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Gary Bauer Sees AA Flight 77 Hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

Gary Bauer's eyewitness account that he saw “the plane,” or “the jet,” fly “right into the Pentagon,” on the morning of September the 11th, 2001, should be disbelieved in its entirety—it is a total fabrication, a deceitful, outright lie, in my humble opinion.

Bauer gave two in-depth interviews on his 9-11 experience---to The Charlotte World, a World Newspaper Publishing outfit specializing in Evangelical points of view, and MassNews, a free daily, which describes itself as the voice “for inquisitive moderates, liberals, conservatives and libertarians everywhere, with a special emphasis on news.…in Massachusetts,” but one with a clear conservative tone to it’s coverage.*

* For instance, its founder, attorney J. Edward Pawlick, wrote a 2003 book called “Libel by the New York Times,” and in a brief “About Me” page online, he says,
“There was no way of knowing that the family which owned the Boston Globe and The New York Times Company had just installed a new Chairman, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr., who had had a terrible childhood and was out to get even with his family by promoting gay marriage across the entire country, beginning with the state where they absolutely dominated the media. All his ancestors were "homophobes," Sulzberger said and there was some truth to that statement."

Both reports repeat essentially the same details in nearly exact language.

Bauer was driving into the District of Columbia on the morning of September 11th*

*In something of a coincidence, he was on his way to a press conference being held in opposition to the radical Muslim government of Sudan’s persecution of Christians.

when his office calls with news of the strike to the second tower, the message carrying an immediate awareness of terrorism. Mr. Bauer realizes he’s in a “massive” traffic jam, stuck on I-395 for twenty minutes, and it has positioned him the nearest possible point of public access to the Pentagon. He realizes he’s in danger, when “all of a sudden,” he “heard the roar of a jet engine…coming up behind us on that major highway. And it veered to the right into the Pentagon. The blast literally rocked all of our cars. It was an incredible moment.” Elsewhere in the reporting Bauer calls “it,” the plane, and, the jet.*

* Timing isn’t everything in life—you also need a good choreographer and a good scriptwriter.

With such a divine synergy to the “religious” Bauer’s first-person testimony, and given the overwhelming context of emotional catharsis generated by the New York attacks, it is no wonder Americans blithely accepted the chutzpah of Bauer’s claim, which along with other, equally suspect, eyewitness accounts, became one of the foundation proofs that a regularly scheduled American Airlines commercial 757 jet airplane melted into the Pentagon.

Did no one remember Bauer was the only Evangelical Christian leader who signed the Statement of Principles, for the Project for a New American Century, in June of 1997? Some of the other 24 co-signers include Dan Quayle, Lewis Libby, Zalmay Khalilzad, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush, and the trifecta of Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz.

Although Bauer himself didn’t contribute to the famous September 2000 document REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century, where the cataclysmic events of 9-11 were predicted as necessary to galvanize Americans into endless war through a “new Pearl Harbor,” it can certainly be said he laid the philosophical and moral ground work for Ground Zero.

That Bauer foresaw good fortune that morning there is little doubt in my mind. Along with other leaders of the religious right like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and pro Zionist neoconservatives like William Kristol, Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, and David Wurmser, they all, in my opinion, shared privileged foreknowledge of the events of 9-11 and contributed accordingly—-at minimum co-conspiring the aftermath to what Bush Family/C.I.A. nabobs knew about, nursed along, ultimately even navigated and “nuked”*

* read “pancaked.”

the “Al Qaeda” plane attacks that struck America on 9-11. Although each held a different focus to their agenda, all anticipated manipulating an increase in power stemming from the drastic curtailing of American civil-rights during times of war.

Some theorist’s hypothesis hold that had 9-11 unfolded as fully planned*

*the fourth plane was 45 minutes late in taking off

and the Capital and the House of Representatives were struck as intended, with a major loss of life down the chain of command, then an immediate martial law would have been declared in the United States.*

*as it already secretly had been declared a few days prior by Governor Jeb Bush in the state of Florida.

Had that happened, the last five years of the Bush regime would seem like a pale shadow of the Fascism envisioned.*

*Is it much of a leap for those who think the Constitution is being misused in justification of a “right” to murder unborn babies, then it could also be used to not justify certain rights, like first-amendment rights championed by the ACLU? Likewise, suicide bombers blow up on your city buses, understandably unsettling, but where does the feeling of powerlessness lead?

Bauer became the co-founder in 2002 of The American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC), which unites American Jews with Christians in a stated goal “on behalf of traditional values,” but in practical terms the alliance is a trade-off—with Christians giving an unprecedented Messianic level of support for Israel*

*with the freshly minted theological justification as necessary to fulfill Biblical prophecy leading to the second coming of Christ, which is now upon us. Pat Robertson thinks He’s coming in this lifetime. Pat Robertson is an old man.

in exchange for covert Jewish support for a move toward a militaristic American Judeo-Christian theocracy, one that, admittedly, gives them second-class status as “Christians-in-waiting.”

When a morally vacuous, incompetent, and drifting Bush 2000 political campaign came shopping, this alliance bought.

