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Lewis Paul Bremer III on Washington DC NBC4 TV 09/11/01

Kudos to Vehmgericht, from whose blog of August 19, 2007, I quote:

This is a mind-boggling interview with Lewis Paul Bremer III (who ended up as the pro-council of Iraq.)

On 09/11/01 Bremer was the Chairman and CEO of Marsh Political Risk Practice which had offices in the WTC as did its parent company Marsh USA. They had a total of 1,700 employees assigned to the WTC. Bremer, himself, had an office in the South Tower. Nonetheless, this "counter-terrorism expert" makes no mention of any of this only three hours after the first plane flew directly into seven of the eight floors of WTC 1 occupied by Marsh USA. He is here on television prognosticating about who will turn out to be the culprits, with calm detachment. What is wrong with this picture?

Full Transcript

Lewis Paul Bremer: Former Chairman National Commission on Terrorism,

Gentzler: We want to turn now to a guest who is joining us in the studio. It's Paul Bremer. I want to make sure I'm getting your name right because I'm just meeting you just at this moment. You're a terrorism expert?

Bremer: Counter-terrorism, I hope.

Gentzler: And can talk to us a little bit about who could...I mean there are a limited number of groups who could be responsible for something of this magnitude. Right?

Bremer: Yes, this is a very well planned, very well coordinated attack, which suggests it's very well organized centrally. And there are only three or four candidates in the world really who could have conducted this attack.

Vance: Bin Laden comes to mind right away, Mr. Bremer.

Bremer: Indeed, he certainly does. Bin Laden was involved in the first attack on the World Trade Center, which had as its intentions doing exactly what happened here, which was to collapse both towers. He certainly has to be a prime suspect. But there are others in the Middle East, and there are at least two states, Iran and Iraq which should at least remain on the list of potential suspects.

Gentzler: What kind of coordination would....I mean, how could something like this be put together?

Bremer: Well, you'd have to have---first of all, you've got to find some people who are willing to die, which is not that easy. And then, of course, they have to find ways around what we thought was pretty good security at our airports. We haven't had a hijacking in a long time---let alone four. So there had to been some very good coordination. There has to have been coordination in the whole planning of the attack. The people, if they were not Americans, had to get visas to get into the United States. They needed false identities probably to buy airplane tickets. They needed cars to get to the airport. I mean, there's a whole lot of stuff that had to happen here.

Gentzler: With as many resources as our government, and our allies' governments around the world devote to studying terrorism, and knowing what's going on, and what they're planning, you have to wonder how something of this magnitude, how this could take place without any warning or any hint that it was coming.

Bremer: Well, first of all, the intelligence against terrorists is the hardest intelligence to gather. Basically, you have to have a spy in the terrorist group who's willing to talk to you, for whatever reason. It's the hardest intelligence there is to...The National Commission on Terrorism which I chaired last year, made as our key recommendation much more vigorous effort to try to get terrorist spies, informing on their colleagues to us.

Every time there is a major terrorist attack, it is automatically, of course, an intelligence failure. That's by definition. But I'm sympathetic to the problem about how you get good intelligence on these people. It's not easy. There is an intelligence failure here. There is a massive security failure, where we have four airplanes being hijacked on the same morning. Two from Dulles Airport it appears. So there's a lot of lessons that are going to have to be learned, but first we gotta find out who did it.

Vance: Mr. Bremer, I want to speak to that for a second. When the Oklahoma City incident occurred, the immediate response from a lot of people was that it came from some Arab terrorist group. Is there any reasons why we ought to be cautious about that kind of an assumption on this particular incident, on these incidents?

Bremer: Well, of course. What you have to work with at this stage, since we don't have any hard intelligence, apparently, we don't have any forensic evidence, is motivations and capabilities. And so when I list four potential groups I'm working mostly from motivations and proven capabilities in the past. That doesn't mean you can exclude that some other group could have come out of nowhere and done this. But, at least as a working hypothesis in the first chaotic hours here after this attack, you have to start somewhere. And you have to start with what you know about the past and which groups have motives.

Vance: One of the things that the President said today from Florida, early on, was that the United States will respond to this, and he left it at that. Is it to be assumed that the first thing that we have to figure out is to identify precisely who it is we're going to respond against?

