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Yahoo Southern Philippine Conflict, Starts April 27, 2000


My Google Doc: Estrada's Impeachment & MILF Deflection

Temp Dead File

Governors elect new league officers,
21 PNP officers to get star rank
Senate ranking, party-list winners readied
Equitable-PCI hit for failing to talk at impeach trial
Contempt marks trial's 3rd week 01/07/01
Troops to boost security in Manila amid bomb threats 01/02/01
Officials warn of more bombings; PNP ups security 01/01/01
MANILA BOMBED: Five blasts kill 12, injured 88 12/31/00


For Cults:

August 7, 2000, Philippine Headline News, Christian Vigilantes Armed VS. MILF,
August 10, 2000, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Military to arrest vigilantes,
August 13, 2000, The Philippine Star, 16 cultists killed in Bukidnon clash, by Roel PareƱo and Jaime Laude,
August 15, 2000, AP, 'Bulletproof' magic lost because they sinned,

Diigo, February 1, 2000, ABS-CBN, 2:20 PM, Marines storm Abu Sayyaf hideout,

Malaysian hostages in Philippines - ITN (Apr 26, 2000)

April 25, 2000, Malaysian kidnap 'puzzle'

Malaysian kidnap 'puzzle' - BBC

Philippine, Malaysian authorities intensify efforts to rescue hostages taken from resort - CNN (Apr 25, 2000)

Sometimes, Paradise Can Be a Nightmare - Time Magazine (Apr 25, 2000)

Gunmen Take Foreigners Hostage in Malaysia - Washington Post (Apr 25, 2000)

Philippine army 'to crush' rebels - BBC (Apr 24, 2000)

Philippine troops attack hostage hide-out - BBC (Apr 22, 2000)

Philippines shoot-out with Muslim rebels - BBC (Apr 21, 2000)

Philippine executions revenge threat - USA Today,

April 19, 2000, ABS-CBN, Estrada favors news blackout on Abu Sayyaf,

Diigo, March 21, 2003, INQ7 / Agence France-Presse, Authorities claim discovery of Iraqi terror cells in RP,

March 21, 2003, INQ7, RP prepares 100 police peacekeepers for Iraq
March 21, 2003, INQ7, MILF to release 'war prisoners' soon,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, Macapagal non-committal on cutting ties with Iraq,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, Drilon bucks Charter change through constituent assembly,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, Ombudsman files graft charges vs Laurel,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, President says US-Iraq war 'between tyranny, freedom',
March 21, 2003, INQ7, RP to deport 11 Iraqis for suspected terror links,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, Macapagal offers airspace, refueling stops to US troops,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, Stocks, peso rally on gov't war preparations: Macapagal,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, US to ask Philippines to cut ties with Iraq,
March 21, 2003, INQ7, Anti-war protest dispersed near American embassy,

Philippines Defense Forces Forum

Philippines Military and Law Enforcement

General Military and Law Enforcement

Abu Sayyaf Group

Diigo, January 11, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, British girl, 6, kidnapped by Muslim gang,
Diigo, January 14, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Eiman rescue efforts 'suspended for talks',
Diigo, January 14, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Philippines army 'closing in' on girl's kidnappers,
Diigo, February 3, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Six-year-old hostage freed after gun battle,
Diigo, April 8, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, 13 Muslim rebels captured in Philippine ambush,
Diigo, May 21, 2004, Arab News, Abu Sayyaf Leader Captured in Southern Philippines, by Al Jacinto,
Diigo, May 24, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Two left dead after gang attacks tourist resort,
Diigo, May 27, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Tourists taken hostage in Philippines
Diigo, May 29, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Extremists threaten to kill hostages,
Diigo, June 6, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Hostages 'safe' in Philippines,
Diigo, June 10, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Deadline approaches for hostages,
Diigo, June 13, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Two beheaded Filipinos found in hunt for rebels,
Diigo, June 18, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Philippines officials believe US hostage is dead,
Diigo, June 25, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Rebel leader threatens to behead more hostages,
Diigo, July 9, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Top leader of Philippines' guerrilla group arrested,
Diigo, July 12, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, American hostage alive, claim Philippines rebels,
Diigo, August 4, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Philippine rebels behead four more hostages,
Diigo, August 5, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Army rescues 13 hostages from Philippine rebels,
Diigo, October 11, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, US to help Philippines fight Muslim separatists,
Diigo, November 1, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Philippine army kills five Muslim rebels,
Diigo, November 21, 2001, Thomas Crosbie BreakingNews, Bush tells Philippines, we'll help your anti-terror war,

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