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Evergreen International

Evergreen International's first simple web page, was first captured August 1, 2001, when the organization's working names were Evergreen Family Friendship Service, and Shanxi Evergreen Service, [Archived]

The organization described itself:
Since 1993 Evergreen has been working in Shanxi Province, China, providing public service to the common people.
and lists two officers:
Patricia Mortenson - Personnel
P.O. Box 38488
Colorado Springs CO 80937-8488
United States of America
EFFS@pcisys.net [PCI Broadband--Your Hometown Internet Service Provider; 5770 Flintridge Dr. Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80918]
Finn Torjesen
Tel: +86 (351) 353-2565
Fax: +86 (351) 353-1687
Tel: +1 (719) 575-9922
Fax:+1 (719) 575-9923
SES@public.ty.sx.cn [http://www.ty.sx.cn/lcrx/index.asp, a Chinese-language web service]

currently redirects to
[see below]


Evergreen International was then reconstituted as "the most complete resource for Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction," on a web page first captured October 28, 2004. [Archived]

The About Us page [1st web capture Dec. 9, 2004] goes on to say:
"Evergreen is a nonprofit corporation that offers help to people who want to diminish these attractions and overcome homosexual behavior. It is also a resource to their loved ones, professional counselors, religious leaders, and friends." [Archived]


Less than ten years after being reformated from a service organization for Chinese commoners into a reparative therapy for homosexual Mormons, it ceased operations, being subsumed into a similar national LDS-sanctioned "pro-family" effort called NorthStar, which "has a neutral position on cause and cure," but through "sponsor monitored support groups," seeks to harmonize the conflict between religious gays and their church by promoting sexless lives, and discouraging any affectional commitments between same-sex couples that could be recognized and held in regard by the church community.
January 2, 2014, The Salt Lake Tribune, Longtime support group for gay Mormons shuts down, by Peggy Fletcher Stack,

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) LDS general authority Jay E. Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy gives a keynote address at the annual Evergreen Education and Resource Conference in the chapel at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Evergreen is a group of partners that reaches out to Mormons with same-sex attraction.

The first word in the title of the 943-word Salt Lake City Tribune article--"longtime"--is a rather ambitious description, considering the first web appearance of the well-funded church gay-conversion effort occurred only a few days before George W. Bush was "reelected" United States President in 2004.

The ultimate meaning of the LDS Church's decision to take a lower profile on the issue may be summed up by a comment left at the SLC Tribune article by one Agi Tater:
"This approach 'is more consistent with national positions by the American Psychological Association that change is not possible and reparative therapy is not effective,' says Richard Ferre, an adjunct psychiatry professor at the University of Utah. 'The group is still trying to provide a support for Mormon gays to maintain their connections with their religion.'"

Whatever it takes to keep the tithing coming in. But remember a couple of years ago when Boyd K. Packer reaffirmed 'God's word' that being gay is a choice? And remember the cruel aversion therapy at BYU involving porn and electric shocks to the genitals?

My, how doctrines change when revenues go down. This underlying motive is so transparent with every doctrinal change that it's hard to understand why people just can't see it.
An undated church-sponsored webpage [1st web capture Oct. 6, 2011] titled LDS Resources for Latter-day Saints dealing with homosexual attraction, says of the "BIG THREE" organizations dealing with the question of Mormonism and homosexuality, that NorthStar, which Evergreen was folded into, began about "five years ago," but the church sponsored PR also says that the Evergreen "group [is] now in the 21st year," which would make its beginnings three years earlier than Evergreen's stated founding in 1993 as a Chinese missionary cause. [The third group is Affirmation, which "was organized in 1977 and tends to support those who do gay dating or are in gay marriage." (emphasis added)]

Another article in The Salt Lake Tribune from May 31, 2012, shows how precipitous was the Mormon change of heart--or strategy perhaps. In Expert backs away from gay 'cure,' but Mormon group doesn't, Peggy Fletcher Stack reports on Robert L. Spitzer, a professor of psychiatry and psychology's public disavowal of his seminal 2001 study, which had concluded that a homosexual orientation could be reoriented to heterosexuality. In response, Focus On the Family refused to take down their citations to Spitzer's debunked scientific conclusions supporting gay conversion therapy, thus becoming, in the public eye, at least, the one thing Jesus Christ most forcefully railed against--ideological and theological hypocrites. (Mormons already stood accused of it: If anyone should not be casting stones at nontraditional marriage arrangements, it would have to be the only polygamists in Judeo-Christendom.)

It is no wonder that a year-and-a-half later common sense dictated a collapse of their most extreme public measures. [ The 1,385 Comments, which follow the Tribune article, indicate to me a forced confrontation is taking place between the church and the issue.]

It is still a question why the Church of Latter-day Saints, with its immense financial savvy and might, would recycle a not-for-profit corporation tasked with overseas missionary work, into the controversial role of reconciling gay existence inside the Mormon church family, rather than simply incorporating a fresh 501(c)(3) entity. What became of the spiritual and material needs of the non-billionaire population of Shanxi Province, China? Did officials use an existing structure that had corporate traces, if not an actual track record, in order to give the impression their work with gays had not been a spur-of-the-moment cultural reaction to facts they could no longer deny? This seems to be the case, since the Mormon public relations machine overstated the lifespan of Evergreen by more than one-hundred percent.

We also have the Mormon re-revelation that took place in 1978 concerning the subordinate position African-Americans took in the hierarchies of heaven and earth, as a further example, if nothing else, of divine Latter-day flip-flopping.

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[Read All Comments (620)]
May 31, 2012, The Salt Lake Tribune, Expert backs away from gay 'cure,' but Mormon group doesn't, by Peggy Fletcher Stack, [1385 Comments follow]

March 11, 2014, nebula.wsimg.com, Analysis of Dr. Spitzer's Study of Reparative Therapy


Keeping busy, I have updated the links list from the Wikipedia page on Focus On the Family, which was rank with Link Rot. Focus On the Family web pages have a penchant for a robots.txt obstructionism almost as bad as the Washington Post.

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