Bremer: Of course. Basically we has sort of a four stage operation. First we've got to hope and help we can save as many possible. Stabilize the situation at the Pentagon and in New York. Secondly we need to get to work on trying to identify the perpetrators. And then, thirdly, we come to the question about retaliation. And fourthly, which goes along, all along, at the same time is what are the lessons we learned? What did we learn about the intelligence failure? What did we learn about the security failure? And how do we move forward in the future on these areas.

Vance: I don't recall anything like this. Pearl Harbor happened a month before I was born, and I hear my parents talk about that as a seminal event in their lives all the time. I am not aware of anything like this in the United States before. Americans are now, I think it's fair to say, really scared. Should we be?

Gentzler: This is a day that will change our lives, isn't it?

Bremer: It is a day that will change our lives. It's a day when the war that the terrorists declared on the United States, and after all they did declare war on us, has been brought home to the United States in a much more dramatic way than we've seen before. So it will change our lives.

I do think it's important, and I'm sure the President and his colleagues when they start talking about this, it's important to hit some balance. The American way of life is not threatened by these people, unless we threaten it ourselves. If we start throwing away the democratic freedoms and the civil liberties that are at the heart of our society, that's what their after. And that's what we can't allow to have happen. And we've got to go about our business. People have got to move around.

I was diverted on a plane this morning. I was trying to get to New York, and wound up in Baltimore. I in a way was sort of at least relieved to see business as usual going on among people. We have to go on with our lives. It's not to say we don't take it seriously. We take it very seriously. But it's not something where we can all jump in a foxhole somewhere and hope the world doesn't come and bother us. We have to find a balanced response. One that makes it absolutely clear, as the President said this morning, that we're not going to tolerate this act of war. This will have consequences for the people who did it. Very, I hope very severe consequences. The most sever military response we can come up with. But we also have to remember that we've got a way of life to protect, and this doesn't threaten...this is not an existential threat to the United States.

Gentzler: Paul Bremer, thank you.

Vance: We appreciate it, Mr. Bremer, thank you very much.

Gentzler: We should make it clear that there has been no claim of responsibility ...

Bremer: I understand.

Gentzler: this point to, uh, for any of these incidents.

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The Wall Street Journal simply refuses to provide a date for the following news article. Perhaps its because of the inflated Marsh body count in the headline, which is at odds with the correction below. By these numbers, the WSJ is off by 36 dead insurance brokers.
Wall Street Journal, "Marsh Vows to Resume Business, But 313 Are Missing After Attacks,"
by Christopher Oster,

Jeffrey W. Greenberg, chairman and chief executive of Marsh & McLennan Cos., had just arrived at his midtown Manhattan office Tuesday when the first attack hit. One of his colleagues ran to his office and told him, "You need to come around and see this."

From the midtown offices of the world's biggest insurance broker, Mr. Greenberg had an unobstructed view of the towers and the unfolding horror that has affected few big companies as personally as this one. Marsh & McLennan, which also has large consulting and money-management businesses, occupied floors 93 to 100 in the north tower, 1

WSJ: 254 employees are confirmed dead. 23 others are reported missing. Company is directing business from offices at 1166 Ave. of the Americas.

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No letup in first half of 2001; Marsh sees more rate hikes.(Brief Article)
Business Insurance; February 26, 2001; SOUTER, GAVIN; 700+ words ...this year, according to Marsh Inc.'s latest market...30% rate increases in2001, while loss-plagued...into the first half of 2001. Some expect a, according to theMarsh report. ``The's ``2001 Market Review and Forecast...

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Marsh & McLennan to pay back policyholders to end probe.
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL); January 31, 2005; 700+ words ...s news release but not in Marsh's. Because the apology is...admission of corporate guilt, Marsh officials said. The distinction...terms were pretty favorable for Marsh," said Adam Klauber, an between Jan. 1, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2004, where.. 
Insurers bristle at Marsh plans to levy charge; Broker says insurers should pay for services to the London market.(International)
Business Insurance; April 18, 2005; Veysey, Sarah; 700+ words Byline: SARAH VEYSEY LONDON-Marsh Inc.'s plan to negotiate premium reductions...And the 1% to 2% premium discounts that Marsh plans to negotiate likely are insufficient to warrant fee increases, they say. Marsh revealed its plans last week as part its...

