Southampton for a fortnight at the beach. I have spare guest quarters--you know, loft, ensuite bath, private garden area AND he could behave any damn way he chooses.