Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Afro-American, "Mormons deny youth Scout leadership,"

"It's a matter of correlation," he said.

This article in the Black press from not so very long ago correlates nicely with current Utahan political conditions---gays, gay scouting, gay marriage, LDS, LSD, that sort of thing... 

July 16, 1974, The Washington Afro-American - UPI, 
Mormons deny youth Scout leadership

Yea, Eleven Years Later....

"We are not racist. We now do, and always have, accepted people of all races for baptism into the Church as equal candidates for salvation in the Kingdom of God." Kenneth L. Zabriskie

Yeah boy...but until that Kingdom comes, you'll be doing the floors and windows...

August 31, 1985, Kentucky New Era - AP, page 1B, Controversy stirs between Mormons, Caribbean leaders, by Tony Cozier, Associated Press Writer, 

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