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March 26, 1945, Bombed city of Cologne in Germany during World War II, HD Stock Footage, 0:59
Posted by Critical Past, [Original Source]

A snippet of much longer footage shot in color by American military to government authorities. Sign board displayed saying "S. Project # 186, X 16-McCord, March - 26," which adds another name to the list of authors working after the U.S. took control of the city.

British terror bombing - Cathedral of Cologne hit by seventy bombs, 1:02, German Newsreel Film,
Uploaded by by silvan500, on December 28, 2011,

F. Liszt - Tasso, Lamento credited onscreen, [Thanks given to user BlitzWotan]
(In German, with English subtitles; Transcript below)
The Cologne cathedral has been hit hard by the bombs of the British terrorist pilots. Made, according to their own admission, almost invisible by a dense cloud cover, the British terrorists bombarded the Hanseatic town on the Rhine, with its venerable monuments and unique art treasures.
The bombs broke through the vault, causing havoc inside the cathedral. Built over a period of six and a half centuries and considered sacrosanct by the entire civilized world, the cathedral was destroyed by the British air-raid barbarians in just a few minutes.

Destroyed building of Cologne Cathedral after Allied bombing in Cologne, Germany. HD Stock Footage,. 1:03
(Portugese Newsreel) Published by CriticalPast on May 4, 2014

Street Fighting in Cologne, March 26, 1945, 2:40
Published on Audie Murphy American Legend, February 9, 2013,

Pershing vs Panther Cologne 1945, 2:59
Uploaded by Rammjaeger83 on Dec 14, 2007,
(History Channel)

The Ruins of Cologne - (Köln) after the 2nd World War., 3:00
Uploaded by Fritz Schone, on Jul 2, 2008

(German proper place-names throughout the city on screen)

Cologne's Fate - No Sound, 3:32
Published by British Movietone, on July 21, 2015,

B & W aerial footage that mostly focuses on burned-out industrial areas and transportation network on the outskirts of Cologne proper., and as such, seems politically motivated. Ends with an interesting short of the interior of the Cologne cathedral, with the camera panning up to show the roof intact. Undated, but likely taken in the first weeks or months after the fires had cooled. Barring an "AP" logo, maybe the corporate stepchild of British Movietone,

The Americans capture Cologne, 3:42
Uploaded by johnsatyricon, on Jun 26, 2008

Panther v's M26 Pershing The Battle of Cologne (Köln), 3:54
Uploaded by spottydog4477 on October 6, 2009,

Cologne Captured (1945) / Köln wird besiegt (British Pathe), 3:56
Published by British Pathé on Apr 13, 2014

3rd Armored Division in Cologne, World War II,4:03
Uploaded by 3rd Armored Division on March 27, 2008,

✠Panzerschlacht in Köln✠ tank battle cologne HD 1080p, 4:02
Published by Feldgrau on May 10, 2014,

The Battle For Cologne; Bombing of Cologne in World War II, 5:30
Published by afterthewar1945 on May 28, 2012

Transcript of the narration:
First narrator (Importuning) a person's life when their training, talent and heart are tested in the extreme. Jim Bates's finest hour was during the battle for Cologne. For a veteran combat photographer, it was an opportunity to test all his skills as a soldier, and as a photographer. It was his success in Cologne that earned him the Bronze Star.
At 0:24 Second Narrator (From the original 1945 newsreel soundtrack)
The German tank is found and the T-26 hits its mark. The German tank is hit squarely and as the gunner tries to escape, the second shell cuts off his leg. The driver and assistant clamber to escape as another shell is fired. Burning alive, the gunner lies over the edge of his coffin on wheels, while his companions run for cover, and the concussion from the 90-millimeter gun is so great, camera steadiness is impossible
At 0:55 Third Narrator (Jim Bates, a cameraman, giving a modern-day disquisition)
By this time we had a new T-26, the T-26 was ah---had a 90-millimeter with a cuts....cuts-compensator on the front of it. It was an amazing piece of machinery, it was heavily armored, it was was a far cry...ah....the Germans who saw it really never lived to bring back the story because, it---that was it, (giggle). They never lived long enough to take the story back as to what this tank was about. It was just so far ahead of the old Shermans it was unbelievable.