The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY); May 5, 2002; 700+ words ...11 attack on the World Trade Center,Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc., bounced back in...slumping economy, the bigger challenge forMarsh has been dealing with the loss of 295 talented...based managing director in charge ofMarsh's Upstate New York operations. Among...

Marsh & McLennan to Cut 3,000 Employees
AP Online; November 9, 2004; EILEEN ALT POWELL, AP Business Writer; 700+ words ...NEW YORKEmbattled insurance brokerage Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. said Tuesday...estimates.In early trading Tuesday, Marsh & McLennan's shares were down 66 cents...human resources consulting businesses.Marsh & McLennan said it would take restructuring..

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Business Insurance; October 1, 2007; Roberts, Sally; 477 words ...YORK-Philip Moyles, executive vp ofMarsh Inc., has been named chief executive officer of the Americas in a realignment of Marsh's senior management following the departure...J. Mahoney, who will focus on leading Marsh's client services for its top global..

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Crain's Detroit Business; September 27, 1999; ROUSH, MATT; 700+ words ...dominate the sale of policies to large corporations. Marsh & McLennan Inc., Johnson & Higgins of Michigan Inc. and Sedgwick of Michigan are now united in the giant Marsh USA Inc. Marsh USA is a unit of the even larger Marsh & McLennan Cos...

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BtoB; July 11, 2011; 700+ words Byline: KATE MADDOX MARSH & MCLENNAN COS., a 140-year-old global...aftermath of the Great Fire. It was renamed Marsh & McLennan in 1906, reflecting the new ownership of partners Henry Marsh and Donald McLennan, who specialized in providing.

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Part of Marsh's office here branded Mercer
Journal of Business; October 27, 2005; Crompton, Kim; 658 words ...Spokane office of global insurance giant Marsh has split into separate, but closely affiliated...following a recent partial merger involving Marshand Mercer Human Resource Consulting...both operating units of New Yorkbased Marsh & McLennan Cos., announced earlier this...

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With Expansion Underway, Marsh & McLennan Agency Names Three Executives to Senior Leadership Team.
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Former Marsh, AIG Execs Plead Guilty
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The future of Marsh depends on SpitzerResignation is likely to be only first step
International Herald Tribune; October 27, 2004; Alex Berenson; 700+ words ...International Herald Tribune 10-27-2004 Marsh & McLennan has a good chance of surviving...the first change they will have to make. Marsh, the world's largest insurance broker...corporate scandals, the investigation into Marsh and the company's response are following... 
Greenberg resigns as Marsh & McLennan chairman, Cherkasky named to top job
AP Worldstream; October 25, 2004; EILEEN ALT POWELL, AP Business Writer; 613 words ...chairman and chief executive officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. insurance brokerage...saying that the board's action "permits Marshand this office to move forward toward...who just last week was named head of Marsh Inc., the company's insurance brokerage..

Judge upholds key claims in Marsh class-action suit; Accounting fraud among charges dismissed.(News)
Business Insurance; July 31, 2006; Lenckus, Dave; 700+ words ...securities class action lawsuit against Marsh Inc., its parent company and numerous...failing to disclose the true nature of Marsh's business practices in generating contingent...York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sued Marsh for steering clients to insurers that paid..

Second Marsh bid-rigging trial gets under way; Former broker execs allegedly had key role in steering scheme.(News)(Marsh Inc.)
Business Insurance; December 8, 2008; Mccarthy, Colleen; 700+ words ...prosecutors last week accused three former Marsh Inc. executives of playing a "specific...former managing director and head of Marsh's Global Broking excess casualty unit; Greg J. Doherty, former Marsh senior vp and ACE USA local broking coordinator...

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The Economist (US); February 5, 2005; 700+ words ...York's tireless attorney-general? For Marsh & McLennan, the world's largest insurance...the answer is $850m. On January 31st Marsh agreed to pay that sum to settle civil...York state's insurance superintendent. Marsh will pay no fines. Instead, all the money...

