Monday, October 01, 2007

Kit Landis, Craig Ranke, Chris DeWolf, Jude Rothschadl, Alan Pakula, Loyde England, Webster Tarpley and me.

Yesterday was a very painful day for me. The experience of it started off in the early morning hours, (actually, I segued in from the night before,) as I was finishing off a blog about Judy "Jude" Rothschadl, and through the aegis of Google, I came upon an unfortunate coda to her story: the untimely and tragic accidental death of one of her colleagues, Chris DeWolf, in January of 2004.

The 41-year-old father of young children had skidded off the interstate highway in a snow storm while on his way to work as a fireman in Portsmouth New Hampshire. While the loss felt senseless (single-car accident on the morning of a workday for a trained first-responder in a snow state?) it was nothing to jump to any conclusions about, even though I felt sure DeWolf had arraigned for the unprecedented access at the Pentagon on 9-11, but I was left with a vague sense of unease.

By the end of the day (and I did give that day a proper ending,) I'd finished another blog about Loyde England. While not expecting praise, or reward, or kudos, or anything like that, I was a bit taken aback, when my single correspondent at present, a touchstone of sorts named Craig Ranke, dismissed my effort as off-base in two comments he appended to the blog.

He linked me to some of his previous research at In that thread, Craig had posted several documentary photographs from a marvelous resource he had acquired, a computer file of images taken by Jason Ingersoll, the marine corporal who was on-scene at the Pentagon early on September 11, and who took a series of well-known high-resolution images which have been a boon to research.

I don't know the count of the Ingersoll images that have been previously released into the public record. I have one file with 62 but it is far from comprehensive. My great debt of gratitude to Ingersoll was in spotting what appears to be spent artillery shell casings littering the muddy foreground of the damaged Pentagon building in two images he took, DM-SD-02-03910, and DM-SD-02-03911

and a glancing view here at:

Fired from either the exposed rectangular silos whose metal lids we see flung aside, or perhaps from the area of the burning generator, these munitions were only one aspect of a multi stage, timed action. They definitely didn't come from a 757.

Craig had told me about the new Ingersoll photographs previously, when he said he'd been given the file--he calls it "a literal treasure trove,"--by an employee of the Virginia Department of Transportation, whose nearby offices were expropriated by Pentagon brass after 9-11. More recently, Craig had done some specific research pertaining to 9-11 there. I remember salivating at the news, and I was envious of Craig, who I, rightly or wrongly, questioned as being non-independent in light of his holdings.

So, of course, to any researcher who has poured over the limited public resource available, again and again until bleary eyed, the new images were like manna. However, they weren't especially useful to the point at hand, although there were several pertaining to areas of personal interest, like the shots of a car and a firetruck as they were being devoured by EXO weaponry seen in the background of several shots.

The new shots were interleaved within a tight sequence of known Ingersoll images, made as he descended a hill from the Navy Annex and worked his way around towards the disaster scene. Craig intended the images to provide a context surrounding two very important shots of Loyde England, the taxicab driver on Route 27 who witnessed a 757 strike the Pentagon and who had a lamp pole spear its way through his windshield, narrowly missing him. Anyone familiar with the death of Alan J. Pakula, the movie director who was killed in a freak accident on the Long Island Expressway, couldn't avoid being shocked at Mr. England's close-call.

But the sequence works against Craig's interpretation--that as Corporal Ingersoll moves closer to the scene of carnage and devastation, with his horizon engulfed in flames and a supposedly terrorized response, he would stop and take boutique vignette shots, two tightly posed, close-up portraits of a driver on a cell phone, one amongst many, and his vehicle, albeit one with a damaged windshield and an inferable downed lamp pole nearby. Did Ingersoll take time to focus and compose these informatively controlled and narrative-rich shots, or was he just lucky?

My interpretation is that these two images of Mr. England attributed to Ingersoll are part of a recognizable subgroup of Pentagon images that do the heavy lifting in the story-telling department. I should think they were staged and recorded some days in advance of September 11, but that doesn't add to their inherent falsity, it only speaks to their technical limits and imperfection. They are indicted by their meaning in trying to tell a story, consequently they can be suspected as being the furthest away from the real truth.