In a just-released working paper, THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, by John J. Mearsheimer, of the University of Chicago, and Stephen M. Walt, of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, this alliance is called “The Lobby,” and it “includes prominent Christian evangelicals like Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, and Pat Robertson, as well as Dick Armey and Tom DeLay, former majority leaders in the House of Representatives. They believe Israel’s rebirth is part of Biblical prophecy, support its expansionist agenda, and think pressuring Israel is contrary to God’s will.”

The AAJC's Board of Advisers also includes Dr. James Dobson, Charles Colson, Pastor Rick Scarborough, as well as Rabbi Barry Freundel, Rabbi David Novak, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, Michael Medved, John Uhlmann.

Strange bedfellows sometimes resort to strange rhetoric, like when the chronically foot-in-mouth diseased Pat Robertson acts more Zionist than any Jew, most recently when he claimed God visited a stroke on Ariel Sharon in response to his "giving away" Holy land.

Jews must have to be sanguine about the motivation behind this Christian support, recognizing a dynamic which once was described as being, “a three-act play with the Jews disappearing in the second act.”*


Bauer has stated as much. He has had problems with scandal, both sexual and financial; in a financial one from 1996 he took a six-figure fee plus expenses from the Cult leader Sun Myung Moon to speak before the "Family Federation for World Peace," alongside Moon and his fourth wife. Bauer defended his speech by saying.
"I don't see why Christians should censor themselves out of any forum in which our perspectives can be heard. I disagree with the theology of many groups that I address; Jews, for example, who do not accept Jesus, or atheists,”
Bauer’s part in the wide-ranging conspiracy which manifested on September the 11th, which gave the pretext for U.S wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, lays responsibility for the unfolding moral horror directly at his feet. The Old Testament Bible says, we know a man by his fruits.

This so-called “pro-life” activist, Bauer, is either morally neutral on war, or he actually likes it. Although God is no longer on America’s side anymore, if we are to judge the outcomes of war, it hasn’t stopped Bauer’s reflexive defense of even the most heinous crimes committed in His name, like Abu Gharib.

A piece Bauer penned for, a broadly ecumenical web site which offers a Belief-O-Matic™ quiz that can tell you what religion you should be practicing, is titled simply, “FRENZY,” with the pull-quote: “Some people are willing to believe anything America’s enemies say while believing our own leaders are liars.”

In it, Bauer writes about “the apparent prisoner abuse at Abu Gharib,” chides Senator Kennedy for his criticisms by bringing up Chappaquiddick, bemoans those “who adamantly opposed the U.S. liberating Iraq to begin with,” and castigates a Kerry campaign for the gall that “used the scandal to fund raise over the weekend. How disgusting can you get?” Nowhere does Bauer use a term like “disgust” to describe the actual abuse of the Iraqi “murderers and thugs” who are having “a bad time of it in prison,” going only so far as to say “such abuses violate our own values,” and “appropriate” steps should be taken in response to “the mistakes of a few U.S. soldiers.” He fails to mention that only a small fraction of photos have been released, the others depicting scenes of abuse deemed too troubling for public viewing.

Bauer ends with a fearsome flourish, saying, “bin Laden and the other murderers plotting right now to kill thousands of us and our allies…continue on their mission to bring us to our knees using whatever tactic or weapon they can find. The odds of us being hit before the November election grow by the hour…”

An article at published April 8, 2003, by Akiva Eldar, who also writes for Ha'aretz, is titled, Gary Bauer and Likud: An Unholy Alliance with the Christian Right. In it, Eldar writes,
“On the first day of the AIPAC convention, a man named Gary Bauer took the podium. He reminded the cheering thousands that God gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people and, therefore, there is an absolute ban on giving it to another people. Bauer is not a member of the National Religious Party, nor of the Likud central committee. He's not even Jewish. He is a leading preacher from the Christian right in America, one of those who believe the Jews are The Chosen People and one day will even choose the right messiah. Bauer is a leading spokesman for arch-conservative policies, including a total ban on all abortions and favoring government funding for religious schools.

"These are the people generating the spiritual energy fueling George Bush's war on global terrorism. Evangelist Christians from South Carolina paid for the huge billboard on the Ayalon Highway declaring "There's no land for peace." TV evangelist Pat Robertson last week reprimanded Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, saying "Who do you think you are, handing Jerusalem over to Arafat?"

“With Christian friends like these close to the president's ear, the right-wing government in Israel does not need Jewish friends to rebuff political initiatives like the road map. But the Jewish activists are not giving up. The religious sources of the values that drive the Christian right are not preventing some Jewish organizations from turning them into a natural ally. Among those organizations are some that only a decade ago were thriving by exposing the anti-Semitic sloganeering in the sermons of some of their new-found friends.
Although Bauer is a lawyer and a civil servant and not a preacher, it is easy to make the mistake and call him a leader of the Christian right. He is a central nexus figure between politics and a religious political activism that has lost its soul.

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  1. Typical conspiracy guy. Bauer's testimony doesn't fit your presuppositions therefore he's gotta be a liar, and a right wing fundamentalist preacher one at that. LOL!!