Results of $850M Marsh settlement due in May
The Business Journal - Central New York; March 11, 2005; McChesney, Charles; 700+ words SYRACUSE - Central New York clients of Marsh, Inc. will soon learn if they are the end of January and agreed to byMarsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., New York...Superintendent of Insurance Howard Mills, Marsh will go over records for 2001 to 2004 and... 
Marsh expands middle-market operations; Rutherfoord deal adds $81 million to new agency unit.(NEWS)(Marsh & McLennan Asset Management Co.)
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Marsh & McLennan Profit Rockets - Analyst Blog
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Marsh & McLennan to Adopt New Reforms
AP Online; October 28, 2004; EILEEN ALT POWELL, AP Business Writer; 700+ words ...after sacking its chief executive officer, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. announced Tuesday...who just last week was named head of MarshInc., the company's risk and insurance...Cherkasky had been chief executive of Marsh Kroll, theMarsh & McLennan risk consulting...

Marsh Pays $850M for Ripping Off Customers: Offers Mea Culpa for Bid-Rigging, Kickbacks.(Marsh and McLennan Companies Inc.)
Money Management Executive; February 7, 2005; Burke, Kevin; 700+ words Marsh & McLennan, the nation's largest insurance...practices. Under the terms of the deal, Marsh will not pay a fine or a penalty but, rather...255 million is due June 1. Sorry ApologyMarsh apologized for the actions of a handful of...

Marsh keeps clients satisfied despite challenges, changes.(Spotlight: 2005 Readers Choice Awards)(Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc)
Business Insurance; October 10, 2005; Parekh, Rupal; 700+ words Byline: Rupal Parekh Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. 1166 Ave. of the...345-5000; fax: 212-345-4808 Unparalleled expertise and strong client relationships are what helped Marsh& McLennan Cos. Inc to not only emerge...

Marsh & McLennan seeks to weather investigations, retain customer base.
The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY); November 10, 2004; 700+ words ...Nov. 10--Insurance brokerage giantMarsh & McLennan is fighting desperately in upstate...Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who accusesMarsh of rigging bids, fixing prices, and taking...month, led to the resignation of former Marsh & McLennan CEO Jeffrey Greenberg and to...

Marsh & McLennan's bad news keeps coming.
The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA); October 18, 2004; 700+ words ...riding the rebound when the storm passes _Marsh & McLennan, for instance. Consider the...that much. Some investors obviously think Marsh may be a good bet despite the bad news...57 Monday. Indeed, it's long odds Marsh will fully recover anytime soon. To buy... 
1. Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.(Spotlight: 35th Annual Broker Profiles)
Business Insurance; July 17, 2006; Gonzalez, Gloria; 700+ words Byline: Gloria Gonzalez Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. spent most of...state prosecutors, MMC brokerage unit Marsh Inc. stopped accepting contingent commissions...those allegations, New York-based Marsh agreed in February 2005 to pay $850..

Marsh Webcast January 27 - Update on Global Insurance Markets, Strategies for Managing Risk amid Economic, Financial Challenges.
Insurance Weekly News; February 5, 2010; 679 words ...challenging economic and financial conditions,Marsh, the world's leading insurance lines, panelists participating in Marsh's Webcast, "Global Insurance Markets...president, U.S./Canada Division of Marsh. "The fact that market conditions are...

Marsh to cut dividend and raise commissions
International Herald Tribune; March 3, 2005; Joseph B. Treaster; 700+ words ...Tribune 03-03-2005 The chief executive of Marsh & McLennan has laid out a sweeping plan...on fewer but more profitable clients.Marsh, which reported a net loss of $676 million...unprofitable clients. In addition, he said, Marsh would shed MMC Capital, its private equity...

Marsh, N.Y. alter pact to permit insurer fees; Broker gets OK to collect payment for services.(Marsh Inc.)
Business Insurance; August 13, 2007; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words Byline: SALLY ROBERTS NEW YORK-Marsh Inc. soon will begin accepting certain...Dinallo. The Aug. 3 agreement amends Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.'s $850 million...contingent commissions. Most recently, Marsh gained authorization to accept additional..

1: Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.(Spotlight: World's Largest Brokers)(Marsh Inc. is insurance brokerage unit of Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.)
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Ex-Marsh exec sues broker over Spitzer investigation; McBurnie says firm made him scapegoat, damaging his career.
Business Insurance; December 12, 2011; 700+ words ...Byline: MARK A. HOFMANN Another former Marsh Inc. executive has filed suit against the New York-based broker, alleging thatMarsh set him up for malicious prosecution during...misconduct in the brokerage industry. FormerMarsh Senior Vp William L. McBurnie filed the...