In any event, I sense Craig and I are not working at cross purposes here, as we are moving closer to the unveiling of some fundamental truths, those being: knowing the motive of who benefited, as it has become revealed by subsequent history, what was the specific mechanical intent of the perpetrators, how did their plans go awry (assuming they did--how else to account for the slipshod results?) and how to apportion blame and responsibility amongst the various levels and components--some perhaps competing--of a plan as large and complex as 9-11 (I remember the confusion in the immediate aftermath, when a politician, recognizing that no state would dare do such an act, for any would appreciate the consequences the United States would visit upon them in return, wondered what possible non-state actor was capable of such a vast enterprise. It rather limits the suspects--none.)

Maybe it's wishful thinking (I've certainly staked my future and well-being on it as the outcome,) but there is no way that the that official story will stand. Any possible imagined future scenario--another Clinton presidency, another false-flag disaster on the scale of 9-11 or greater, war with Iran, further encroachments on American liberties, riot and civil strife, martial law, incarcerations--will not prevent or stop the gradual unfolding of the truth of American complicity, responsibility and authorship for the events of 9-11. We will either live with a poisoned society living a half-held lie, or one cathartically purged of the figment.

On a deeper level, what is being revealed is a truth about victimization, power, secrecy, and the causality of reality, which is all good.

But I was horrified to learn from Craig's thread that "[I]n an extremely strange and suspicious twist that we can only pray is a coincidence," the young man who gave Craig the Ingersoll computer file, Christopher "Kit" Landis, committed suicide "about a week after we had obtained the CITGO witnesses testimony on film."

While that reference means little to me in establishing a likely relationship between the acts and players, it may only be a coincidence per se for them, but it is not coincidental for me to learn of Landis's death off of an August 13, 2007 thread only now, when it addresses the death of Chris DeWolf.

Both of these men displayed a level of access and privilege that seems remarkable to someone outside their realm, whatever that may be. They both certainly look like a duck and quack like a duck as being the clandestine operatives of some shadowy organized force, be it Masonic or Platonic. And they both paid the ultimate price--in consequence, I imagine, for some failure pertaining to their roles in staging and massaging the September 11th event.

Dewolf's, at least, was a "line-of-duty" death, with all the resources that implies for his widow and two small children. But like the Oklahoma City survivors who were hurt by the largess shown their 9-11 compatriots, one must wonder at the fate of Landis's widow and four small children, given the differing circumstances.

Kit Landis did not commit suicide, just like the 19 Arabs who were the supposed culprits did not commit suicide. I suppose you'd have to try it yourself and fail, maybe even attempt it a couple of times, to understand how unlikely that scenario is. A "Masada complex," or Shimshon Haggibor---the "Samson the Hero," is of a different legend and culture altogether.

However Chris DeWolf met his end it was well-handled. Better certainly, than the staged beheading of Nicholas Berg by masked Americans standing in front of walls painted the same yellow color as the walls in Abu-Gharib prison.

(For the benefit of the anonymous poster below with the psychological defense mechanism turned up to Threat Con Delta, check out this analysis of Berg's murder, at Berg decapitation video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison, and if you're up to it, you can watch the actual video here, at Video: Nicholas Berg's Beheading.

And while you're at it, don't miss another video up at that site [ ] reposted here. In it, an American soldier brags to his buddies about participating in a rape at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq of a 15-year-old girl. You have to SEE the evil, before you can KNOW the evil, before you can begin to CHANGE the evil.)

Webster Tarpley was right when he wrote, "The world of secret intelligence agencies is a realm of falsehood, camouflage, deception,violence, unspeakable cruelty, treachery, and betrayal. It is the most desolate and grim sector of human endeavor, where no human values can subsist. It knows neither hope nor mercy nor redemption. It is the one area of human life where Hobbes's maxim holds true: it is the war of all against all."

Having exposed this law of club and fang through the failed September 11th attacks and the failed Iraqi and Afghani wars, might we, with God's help, transform it into something new?

On edit: I'll start a collection down here, of suspicious deaths, with perhaps more than meets the eye behind them.