So the fellow, the commander of the T-26, Jimmy, said, ah...¨let's go down and see what we can see on that tank,,¨ and he says, ¨I don't know what we're going to run into, we may never get back, but he said [audio elided] ¨...there, when I stop, I'm ready to fire.¨

So the tank commander---of the tank, who I knew very well of course---ah, ah...of the T-47 left and went back up to his tank and I sat there, and it seemed like it took forever and a day for them to get started, but of course they had to get all of the mathematics and every...[audio elided] and the very second he stopped --- I was shooting by that time, and in the film you can see the armor-piercing shell going through the bottom of the picture on the still shots. The first shot went in and cut the legs off the tank commander, in the Tiger, The second shot---and immediately the driver and the gunner...the trapdoor...the doors...the trap doors flew open, and they climbed out., but the second shot, the shrapnel had got them too. Ah, one fellow fell over a bicycle that was laying there on the ground, the remains of an old bicycle, and he died right there. But the driver got around to the backside of a building and he died right there.

The...the...gunner...the tank commander that had...ah...his legs cut off, of course, just laid on top of his tank and burned up right in front of the camera there. It was just unbelievable---that thing was burning even the next morning, after it was all over, there was still smoke coming out of it because it had so much ammunition and whatnot in it. The ...[audio elided] ...and..the ...Heroes...General Hereos Hospital in Denver, the veteran's hospital, is named after him
At 3:20 Returns to the period newscaster from the 1940's newsreel:
A very tired and silent crew it was that dealt the death blow to the German tank, to help prove to a nation crazed with power that its men and cities could be dealt with in the same manner as it had previously dealt with Poland and Russia when the war was going its way. But tall spires of Cologne cathedral will mark only the grave of a dead and battle-torn city.

Battle of Cologne, 6:51
Uploaded by PPLDTV, on February 12, 2008

Combat photographer Jim Bates talks about his experiences filming a tank battle during the Battle of Cologne in March of 1945.

January 20, 1944, Film - DWS 698 - Abwehr eines US Bomberangriffes am 11. 01. 1944, 8:21
uploaded by 1DeutschesLand, on Jun3 16, 2013,

Cologne March 1945: Duel at the Cathedral - The lost human stories, 9:31
Published by Filmschatze Aus Koln - Vom Rhein - Weltfilmerbe, on March 2, 2015

HD Stock Footage WWII Lest We Forget R7 - Ruhr River, Battle of Cologne, 9:56
Published by Buyout Footage Historic Film Archive on March 23, 2013,

Battle for Cologne - Tank Duel, 9:59
Uploaded by anicursor on January 9, 2010,

WWII. The battle for Cologne. Tank duel at the cathedral, March 6, 1945. The US army, 3rd AD, enters Cologne. Chronic and analytical presentation of the famous tank duel at the Cologne cathedral. See the fascinating original film with descriptions. 10 minutes of interesting film scenes show the destruction of a Sherman tank, the destruction of a Panther tank and the escaping crew members. 5 presentation parts show different analyses. Original film scenes show injured persons. Some of the subtitles are very short. The time where I published the video (2010) there was a 10 min. limitation for youtube videos, so I had to create fast subtitles to have more time for the action. More detailed information about this incidents here: Special - tank duel at the cathedral (1),

Street Fighting In Cologne, 10:47
Uploaded by COALMONK5 on Mar 4, 2010

On 6th March 1945 elements of the 3rd Armoured Division and U.S. 1st Army fought their way into the German city of Cologne. The following footage was taken by Sgt. Jim Bates of the 1st Army Signal Corps. (Warning- some graphic content).

Cologne, 3rd Armored Division Street Fighting H1573-05 | Footage Farm, 12:16
Published by footagefarm on November 19, 2014,

If you wish to acquire broadcast quality material of this reel or want to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at WWII - 1945, Germany, 3rd Armored Division Street Fighting, Cologne, 06Mar45] LIB 3754
Street fighting in Cologne (?); tank crew on tank looking tired.
13:02:23 Slate: Rosenmann, 05Mar45 Cologne. Troops & tanks past rubble lining both sides of street; tank firing, infantry firing rifle; other tanks move up. Tank firing. Explosions.
13:03:31 Smoking truck w/ body laying outside open door; tank past & firing down street towards Cathedral towers. Infantry firing.
13:04:37 German soldier surrendering. Views of tank firing machine guns. Tank hit & burning in street. GOOD.
13:05:43 CU tank turret turning; wrecked / destroyed buildings. Tank firing beside park.
13:06:10 Infantry running up behind; officer giving instructions, on field telephone by jeep as infantry advancing.
13:06:44 LIB 3753. Slate: Camera Bates. 06Mar45 Cologne.
13:06:49 Advancing tank watched by infantry. GIs w/ rifles firing from on top of debris. Tanks advance. Men firing machine gun from top of pile of bricks. Intersection w/ debris & car; car leaving w/ tracers fired at it.
13:07:51 MS Tank in street catching fire as crewman climbs out, runs off as flames grow & tank burns. Tilt up spires of Cathedral.
13:08:58 Infantry along street past rubble. Explosion & GIs running across street w/ Cathedral in background.
13:09:35 Pan across German illustrated propoganda poster to infantry behind corner of building. GOOD.
13:09:50 Smoke filled street, explosions. Tracers towards man crossing street who runs. GIs kick door in, run up street; CU knocking in door w/ axe. Infantry moving forward, running along street; past destroyed buildings. Tank moves pst; firing, tracers seen fired & hitting building. Cathedral past twisted steel.
13:12:16 Slate. Same. Infantry in doorways, tank slowly moving, firing. Explosion at end of street, front of building collapses into street. Infantry past wrecked cars & buildings. Searching car beside street; tanks behind. Investigate body of young woman in car. Coat put over body outside car. WW2 Fighting; Battle; City; NOTE: Good coverage & action.