The Boston Globe (Boston, MA); June 3, 2005; Andrew Caffrey, Globe Staff; 700+ words ...yesterday's Business section said that Marsh & McLennan Cos. hired consultants to assess...options for selling or spinning it off. A Marshspokeswoman said the company has not...asked not to be identified, said that Marsh "has asked" two banks to assess the value..

Marsh brokerage's assets here bought by Acordia
Journal of Business; April 20, 2006; Crompton, Kim; 582 words ...Spokane branch assets of global insurance giant Marsh, says Mark Neupert, who had been an executive with Marsh here and now is senior vice president that until last fall had been part of Marsh, he says. The Acordia office, which occupies... 
Marsh to Pay $850M in Bid-Rigging Probe 
AP Online; January 31, 2005; MICHAEL GORMLEY, Associated Press Writer; 700+ words ...Washington in this Nov. 16, 2004 file photo. Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc., the nation...New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc., which is based...publicly promise to adopt reforms, he added. Marshpresident and chief executive officer...

Marsh Completes Acquisition of HSBC Insurance Brokers. 
China Weekly News; April 13, 2010; 619 words Marsh, the world's leading insurance broker...HSBC Bank plc. On 18 December last year,Marsh announced that it would acquire HIBL for...million. Concurrent with this transaction, Marsh has also entered into an agreement as Preferred...

Marsh & McLennan replaces chairman in bid to spur settlement talks with New York AG 
AP Worldstream; October 26, 2004; EILEEN ALT POWELL, AP Business Writer; 700+ words ...significant reforms" in the way itsMarsh Inc. subsidiary does business.Shortly...Spitzer said the board's action "permits Marsh and this office to move forward toward...who just last week was named head of Marsh Inc., the company's insurance brokerage...

Marsh taps alumnus to lead brokerage; Background should help new CEO succeed where predecessor failed, observers say.(News) 
Business Insurance; December 10, 2007; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words Byline: SALLY ROBERTS NEW YORK-Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. is banking on a...chairman and chief executive officer of Marsh Inc., is relocating to New York from...Ireland division. He began his career as aMarsh broker in New York 25 years ago (see story...

1: Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.(Company Profile) 
Business Insurance; July 17, 2000; Souter, Gavin; 700+ words ...6000; fax: 212-345-3833; 1999 1998 Premium volume $33.4...risk management plays to the strengths of Marsh Inc., the brokerage's senior executives...expertise of its sister companies within Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. as well as its own..

: Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.(performance in aftermath of September 11, 2001)(Statistical Data Included) 
Business Insurance; July 22, 2002; McLeod, Douglas; 700+ words ...345-6000; fax: 212-345-3833 After decades of helping clients deal with disaster,Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. itself faced unthinkable...the World Trade Center's twin towers, Marsh lost 295 employees in the terrorist attack.

1. Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.(earnings) 
Business Insurance; July 18, 2005; 700+ words Transparency will be the key to Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.'s future success...has smeared MMC and its brokerage unit, Marsh Inc., since it was sued by New York Attorney...will be able to see the true value that Marsh adds when it is selected to place coverage..

Marsh & McLennan's bad news keeps coming.(Knight Ridder Newspapers) 
Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service; October 19, 2004; Brown, Jeff; 700+ words ...riding the rebound when the storm passes _ Marsh & McLennan, for instance. Consider the...that much. Some investors obviously think Marsh may be a good bet despite the bad news...57 Monday. Indeed, it's long odds Marshwill fully recover anytime soon. To buy..

1: Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.(financial analysis)(Statistical Data Included) 
Business Insurance; July 16, 2001; McLeod, Douglas; 700+ words ...6000; fax: 212-345-3833; 2000 1999 Premium volume $39.2...While big acquisitions have fueled much ofMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.'s growth in recent...digit jumps in revenue that followed Marsh's takeover of Sedgwick Group P.L...

The Boston Globe (Boston, MA); November 11, 2004; Beth Healy and Andrew Caffrey Globe Staff; 700+ words Officials of embattled Marsh & McLennan Cos. yesterday moved to squelch...buyout engineered by Putnam executives. Marsh & McLennan chief executive Michael G...which also include the company'sMarsh Inc. brokerage unit and a large consulting.