In memoriam: Scott Shuger. - By Michael Kinsley - Slate Magazine

Shuger was a progressive muck-raking blogger who was as fit in a jujitsu dojo as he was in the water, but who died in scuba diving accident at age 50--my age--coincidentally, on my birthday, making him universal and local.

He wrote a well-known piece: The military screw-up nobody talks about.

In the Run Up:

June 6, 2000, John I. Millis, a former case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency who for the last three years served as the top staff member of the House Intelligence Committee, committed suicide on Sunday, the police and Congressional officials said today. He was 47 and lived in Vienna, Va.

Before becoming a senior staff aide in Congress, Mr. Millis served as a case officer for the C.I.A. for nearly 13 years. In that period, he lived in Pakistan, working to provide covert aid to Afghan rebels who were fighting the Soviet army.

Craig-- Why don't you recognize and highlight the significance of this shit?

"We tried contacting Kirk Milburn and confirmed his account with his son but unfortunately he told us that his Dad was killed in a motorcycle accident."

I'm collecting unusual deaths over at stevenwarran. I must thank you. You guys are responsible for bringing more shit to light than any other trippers.

Love, Steven

ADD-ON "James Mosley - FOB#2 (Navy Annex)
Lyte: Mr. Mosley has apparently passed away since 2001 and is thus unavailable for further comment. His story thus remains unconfirmed and should be dismissed."

Charles D. Riechers, whose Air Force career took him from the back of a B-52 cockpit to the front of the service’s $30 billion procurement office, said something was telling in the fact that his suicide note to his boss was typed. They described it as an effort to set the record straight by a meticulous man who felt deeply misunderstood.

Charles D. Riechers

"I first and foremost express my deepest regret for a situation based on my naïveté," Mr. Riechers's note read, according to a person familiar with it. "I've created a scandal."

On Oct. 14, neighbors found the body of Mr. Riechers, a 47-year-old husband and father, in his garage in Loudoun County, Va., just outside Washington, dead apparently from the fumes of his car. Instead of clarity, though, Mr. Riechers's last act cast a cloud of suspicion over the Air Force, threatening to plunge a service still struggling to emerge from one of its worst scandals into another quagmire.

OMFG! This man did not commit suicide!!!!!! Assholes!!!


  1. Yeah Landis' death freaked us out. We just found out about it when I posted that in August this year.

    Anyway you can get high resolution versions of MOST of the "faked" Ingersoll images here:

    (Was the video footage of the cab faked too Jack White?)

    Hint: search some other threads in that forum to find two Ingersoll images that are not included in the military hosted archive.

    And ummmm....Aldo is the one who spotted Aziz.

    He is a much better image starer.

    I highly doubt he came.

  2. Hmmm. Self-control. Wouldn't know a thing about it.

    For the record, DM-SD-02-03911 seems to have gone missing. It's the better of the two of my missile theory pictures, not that I expect any credit. You can just expropriate to your heart's desire, like you did with Isabelle James--not a mention, not a word--not that I'd want a link coming in from some of the trash you associate with.

    Besides, I've found a new community where I already feel at home. I'm going to be discrete for a change and stay mum. ...........Oh, I can't! OK, here's a hint: I learned a new word there: ponerology. And I didn't say poenology. Keep it straight.

    Yawn. I'm getting tired. Maybe I'll go check out your references.

  3. haha!

    You two are photo starer rivals!


    Believe it or not, I just checked with him and Aldo had not read your blog about James before he posted that. (he said he did see it after though)

    He visits your spot way less than I.

    Even I only pay half attention to most of your blogs and to be honest didn't even catch that you had spotted her in that shot until I just now went back over your post.

    Hell even if we had "expropriated" info from you why we source someone who thinks we're the bad guys?

    Actually just kidding.

    We would certainly give credit if we had truly gotten info from you.

    It simply hasn't happened yet so I guess you are spared all the traffic from the legions of "trash" who follow us for now!

  4. "Better certainly, than the staged beheading of Nicholas Berg by masked Americans standing in front of walls painted the same yellow color as the walls in Abu-Gharib prison."

    That goes on my Top Ten list of The Dumbest Fucking Things I Have Ever Heard.

    What mental illness is it you have?