M4 Sherman Tank - Crew tell how shocking it was, 12:53
Uploadedby spottydog4477 on Sep 18, 2011

Köln 1945 in Farbe - Cologne 1945 in color, 15:22,
Kommentar von Heinz Meichsner, Filmschatze Aus,
Köln -- Von Rhein,- Weltfilmerbe,

Battle for Cologne Tank Battle 1945, 17:09
Published by Ebol Evedo on February 22, 2016

Battle of Cologne 1945 - A young woman between the frontlines - U.S. first time release, 18:04
Published by Filmschätze Aus Koln - Vom Rhein - Weltfilmerbe, on November 23, 2015,

Battle Of The Peace - Post-WWII Cologne Germany Part-1, 18:47
Army-Navy Screen Magazine: 1945 - Issue 66
Date: 1945
Duration: 00:18:47
Sound: Yes
Color: Monochrome
Type: Public Domain
Language: English
Location: Germany
Cologne Germany 1930, brief scene of German Dictator Adolf Hitler, the WWII-era destruction of Cologne Germany with bombed out ruins and it rebuilding by the new American occupation forces and U.S. Military Government from espousing Democratic ideals to rebuilding of infrastructure.
Shot List:
r1:00:00:42;14, City of Cologne Germany before WWII
r1:00:01:14;04, German Dictator Adolf Hitler and ironic prophetic statement "Give me five years and you will not recognize Germany"
r1:00:01:27;08, Post-WWII Cologne Germany in absolute ruin and rubble
r1:00:01:51;04, Bombed out building and destroyed infrastructure
r1:00:02:37;11, Ceremony of U.S. Military Government MG taking over the day-to-day affairs of running Cologne Germany
r1:00:03:45;20, German citizens gather to listen to the first orders from the new Military Government
r1:00:04:12;12, Pesticide DDT powder is used to delouse the German population to kill lice and quell a Typhus epidemic
r1:00:04:43;19, German is discovered as being part of the infamous SS when his SS tattoo is discovered during check-up by U.S. Army medic
r1:00:05:12;14, Long lines of Germans waiting to be interviewed by the Military Government to weed out hard-core Nazis and determine those who will help rebuild the city
r1:00:06:24;17, Group of German citizens become the first local police force for Post-WWII Cologne Germany and given armbands labeled M.G. - Police
r1:00:07:12;22, Worker on ladder takes down Nazi Eagle and Swastika
r1:00:07:19;19, Nazi propaganda items removed and replaced with Military Government Democratic ideals and rules
r1:00:07:44;03, Demolition of bombed out building begin with help of reconstituted Fire Department
r1:00:08:07;03, German citizens with Nazi affiliations are formed into press gangs to clear rubble
r1:00:08:38;16, Food is distributed to German citizens under the watchful eye of the Military Govt.
r1:00:09:03;04, Germans both young and old farm food outside the city
r1:00:09:30;15, Former slave labor to the Nazis now displaced persons gather for ration coupons at U.S. MG

Battle Of The Peace - Post-WWII Cologne Germany Part-2, 9:06
Army-Navy Screen Magazine: 1945 - Issue 66 Reel-2
Post-WWII Cologne Germany with its bombed out ruins and its rebuilding by the new American occupation forces and U.S. Military Government.
Date: 1945
Duration: 00:09:06
Sound: Yes
Color: Monochrome
Type: Public Domain
Language: English
Location: Germany
Shot List:
r2:00:00:12;15, Former slave labor to the Nazis now displaced persons gather for ration coupons at U.S. Military Government
r2:00:02:00;19, Coal production begin to operate again; coal brickettes produced
r2:00:03:34;13, Printing of U.S. Army German-Language newspaper; German citizens reading the newspaper
r2:00:04:01:20, Corpus Christi celebrated in front of the Cologne cathedral
r2:00:04:13;17, German-Jews gathering for temple
r2:00:04:37;10, Dedication ceremony for marble monument in a Cologne park marking concentration camp victims
r2:00:05:27;15, Scenes of Military Government court and trial system
r2:00:06:45;05, Convicted German criminals sent to former Gestapo prison now Military Government prison
r2:00:07:44;15, German children playing outside, using sewing machine outside, knitting, making crafts
r2:00:08:20;05, German children throwing Nazi Swastika symbols, flags and propaganda posters on to a bonfire