Marsh Replaces CEO In Wake of Charges; Firm Implicated in Insurance Investigation 
The Washington Post; October 26, 2004; Brooke A. Masters; 700+ words ...Spitzer of bid-rigging and kickbacks, Marsh & McLennan Cos. jettisoned chairman and...its major divisions in less than a year. Marshshares, which rose Friday on rumors that...resolve the issues confronting it," the Marsh board said in a statement that also promised...

Marsh regains its mojo after scandals; Financial services giant back on its feet 9 years post-Spitzer. A lesson for the banks. 
Crain's New York Business; March 6, 2012; 700+ words ...move on" can be, bankers can look to Marsh & McLennan Cos., a financial services...2003 and continuing for about two years, Marsh was a fixture of the financial media as...employee company was fleecing customers.Marsh's insurance brokerage unit--the world...

Marsh set for growth as troubles fade: CEO.(News)(Chief Executive Officer ) 
Business Insurance; January 16, 2006; Coccia, Regis; 700+ words Byline: REGIS COCCIA NEW YORK-As Marsh Inc. begins a new year, it's looking...more focused on serving its clients. "Marsh appropriately, in my view, stepped back...first and largest was by New York-based Marshparent Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc., which...

Marsh promises to amend practicesBroker responds to Spitzer's pressure 
International Herald Tribune; October 28, 2004; Gretchen Morgenson; 700+ words ...International Herald Tribune 10-28-2004 Marsh & McLennan, the world's largest insurance...about potential conflicts of interest. But Marsh's extensive and lesser-known ties to...web of relationships between insurers and Marsh, the company that can bring them more...

Marsh offers bring divided response; Half of clients opt to settle.(News) 
Business Insurance; October 3, 2005; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words ...SALLY ROBERTS NEW YORK-Nearly 70,000 Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. clients next month...of each client's claim relative to what Marshoffered, according to consultants and attorneys advising Marsh clients about their options. For James...

Marsh Completes Acquisition of Alexander Forbes' Brokerage Business. 
Telecommunications Weekly; January 18, 2012; 700+ words Marsh, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC), announced that it has completed...AF's insurance broking operations in Botswana and Namibia. Marsh also announced that it has agreed to acquire other Alexander...

Marsh's pain is rivals' gain; Several execs join competitors in wake of Spitzer charges.(News) 
Business Insurance; November 29, 2004; 700+ words ...Spitzer's fraud and antitrust charges against MarshInc. are prompting a wave of staff defections and job-hunting efforts byMarsh employees, brokerage sources report. Several regionalMarsh executives have jumped to rival brokers since Mr...

Marsh & McLennan Companies Repositions its Brand to Reflect Rich History, Growth and Industry Leadership.(Company overview) 
Marketing Weekly News; July 2, 2011; 700+ words Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (NYSE: MMC...strategy and human capital. Returning to the Marsh & McLennan Companies name underscores and consulting subsidiaries: Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman..

Marsh takes a bold approach to branding 
NJBIZ; November 22, 1999; Sundaramoorthy, Geeta; 700+ words ...quality and value. That is a guarantee that Marsh, the world's largest insurance broker...offer its customers in I 10 countries. MarshUSAs Morristown-based New Jersey division...strategy: saturate the market with everything Marsh. For instance, in October the company...

Marsh seeks extra commissions in U.S. Higher compensation to be paid by insurers on midsized accounts.(News) 
Business Insurance; November 12, 2007; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words ...there are "enhanced commissions.'' Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc., in an effort to...various insurers whether they will pay Marsh"enhanced commissions'' as part of take contingent commissions, which Marsh cannot collect under the terms of its 2005...

Marsh Again Recognized by J.D. Power for Customer Service Excellence. 
Biotech Week; May 6, 2009; 700+ words Marsh Global Consumer in the U.S. has received...newest certification was received by theMarsh Private Client Services Las Vegas Service...Professional Liability Insurance Services. Marsh Global Consumer was the first insurance broker...

Marsh & McLennan to pay back policyholders to end probe. 
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL); January 31, 2005; 700+ words ...Ameet Sachdev CHICAGO _ Insurance broker Marsh & McLennan Cos. agreed to pay $850 million...New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Marsh will not pay a fine or penalty. It also...protecting itself against future lawsuits. Marshapologized for the behavior of some employees...

