Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bob Huffaker and Dallas Police Detective [Graves?] Discuss the Slaying of Lee "Howard" Oswald, Afternoon, Nov. 24, 1963

Why would they doctor in two uniformed police officers into this photograph? Their feet look like they've melted into the concrete floor. Was it because this was a closed-shop production?

From: Affidavit of B. L. Beaty, Detective, Special Service Bureau, Narcotic Section:
Melba Espinosa, an employee at the Information Desk, was refused admittance to the basement....

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  1. I posted before. Exactly. Most of this was a 'stage production.' Why Ruby was connected to Hollywood a month before the event, the AGVA and associated with 'How Hollywood Makes Movies' at the Dallas State Fair that brought us Larry Crafard. The big question is WHY??? What made it necessary to reproduce or systematically control how an assassination is viewed. I think the answer is the real conspiracy.