Thursday, September 17, 2009

MontanaWildhack over at links to my Blog "The Pentagon Motherload Shot"

on a thread here, and discusses the following image: (the DoD High-Resolution version.)

Her thinking was that the buildings and vehicles looked like models and the figures were unnatural, so she considered whether they had been photoshopped in.

But her deconstructing the elements within this " Where's Waldo" scene as possibly being an example of still-image fakery misses my original point entirely. These figures dressed in white had caught my eye for a particular reason. They represent one of the very few instances in the image records of attacks in two cities where the participants can be seen engaged in some highly focused task. Since the blue-collar, working-class and union representatives in the 9/11 drama were induced to participate by being giving---what is to them---coveted, insider "no-show" jobs, they always look it, as they lallygag about with stone-face expressions in an air of surreality.

But these men in white seem to be addressing some kind of rectangular black device. I originally wondered if a hatch door had been photoshopped in, but as I stated, if it had been doctored, that would only add to a meaning we are meant to derive, whatever that might be.

I disagree with the building consensus over at If they were as familiar with the Pentagon image record as I am, they would never have claimed, for instance, that burnt tree branches had been clumsily painted onto the building facade. The real question that should be asked---is what happened to its burnt sister, a Dexter twin that flanked the doorway.

A think a simple Disneyesque codachrome-type application has been introduced overall to provide a candy, or toy quality, similar to the color theory work utilized in many scenes of medical triage.

A military photographer, Marc Hodgden, synthetically provided shots showing several of these black objects backed up near the Port-o-Lets. Here, it's clear, I should think, that they mean to indicate as being electrical generators servicing two high-powered swivel lights atop them, but the style seems archaic and anachronistic in a Home Depot age, like the great wooden wire spools, and the diesel generator adorning the strike zone.

But then a low-case poster to the board named brianv, (and that better not be a sock puppet of yours, Miranda Priestley! I'll spit!) drew our attention to a "personal fave. A 'Bob the Builder' Model Studio of the Pentagon!! See the guys in the top right hand corner!!"

But I wouldn't treat those figures so lightly, dear. I know them better from a reverse view, and I think they are doing something highly significant.

They would appear to be cleaning up a gooey sludge-like matter from the roof and placing it onto blue tarps. I might think this had to do with the pyrotechnics that took place on the roof after dark, which was clear evidence of arson. I vacillate between depleted uranium and white phosphorous being causative, just like the Palestinians endured this past January.

But I am extremely grateful to v. for causing this fresh look at these shots, where a previously unseen feature of utmost importance suddenly revealed itself to me in a schizophrenic surge of dopamine, proving John Gartner of Psychology Today more right than not.

These would be the clear fire-breaks which exist in both the pitched and flat roofs of the Pentagon at every single expansion joint, (but obscured with a painterly brush in many places.) The presence of this rhythmic feature makes a total mockery out of fires which swept through roofed areas and down passageways condemning two million square feet to reconstruction. Look in the top right-hand corner of my posted reverse roof view to see the point at which fires should have been impeded in the E-ring.

Also fraudulent is the engineering study which followed, which proposed introducing additional fire breaks. It is a complete and total lie! Bad consultants!

So here is another slam-dunk eyeopener exposing common insurance fraud, in the old-fashioned "Jewish lightning" style. We need the damn prosecutors to get in on this! We are wasting our time from here on out otherwise. Shit or get off the pot dudes. (Terrorist fist bump!)

I fancied that these aforementioned black devices were being used to remove and dispose of highly classified records from within the Navy Command Center, and the Pentagon accounting offices. I could see them being dropped overboard into the briny deep somewhere far off in the ocean.

And I was at a party in Sag Harbor, New York---itself once a vibrant whaling center---over this past summer, where I overheard a bit of 9/11 small talk, which I took to be the ectoplasmic validation that proved my theory was right.

Somebody said tipsily, " You know why they destroyed Building Seven, don't you? It was to do away with all the records from when the United States stole the Hawaiian islands!"

Eureka, I thought! Having heard that the Navy Intelligence wielded the most power amongst the various intelligence branches, that would be exactly the sort of documentation I might imagine to be in their hands and still actionable as leverage. This is not to be confused with the S.E.C. records in Building 7, although, Christopher Cox, then a southern California congressman, was having breakfast with Donald Rumsfeld in the Pentagon on the morning of the attack.

Such a small world! It's all going to have to come out in the wash sooner or later. Just take it a piece at a time. AND REMEMBER TO BREATHE!

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