Marsh Moves to Accelerate Growth Across U.S. Operations. 
Insurance Weekly News; March 19, 2010; 700+ words ...accelerating growth across the U.S., Marsh, the world's leading insurance broker...buyers. To help drive this initiative, Marsh today appointed two senior executives to...Lynch, as business development leader forMarsh & McLennan Agency LLC. Ms. Spratt, who...

Marsh settles insurance charges 
International Herald Tribune; February 1, 2005; Joseph B. Treaster and Terence Neilan; 700+ words ...International Herald Tribune 02-01-2005 Marsh & McLennan, the world's largest insurance...employees. But the chief executive of Marsh, Michael Cherkasky, stressed that the...State attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, Marshwas not required to formally acknowledge...

Marsh Expands U.S. Operations. 
Entertainment Close-up; March 9, 2010; 625 words ...accelerating growth across the U.S., Marsh, an insurance broker and risk advisor...buyers. To help drive this initiative, Marsh said, it appointed two senior executives...Lynch, as business development leader forMarsh & McLennan Agency. Spratt, who reports...

Marsh refuses contingents on core business.(NEWS)
Business Insurance; March 29, 2010; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words Byline: SALLY ROBERTS MarshInc.'s decision to refuse contingent...analysts had mixed reactions to the move. Marsh last week said that it would not accept...first time since officials lifted a ban on Marsh collecting such pay. In 2005, the world...

Marsh shakes up broker management; Realignment of North American and international business brings new faces, exits.(News)(Marsh Inc.) 
Business Insurance; January 7, 2008; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words ...ROBERTS NEW YORK-The revolving door within Marsh Inc.'s executive ranks continued to swing last week with news that Philip Moyles, Marsh's recently appointed chief executive...under new CEO Daniel Glaser, who joined Marsh last month. Coinciding with the management...

Marsh to abandon accounts, standardize commissions; Clients may feel impact of bid to recoup lost funds.(News)(Marsh Inc.) 
Business Insurance; March 7, 2005; Martin, Sara; 700+ words Byline: SALLY ROBERTS NEW YORK-Some Marsh Inc. clients soon will find themselves...commissions and to restore profitability, Marshsaid last week that it is abandoning unprofitable...react to the higher standardized rates, Marsh expects to "recover a meaningful portion...

Marsh Acquires Cosmos Services America. 
Real Estate Weekly News; April 24, 2012; 639 words Marsh, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC), announced the acquisition...approximately $8 million. Cosmos' employees will become part of Marsh's Asia Client Services (ACS) team under the leadership of...

Marsh madness; Scandal leads broker's clients, employees to look elsewhere. 
Crain's Cleveland Business; June 27, 2005; Turner, Shawn A.; 700+ words ...provider of insurance brokerage services, Marsh & McLennan Cos. The informational meeting...because accusations of bid-rigging at Marsh had caused the unidentified Pittsburgh...included Hylant, about 157 times smaller thanMarsh in terms of annual sales. "We probably..

Business Insurance; July 19, 1999; Souter, Gavin; 700+ words recently became a whole lot smaller. Marsh Inc. is now the concise title of the huge...brokers has shrunk to three short names --Marsh, Aon and Willis -- the competitive environment...chairman and chief executive officer of MarshInc. Despite their size, big brokerages...

Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. Top Brokers Rank 1. 
Business Insurance; July 20, 2009; Roberts, Sally; 700+ words ...months at the helm, the top leaders of Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. and retail brokerage subsidiary MarshInc. have done what their predecessors...brokerage. Since being tapped to become Marsh's chairman and chief executive officer...

Marsh & McLennan to Pay $850M in Probe 
AP Online; January 31, 2005; MICHAEL GORMLEY, Associated Press Writer; 700+ words ...states' probes and private lawsuits.Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. will provide...accepted the payment would agree not to sue Marsh."It is one of the largest restitution...ethical ground rules for this industry."Marsh& McLennan, which is based in New York...