Köln 1945 - Nahaufnahmen, 16:26
Jetzt in voller Länge ansehen in Full HD als Video on Demand: ►► oder als erweiterte Special Edition auf Doppel-DVD:
This video shows a section from my documentation: Cologne 1945 close-ups, which first appeared in 2008. On March 6, 1945 Katharina Esser, a 26-year-old with a private car on the Kaiser Wilhelmring, gets caught between the fighting units and is fired on from both sides. In front of a running US film camera, the car remains in the middle of the battle zone and is exposed to an inferno.
After the fights seem to fade away, the film camera shows the young woman, who is wounded, but apparently alive and able to recover. During my ongoing research, I met two surviving soldiers who had fought against each other on March 6, 1945 in Cologne. Both told me before a running camera that they had shot at this young woman and probably hit her. I too, of course, knew the film pictures of the young woman who had been treated by US medical men on the Christophstrasse.
But also the many other terribly distorted dead, who lay down there at the entrance to the inner city of Cologne for days in the streets. After the two conversations with the army members Clarence Smoyer and Gustav Schäfer, I went on to search for more. They succeeded in finding the young woman's family. But the vague hope that she had left this place of horror alive could not be fulfilled. The horror news made me realize with a rare force what war really meant.
To date, the relatives did not know that Katharina was filmed in her most dramatic hour. The pictures went around the world at the time - not infrequently with the comment that you had a Nazi car caught. So sad is the fate of Katharina Esser, so fascinating are the research results that were still to be found after such a long time.
Köln 1945 - Nahaufnahmen: Eine junge Frau zwischen den Fronten. DVD/VoD

The first 1,000 bomber raid by the RAF was codenamed Operation Millennium, Cologne was chosen as the target and the raid took place on the night of May 30-31, 1942.
Operation Millennium war der Deckname für die Bombardierung Kölns in der Nacht vom 30. auf den 31. Mai 1942, bei dem die Royal Air Force (RAF) erstmals über 1000 Bomber gleichzeitig einsetzte, weshalb er auch als erster 1000-Bomber-Angriff bekannt ist.
[Operation Millennium was the cover name for the bombing of Cologne on the night of May 30th, 1942, when the Royal Air Force (RAF) used 1000 bombers at the s

For the first time in English: March 1945 - Duel at the Cathedral,
Cologne is the largest city in the world. Nazi propaganda has declared the city to be defended to the last cartridge. Witness the US troops first hand on their advance from the outskirts of the Rhine and the fascinating research of the Cologne journalist and film historian Hermann Rheindorf.
Cologne, Germany, the famous Cathedral city in March 1945.
Eight months after D-Day, the US troops are now on the cusp of a long-awaited milestone, the crossing of the Rhine. The impending battle has been dominated by the headlines of the world press for days.
Dozens of correspondents, photographers, and cameramen have followed the US troops in order to report in detail on the event. Some of the shots taken by the cameramen of the US World War II. The battle for cologne ends with a final, dramatic tank duel at the base of the cathedral. The film footage makes the engagement the most famous tank duel in the world. However, the people in these scenes were still remain unknown.
Based on several years of research into the background and contemporary witnesses, this documentary reconstructs the advance of US troops into cologne and shows critical moments of the battle for the city in March 5 -7, 1945.
Featured eyewitnesses:
Andy Rooney (correspondent " The Starts & Stripes ",
Clarence Smoyer (3rd Armored Division),
Francis Wilber (104th Infantry Division),
James Bates (US Signal corps cameraman),
Robert Ziller (RAF-cameraman),
Engelbert Bockhoff (9th Panzer Division),
Gustav S. Häfer (Panzerbrigade 106),
Günther Müller (360 Volksgrenadier-Division) and many others.
Now available as VoD on
Watch the new 2015 english language version here,
This research was mostly done in 2006/7 by the Cologne based journalist Hermann Rheindorf and first published in 2008. Get the updated 2015 special english language edition: Trailer:
Watch the full documentary in HD on Vimeo-VoD/Downlad:
Also available on DVD for the first time in the US.

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