Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Malignant Egophrenic Monster

The Diseased Malignant Egophrenic Monster

Satan's The Name. Genocide's The Game.
White Phosphorus' The Flame.
Tortures the Lame. Radical Islam's To Blame.
Laura's His Dame. Outs C.I.A.'s Plame.
Worse President His Everlasting Fame.

This is a terribly snarky introduction for my intended purpose, but I will leave it as I wrote it some days back because it neatly captures that day's mood and attitude, where I felt very afraid and very sick.

I gave this post its title in order to pay tribute to a 10-page psychological profile of George W. Bush, written by a Seattle-area therapist named Paul Levy, called The Madness Of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis. It is the first thing I've read in a long while which gives me genuine hope for the future. I recommend it highly, both for its insights into the President's make-up, but more importantly for me personally, how it steered me right back onto a useful, if not especially cheerful path, focusing on what part I, as an individual, can play. I didn't know I held a piece of the responsibility for this madness, Mr. Levy! Thanks for helping!

I had a different, much better picture of George posted originally, but it suddenly disappeared from the blog. Most likely it was my fault--technically, I'm still a washout as a Blogger--but the paranoid part of me wonders if it was lifted away by other forces, the least threatening of which would be copyright police.


  1. Haven't read the article you link to yet--I'm on my way now--but it sure resonates so far. Yee haw.

  2. Dear NBFH Thank you. You are my very first comment. I've been feeling like Lana Turner at the lunch counter. Today I also got my first mention on a popular blog, and it was Crooks & Liars! Can you live!
    I intend to flatter you by stealing your blog's look, which I really like. Not to worry, it will take time. Best Regards, Steven W.