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A Little Known Roster of World Trade Center Tenants

The several different lists to be found online, like those issued by CNN or the AP, vary in some interesting ways, so it might appear they were all tampered with in order to disguise, or dumb down, some relevant information. Knowing an attempt was made to obscure a fact is a good first step in recognizing the relevance of it.

I don't know the source or origin for the list on these pages, but I like what distinguishes them---details like "B.E. Windows Corp." instead of "Windows on the World" for the restaurant on the 106th floor, which is the way Dun & Bradstreet would understand the tenancy. I only found pages for the floors above 89 in One World Trade Center, and a handwritten note reference this fact, so maybe that's evidence of suppression.

Actually, I found the source (Team8+?):


(This is the only index to list "LMCC Artists" on the 91rst floor of tower one for instance, which was donated space kept off the commercial market for four years.)

The contact names and phone numbers alone add to our broader knowledge base. I can make no sense of the edited heading, "Revised January 27, 2003," except to say, at least it's honest!

Let me link to several other lists here,

Washington Post, Former World Trade Center Firms, Business/Commerce Contact Information
About this list: This list originated from the World Trade Center leasing company tenant list obtained just after 9/11/01. Companies are listed only if we were able to obtain relocation information from the company's Web site or from contact with a company representative by phone or email. We have listed Web sites if we determine additional contact information is needed. Last updated September 4, 2002

CNN - Tenant List provided by CoStar Group, Inc.

Associated Press (via the LA Times)
(The same list as provided by CoStar to CNN, but alphabetized,and with the square footage information removed. Dated 9-11-01)

Wall Street Journal- A Look at Former World Trade Center Tenants

Voltaire Network - Liste des sociétés occupant le World Trade Center de New York au 11 septembre 2001. Simply fascinating! Thanks Miranda Priestley!

List of tenants of One and Two World Trade Center and their suite numbers, as of Feb. 2, 2001, provided by

BBC News

Gary Stock: UnBlinking
Thank God for spooks! published a list with, SOURCES: CoStar Group Inc.; Skyscrapers, An Architectural Type of Modern Urbanism; compiled from AP wire reports. This list carried the apparently "erroneous" listing for "Gibbs & Hill Engineers" on the 91rst floor of the south tower, see:
"N.Y. Grand Jury Indicts Man Accused of Defrauding 9/11 Fund; Claimed Company Was 'Destroyed' by the Attacks,"

TenantWise -- Special Report: WTC Tenant Relocation Summary
(The best review of the relocation of firms after 9/11.)

WorldTrade Aftermath is a web site still found at,which carries the date of 9-11-11 within its web address, and is a source for the errant Gibbs & Hill information. It shows the firm sharing the same 91rst floor in the south tower as Raytheon and "The Washington Group." This same information is found on the Associated Press list, linked to above, just in a different, non-alphabetized format, and might confirm an AP release of a WTC tenant's list as from as early as the eleventh.

See: "N.Y. Grand Jury Indicts Man Accused of Defrauding 9/11 Fund; Claimed Company Was 'Destroyed' by the Attacks," for some real awkwardness.

This AP list is also the source for for the Atlantic Bank of New York's full-floor tenancy on the 106th floor of the south tower (See: December 20, 2001, USA Today, "For many on Sept. 11, survival was no accident,"
"Other offices were leased but empty or under renovation. The Atlantic Bank of New York had moved out of the 106th floor of the south tower in July but was still paying rent."
Survival was no accident indeed! Ouch!

But this leads us to another mistake, and correction---in the august Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer Prize winning 9/11 submission:
Corrections & Amplifications
NORTHERN TRUST Corp. doesn't have any offices in the World Trade Center, as was incorrectly stated in a tenant listing in yesterday's edition. In August 2000, Northern Trust International Banking Corp. moved from the World Trade Center to 40 Broad St., New York. (WSJ Sept. 13, 2001)
But the Northern Trust International Banking Corporation once did, even if it didn't have to continue paying rent after it moved out, like some former tenants did. Their Dun & Bradstreet number is 051943231!
The following is a list of those businesses that, according to Dun & Bradstreet's records, operated from an address at the World Trade Center. This information is representative of information in D&B's database as of September 11, 2001 and may be updated as additional facts become known. Please Note: In some instances there will be multiple records with the same name or a similar name. This may result from the existence of multiple business operations or divisions/affiliates within the World Trade Center. D&B requests that any reprinting, reproduction or redistribution of this information include the following notation:
Source: Dun & Bradstreet -
So what do you think got them so riled up they made the Wall Street Journal issue a correction on September 13th that imprecisely de-amplifies the record, by neglecting to mention the firm was formerly a tenant?

The extensive D&B database .pdf can be found maintained online by Let'sRollForums

[PDF] World Trade Center Business Listing - Dec 3
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
World Trade Center Business Listing. As of 9/11/01. D&B D-U-N-S Number. Business Name. 787890029. 3 S USA, INC. 825502904. 32 GROUP COMPANY. 083739263 ...

Somebody needs to thank Phil Jahan really quick, and that would be me! So thanks Phil, for saving western civilization from the Philistines---once more!

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