Marsh sets up sidecar to write cat coverage; Facility will offer lower-layer capacity in tight market.(News)(MaRI Ltd.) 
Business Insurance; January 15, 2007; Coccia, Regis; 700+ words ...Byline: REGIS COCCIA NEW YORK-Clients of Marsh Inc. at the end of this month will have...brokerage. MaRI Ltd., an acronym for Marsh Risk Innovations, was developed in collaboration...risks such as windstorm and earthquake for Marshclients, said Philip V. Moyles Jr...

Marsh's growing quagmire: mergers prod inert insurance broker to act. (Marsh and McLennan Companies Inc.) 
Crain's New York Business; February 17, 1997; Temes, Judy; 700+ words ...brokerage business for more than 20 years, Marsh & McLennan Cos. has rarely had to aggressive Chicago-based Aon Corp. Marsh's own insurance business is lagging...restless. Last week's bull market gave Marsh's stock a temporary boost, but the company...

Marsh & McLennan Agency Acquires Employee Benefits Division of Kaeding, Ernst & Company. 
Real Estate Weekly News; November 18, 2011; 616 words Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC (MMA), a subsidiary of insurance broker Marsh Inc., announced it has acquired the employee benefits...revenue, will become a part of Bostonian Group, a Marsh & McLennan Agency company, further expanding Bostonian...

Marsh & McLennan Agency Acquires Progressive Benefit Solutions 
Real Estate Weekly News; June 19, 2012; 700+ words ...News Editor at Real Estate Weekly News -- Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC (MMA), a subsidiary of broker Marsh Inc., announced that it has acquired Progressive...operate as a division of Rutherfoord, a Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC company, expanding..

Marsh & McLennan Beats Estimates - Analyst Blog 
Zacks Investment Research - Analyst Blog; August 3, 2010; Zacks Equity Research; 700+ words Marsh& McLennan Beats Estimates - Analyst Blog On August 3, 2010,Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.(MMC) reported second...the continued prevailing weak economic environment, Marsh & McLennan managed to post improved results on account..

Marsh settles lawsuit with $850 million payout
International Herald Tribune; February 2, 2005; Joseph B. Treaster; 700+ words ...International Herald Tribune 02-02-2005 Marsh & McLennan, the largest insurance broker...Michael Cherkasky, the chief executive of Marsh, apologized for what he called the...behavior.'' The $850 million, which Marsh will pay over a four-year period, will...

Marsh & McLennan Misses on Taxes - Analyst Blog 
Zacks Investment Research - Analyst Blog; November 9, 2010; Zacks Equity Research; 700+ words Marsh & McLennan Misses on Taxes - Analyst Blog Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. (MMC) reported its third quarter...time items. With the prolonged weak economic environment, Marsh & McLennan managed to post improved results on account of...

Marsh & McLennan announces new business plan 
AP Worldstream; October 26, 2004; EILEEN ALT POWELL, AP Business Writer; 700+ words ...after sacking its chief executive officer,Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. announced Tuesday...who just last week was named head of MarshInc., the company's risk and insurance...Cherkasky had been chief executive of Marsh Kroll, theMarsh & McLennan risk consulting...

Marsh to cut 3,000 jobs in fallout from inquiryJet and free lunches also are targets 
International Herald Tribune; November 11, 2004; Joseph B. Treaster; 700+ words ...accusations that it had cheated its customers, Marsh & McLennan, the world's biggest broker...employees, or 5 percent of its work force. Marsh, which earlier forced out its chief executive...announced on Tuesday, are expected to save Marsh $400 million a year, or nearly half of...

Marsh & McLennan says Putnam Investments isn't on block. 
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News; November 11, 2004; 700+ words ...News Nov. 11--Officials of embattled Marsh & McLennan Cos. yesterday moved to squelch...buyout engineered by Putnam executives.Marsh & McLennan chief executive Michael G...which also include the company's Marsh Inc. brokerage unit and a large consulting...

The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY); November 10, 2004; Jonathan D. Epstein; 700+ words Insurance brokerage giant Marsh & McLennan is fighting desperately in...Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who accusesMarsh of rigging bids, fixing prices, and...month, led to the resignation of former Marsh & McLennan CEO Jeffrey Greenberg and...

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  1. Steve, interesting that Bremer was a Risk Manager up to that day, then all of a sudden he is a counter-terrorism expert. My cousin is a Risk Manager for a major US firm, and I can assure you she does not know the first thing about counter-terrorism.