  5. I second that motion, Anon. Go shag a horse.

  6. Watch my back girl.

    I'm going to list here all the suspicious deaths I come across, like Judy's student. I just stumbled upon this: Scott Shuger, internet journalist specializing in terrorism, healthy and fit judo and scuba pro dies in a scuba accident at age 50 on June 17, 2002 (my age, my birthday--coincidence?)

    In memoriam: Scott Shuger - By Michael Kinsley - Slate Magazine

    I was familiar with his piece here, check it out Nichole if you're not:

    The military screw-up nobody talks about. - By Scott Shuger ...

    Well, at least I'm not healthy, fit or successful.Do you think I'm safe?

  7. I'm late to this thread, but no idiotic comment should go unchallenged.

    Artillery shells? Artillery shells??

    Are you shitting me? Are you serious? Seriously? I hope you'll come back with a "Ar ar ar, I was just joking", but somehow I really believe you really believe that.

    Artillery shells? What the hell would artillery shells do with regards to the sort of damage that happened?

    They are rolls of tar paper for the roof repairs that had been ongoing as part of the renovation.

    Artillery shells.

  8. Tar paper? Rolls of tar paper??

    Are you shitting me? Are you serious? Seriously? I hope you'll come back with a "Ar ar ar, I was just joking", but somehow I really believe you really believe that.

    Rolls of tar paper? What the hell would tar paper have to do with regards to the sort of damage that happened?

    They are artillery shells fired from the area of the construction vehicles. Even after the news media arrived there were multiple load explosions as the culprits tried and failed to bring down some section of the building to cover their botched strike.

    Tar paper? What section of the slate roof was renovated pray tell?

    Read my blog at for more info.

    Really, you Fort Meade types need to go back to school. You are doing more damage than good with these post facto attempts at damage control.

  9. This is great. Artillery shells. As Paul Harvey says, Stand By for NEWS!

  10. I think.....yes! YES!!! I see an anchor in the wreckage! It IS an anchor, probably from the USS Lake Erie. It launched its SM-3 missiles at the E-ring!

  11. Boy, this got old quick.

    The utter failure of Fort Meade-trained disinfo agents is on display, probably with a few too many cocktails also. In the spirit of the posting, perhaps a suicide attempt is called for?

  12. Paul Harvey?

    How old are you Pinch?

    How come I can't find a footprint of any of your visits Pinch, on any of my three site monitors?

    The military. You have the technology and all the money, but you lack simple brains!!!!

    Who do you think is going to win?

  13. "How old are you Pinch?"

    You've been to my blog. It has pictures, a brief "about me" on the right hand side. You should be able to infer a pretty good idea.

    "How come I can't find a footprint of any of your visits Pinch, on any of my three site monitors?"

    Perhaps you aren't quite as adept at tracking digital footprints as you think you are? I have no idea why. I am doing this from home, however, so here you go:

    Domain Name ? (Network)
    IP Address ? (Comcast Cable)
    ISP Comcast Cable
    Continent : North America
    Country : United States (Facts)
    State : Virginia
    City : Woodbridge
    Lat/Long : 38.6485, -77.3108 (Map)
    Distance : 3 miles (local visitor)

    (and I have no super double-secret squirrel military industrial complex blocker that would keep my home system from appearing. That is only for the *real* important disrupter types.

  14. Christopher “Kit” Landis

    1971 - 2006

    Of Fairfax, VA. He is survived by his wife, Terri Landis; mom and dad, Bonnie and Lester Miyaoka; his father, David Landis of Palmdale, CA; two daughters, Christina and Lydia and two sons, Jason and Adam. He is also survived by a brother, Randy Miyaoka and his siblings in California, Matthew, Michael, and Sarah.

    Kit was a local drummer for many years in the metal heydays of the mid 80’s to early 90’s and was a founding member of Militia that was based in Springfield Va. Kit was passionate about his drumming and spent many years crafting his skills which helped lead his band to many local and regional shows throughout the DC & Baltimore region. He will be sadly missed for his dark sense of wit and his ability to always be there for anyone who needed a friend. We have lost a kick ass drummer and a friend, but heaven has gained a true rocker to the core. Rock on our dear friend. All of your family and friends.