Friday, March 31, 2017

October 25, 1948, New York Times, pages 1, 14, Dewey Far In Lead

October 25, 1948, New York Times, pages 1, 14, Dewey Far In Lead; A Tie In The Senate Strong Possibility; Big Electoral Plurality Likely, With House Control Kept by Reduced Majority; Upper-House Fight Close; Democrats Need Net Gain of 4 to Avoid a Tie, but Rise of Only 3 Is Seen; Dewey and Warren Viewed as Far Ahead in Race as Campaign Enters Its Last Eight Days, by James A. Hagerty, [PDF]  [TimesMachine]
With only eight days to go before the election on Nov. 2, Thomas E. Dewey and Earl Warren, Republican nominees for President and Vice President, respectively, appear certain to defeat President Harry S. Truman and Senator Alben W. Barkley, their Democratic opponents, by a large plurality in the Electoral College.

Texas State Report

How voters feel personally about "integrity of the ballot" may hold the answer in the Senate contest. A subcommittee of the United States Senate has begun an investigation of alleged fraud in the "run-off" primary contest between Mr. Johnson and former Gov. Coke Stevenson, in which Mr. Johnson won the Democratic Senatorial nomination by eighty-seven votes. There is reason to believe that Mr. Johnson's seat in the senate will be contested if he is elected.

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